Yacht Crew: Job, Duties, and Salary

Yacht Crew: Job, Duties, and Salary

Imagine experiencing a life surrounded by the beauty of nature and making a living out of it. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? The captivating blue of seas might seem inviting to many, but only a few can manage to make it a part of their life. Working as a yacht crew certainly ticks all the boxes of being an appealing job opportunity for a majority of people. Exotic locations, new people, and luxury, the perks of owning a yacht crew job are many, but the right step to enter this journey can be a con that many people struggle to get familiar with.

Luxury yachts employ a limited group of people to manage various necessities it requires to sail while delivering a comforting experience to its passengers. From private yachts to commercial ones, working for either of these can be a promising opportunity for people who love to visit new places and meet new people. Adorned with pools, playing arena, comfortable living areas, and all the luxuries, sailing yachts demand more than one person to handle the deal, therefore a yacht crew is required to offer their services.

Being a part of a yacht crew requires more than just the love of sailing. A set of right skills and working ethics can surely get you to be one as well. But what are the various roles that play their part in enhancing the sailing experience? Various job opportunities might match your current qualifications, or if they find you promising, providing the first-hand experience can prepare you for the post.

Knowing and applying for the right opportunity is the key to reaching out for the many intriguing roles that come under the large umbrella of yacht crew. So, let’s have a look at a few yacht crew roles. These might help you to understand the duties and expected remunerations from these posts!

Yacht Crew: Roles and Duties

A yacht crew consists of a small yet qualified bunch of people, highly proficient in the roles they are assigned to accomplish. This attribute makes it essential for interested candidates to apply only for the relevant posts, as people willing to apply must be cut out exactly for the role to ensure putting out the best work towards the yacht. Working with your strengths might also allow building a solid resume. Here is all you need to know about the various yacht crew positions and duties one can consider participating in.

(The included range of salary is monthly-based)

  • Captain

As the name suggests, Captain is the heart of any vessel sailing across the waters. Yachts come under the category too, so seeking a perfect Captain onboard turns out to be a significant task that the agency has to carry out very carefully. An impressive resume, along with the right outlook can make you the right fit for the post!

Duties of a Captain

Captain of a yacht is the leading figure onboard that invigilates every single activity going under its presence. It’s a tremendously responsible position promising smooth functioning of the vessel on sails. From managing the crew members and their duties to supervising the technical aspects, there is nothing that a Captain must not be acquainted with, hence making it a principal position. 

Expected Remuneration

Salary assigned for the post of Captain varies with the size of yachts they are responsible for. According to various luxury yacht agencies, the expected salary for the position can scale anywhere from $5,500 to $16,000.

  • Chief Engineer

A smooth voyage is only possible under the strict surveillance of a Chief Engineer onboard, hence making it another essential role on the yacht. The Chief Engineer is a technical position that demands the right set of skills to keep up with the mechanical issues that might arise during the journey.

Duties of a Chief Engineer

A Chief Engineer’s job profile includes maintaining and operating the mechanical systems that help move the vessel on a sail. A yacht must run efficiently to ensure safety for all its passengers that can easily be under pressure due to technical issues, but not under a Chief Engineer’s watch!

Expected Remuneration

The salary of a Chief Engineer can range from being anywhere around $7,000 to $20,000. A role as significant as Chief Engineer is always open for more growth with the right expertise.

  • First Mate

The First Mate or First officer is the second in command on board figure that works under the vigilance of the Captain and serves their duty amidst various aspects of the vessel. First Mate looks after the chores and requirements on the deck and reports it directly to the Captain for further actions.

Duties of a First Mate

Duties of the First Mate include watching over the deck management and operating the deck crew to accomplish their given tasks responsibly. The position expects the post holder to be exceptionally responsible and an all-rounder to be in alliance with the plethora of responsibilities.

Expected Remuneration

First officers can expect a salary ranging from $6,000 to $12,000 and more under their working period.

  • Yacht Bosun

Deck, being one of the most occupied spaces on a yacht, requires unhindered attention of the yacht crew to keep up with the requirements of passengers on board. The position of Yacht Bosun deals with the same, carrying the responsibility of looking over exterior parts of the yacht.

Duties of a Bosun

A Bosun supervises all the activities carried out on the deck, which might include keeping an eye on recreational activity areas, maintaining its standard for passengers, and commanding deckhands to keep up with the varying tasks.

Expected Remuneration

People applying for the post of a Bosun can expect a salary ranging from $3,000 to $6,000 with their role of responsibility.

  • Yacht Purser

Contrasting to the role of Bosun, a Purser works to maintain the interior parts of a yacht, which demands as much attention as outdoors. It is a strenuous position that is usually assigned on large-sized boats with extended responsibilities.

Duties of a Purser

The position of a Purser handles a lot of responsibilities and pressure that comes along with hosting a large group of people. Dealing with the financial and administrative aspects of the vessel, a purser is also a leading figure for stews and deckhands to report.

Expected Remuneration

Participation for the position of a Purser will reward the post holder with an expected remuneration of $5,750 to $9,500.

  • Yacht Steward/Stewardess

Yacht Steward/Stewardess or yacht stews offer a brilliant opportunity for entry-level job seekers to gain valuable experiences on the yacht. The entry-level job works best for the applicants who are good with tending to people, housekeeping, and other essential duties that play an equally prominent role in maintaining a yacht.

Duties of a Stew

A Yacht Stew is required to maintain cleanliness around the space while helping with tasks like decorating dining areas, arranging flowers, or simply assisting the guests with their requirements.

Expected Remuneration

As the posts for Stews vary with their experience on board, one can expect the salary to be anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.

Other Yacht Crew Jobs

Other than the mentioned posts, there are various job openings for yacht crew which are equally essential. These also pay a hefty amount for applicants to exhibit their skills. Some of them are listed below

  1. Oiler
  2. Chef
  3. Sous Chef
  4. Stylist
  5. Therapist
  6. Yoga Instructor

These well-paying positions require applicants to be proficient in the relevant field with prior experience, qualifications, and a well-built resume. Most of these positions do not require onboard training, so feel free to look out for any such opportunities in the relevant areas.

While understanding the job profile of various posts is essential, following the right steps to apply is another concern that applicants go through. 

Getting started with yacht life can be complicated with no prior experience, but that must not stop anyone from living the dream of the seas. There are many ways one can find themselves a perfect job opportunity as the yacht crew. These steps shed light on a few of them

  • Build a strong resume that flaunts your professional endeavors relevant to the post.
  • Register yourself with yacht groups and agencies.
  • Gain as much first-hand experience as you can, even if the initial experiences are not heavily paying.
  • Get in touch with people in the industry and build contacts. Who knows which opportunity might knock on your door next!

Yacht life can be full of bright, tempting experiences. It also comprises a complicated aspect like every job, which might require you to struggle more and more. Before looking into the industry, get yourself acquainted with as much professional exposure as you can. No amount of knowledge is ever enough, so be sure of your choices. Consider the pros-cons and only then settle for the post you deem suitable to match your taste, for you thrive the most when working for the things you love!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the qualifications to start working at a Yacht?

There are no exceptional qualifications that you need to have to work onboard, but the applicant must have passed the essential STCW and ENG1 training course, even for the entry-level posts. 

  • How many hours do I have to invest in working onboard?

Your working contract will notify you of the minimum hours you are supposed to work, though it is subject to change very easily, depending on season and occasion. 

  • Do I have to be fluent in more than one language?

Owning more knowledge will always grant you greater opportunities, but that doesn’t mean it is necessary to learn a new language to apply on a yacht. English is favored at most places, so it should work, but there is certainly no harm in equipping more than one language. 

  • Where do I seek a yacht job?

Look out of yachting agencies to get started with your yachting dreams. Register yourself on such platforms with a solid resume to ensure you are the top priority wherever you go!

Yacht Crew: Job, Duties, and Salary

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