Winn Dixie Job Opportunities- A Complete Guide of Career Paths

Winn Dixie — Job Opportunities Complete Guide

About Winn Dixie

\Before going to read about Winn Dixie Job Opportunities, let’s know something about Winn Dixie. Established in 1925, Dixie’s liquor and in-store drug stores serve communities in five south-eastern states. It is one of the major grocery chains headquartered in the Southeast and is owned by Winn-Dixie Shops Inc. Since 1955.

The Winn-Dixie family is famous for their Chek private brand soft beverages, manufactured in more than 20 distinct types of tastes with diets and without caffeine—one of the broadest ranges. In 1914 Davis acquired a general shop called Davis Mercantile and began working in Burley, Idaho. He sold most things on loan, as was usual at the time.

Davis’ company was affected as new shops provided lower pricing and wider variety in the 1920s when the food stores were only available with cash. In 1925, he loaned his father for $10,000 and traveled to Miami, Florida, to buy the Rockmoor foodstuffs. In 1927, Table Supply was rebranded, and four other retail outlets opened. Though it was opened in 1952, the Davis family always retained ownership of the corporation, even though Winn-Dixie Stores (and its predecessor Winn & Lovett) had been traded.

They are one of the major conventional supermarket chains in the U.S. supplying food and in-store consumers in the eight southeast countries. They are well-known regional businesses, have strong neighborhood links, have a proud history of giving back, are talented, dedicated partners, and are known to make strong pledges to give consumers maximum quality and value.

Winn Dixie Job Opportunities

There are various jobs to apply for when seeking employment at Winn Dixie. You will find details about these job positions in later sections of this article.

Career Paths in Winn Dixie

The Bagger

As clients checkout, Bagger aids the cashier with packing food items. Purchased goods are loaded into trolleys, and employers can transport goods outside their cars. The collection of food products not purchased and their supply to warehousing staff may be a responsibility of Bagger.

By delivering accurate, quick, and polite client checkout, the bagger is responsible for boosting customer confidence and loyalty. The main tasks are to place food in a shopping bag and subsequently in a shopping cart. Baggers are allowed to bring food products to the motor vehicle or provide other types of service upon request. Some excavators in shops do this until the client refuses to carry his own foodstuffs out. It may be usual to advise a courteous staff for this service depending on the shop policies.

Depending on the shop, the cleaning of the store, restrooms cleaning, carts pick up, store packs and machinery for the bottle recycling, customer support,  and product reorganization may be included in additional responsibilities of the bagger. In addition, some of them can serve as courtesy officers,  providing maintenance in the shops, such as little plumbing, electricity, gardening, childcare, senior support, and many other duties.

The responsibilities differ widely depending on the laws of shops and unions; therefore, a courtesy employee in certain shops is not permitted because of union contracts for certain past duties.

Primary Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Continuous customer attention; welcome, help and thank clients promptly and kindly.
  • Support clients in unloading items at the checkout on the conveyor belt.
  • To prevent damage, transport or push foods on a shopping cart to the customer’s automobile and charge foodstuffs into the vehicle, pack customers’ purchases.
  • Checking the right  pricing of the goods in all departments.
  • Re-store and efficiently utilise supplies to avoid waste and to keep supply costs as low as possible.
  • Put up the goods that have been rejected or returned.
  • Gather carts and return to the designated area from the parking lot and from other areas.
  • Ensuring that the workplace is clean, orderly and safe; report to management defective equipment and hazards.
  • Bring to the management any  theft case, customer shoplifting, unlawful mark-down, property default or any illegal and/or corporate policy actions.
  • Carry out additional given tasks relating to the job.

Salary: Baggers make an average of $26,340 annually.

Night Stockers

When consumers navigate or buy goods during busy hours in a shop, restoring the shelves at the moment might be uncomfortable or hazardous. Many shops use night supplies to work at night.
Night-time stockpiles are dedicated store staff who are always active at night to repair and restock shelves in downtime.

The full tasks include the refilling of open racks, an inspection of retail space, determining the products that need to be added, the sorting and arrangement of goods, and reporting to the supervisors. In addition, they unload trucks and goods immediately, sort and stack products on racks and in the backroom, support other partners in the whole shop as needed, maintain correct log sheets of daily movements, scan inventory, and count properly.

They ensure that the goods are kept in position, exhibited and rotated appropriately, and enhances visitor trust and loyalty. This role also offers courteous and timely service, stable working conditions, and a welcoming environment.

Their duties include:

  • Continuous attention is given to visitor demands,  promptly and courteously, greet, support and thank guests.
  • Build and store displays, including resets, as per work schedules.
  • Block and straighten the racks and displays; replace missing racks and carry out pricing checks as necessary.
  • Deliveries are received and unloaded in specific places and products are stored.
  • To guarantee product freshness and quality, monitor the cooler and freezer temperatures.
  • Return in an ordered way back to the backroom.
  • Restoration and use of supplies efficiently to reduce waste disposal and to maintain minimum supply costs. 
  • Refrigerate goods to guarantee freshness and date control.
  • Manage the equipments and tools used to operate in the department.
  • Making sure that  the sales floor and the backroom are clean, tidy and safe; report defective equipment and management risks.

Salary: Night stockers make an average of $12/hr.

Grocery Associate

In general, the grocery Associate is a retailer in a grocery shop. Qualifications for this position include the ability to follow directions, compliance with and work as a team with all health and safety standards. 

Customer service, organizational abilities, and high-school qualifications are helpful. They are expected to conduct a wide range of tasks, including the storage of bulk bags, coolers, and shelves, cleaning the aisles and displays, supporting people to discover a certain product, and storing food at the time of checkout. You report to a supervisor also regularly.

They are accountable for offering friendly and fast service, stable operating conditions, and a pleasant atmosphere for developing consumer trust and loyalty.

Primary Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Continuous customer attention; welcome, help and thank clients promptly, kindly, and pleasant.
  • Where appropriate, offer product ideas.
  • Give all consumers great service.
  • Facilitate and monitor all food display sales arrangements and signs.
  • Comply with the company’s sales standards and regulations and provide outstanding customer service.
  • Run the safety and hygiene standards of the firm.
  • Federal government and local rules are followed by staff members.
  • Products for inventory and rotation (grocery, general commodities, milk and frozen food) in order to guarantee freshness and dates control; restoration and efficient use of supply items to reduce waste and maintain lowest supply costs.
  • Maintaining the equipments and tools used to operate in the department.
  • Support the reception of seller’s goods.
  • Deliveries of trucks unload quickly.

Salary: On average, the grocery associate makes $78,332/yr.

Cashier Associate

A cashier partner carries out simple duties, such as keeping full financial transaction records and conducting client cash and credit card transactions. In addition, they monitor the cash register and adhere to the cash management policy in their workplace, provide fair, friendly, and courteous service for the positive customer experience, record cash registration through the scanning of items, complete customer shopping, resolve customer questions and respond to questions.

The employee at the cashier provides accurate, quick, and helpful client checkout to increase customer confidence and loyalty. In their service lane, this person has a financial obligation.

Primary Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Continuous customer attention; welcome, help and thank clients promptly, kindly, and pleasant.
  • Hear the client’s issues with a good attitude and attentd to all their needs properly.
  • Manage lanes by standard of service.
  • Inform clients as directed by the firm or company management of special offers and promotions and how long the offers and promotions or discounts last. 
  • Sales are recorded properly using the scanning system; cashing machines work precisely and swiftly to acknowledge and alter all types of contracts as necessary.
  • Restore and use supply items to effectively remove waste and keep supply costs as low as possible.
  • Put up the goods that have been rejected or returned.
  • Return carts to the corral of your shopping cart.
  • Help teach new cashiers how to do the work properly and effectively. 
  • Making sure that the workplace is clean, orderly and safe all the time; report to management defective equipment and dangers.

Salary: The average salary of a cashier associate is  $11/hr.

Produce Associate

The product partner ensures greater trust and commitment to its customers by offering polite and quick service, consistent operating conditions, and a friendly environment.

Primary Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Continuous customer attention; welcome, help and thank clients promptly, kindly, and pleasantly.
  • Where appropriate, offer product ideas.
  • Restoration and use of supplies efficiently to reduce waste disposal and to maintain minimum supply costs.
  • Development and rotation of goods to guarantee freshness and date control.
  • Proper maintenance of the equipments and tools used to operate in the department.
  • Ensuring that the workplace is kept clean, orderly and safe at all times; report to management defective equipment and dangers.
  • Notify team-member theft management, customer shoplifting, unapproved mark-downs, property losses or any unlawful and/or business policies activity within the store.
  • Execute additional tasks as specified

Salary: The average salary of the produce associate is  $12/hr.

Temporary Associate

Temporary employees are employed to work only for a brief length of time. Such personnel may be employed casually, part-time or full-time, but the job is transitory. Also, temporary workers are employees whose roles are only intended to last for a brief duration. A temporary partner ensures increased customer trust and loyalty via accurate, rapid, and polite customer inspection, constant operational conditions, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Their jobs include:

  • Learning about the tasks of the role for Company policies and procedures
  • Helping employees succeed in their hectic season   
  • Being flexible and ready to satisfy the employer’s demands. 
  • Being committed to the work as if they were permanent employees. 

Salary: The national average salary for a Temporary Associate is $72,570 in the United States.


This section will find information about the requirements you must meet to secure a job at Winn Dixie. 

QualificationsWinn Dixie Job Opportunities


  • Comply with legal criteria and corporate policy age for performing jobs.
  • Ability to communicate in English skilfully.
  • Capable of understanding and following directions in English.
  • Permission to work or capacity to achieve the same in the United States.
  • Successful completion of drug testing and background testing before employment.


High standard of integrity and reliability.

Required Behaviors

  • Lives the principles by taking on the essence of the firm that demonstrates a dedication to the objectives and values of the company.
  • Unify and inspire the team through rapid feedback to establish a trust atmosphere, via praise and acknowledgment of accomplishment.
  • Company-led, enthusiastic about the company and consistent outcomes.
  • One must always show that the customer’s passion comes first by constantly putting the client’s requirements first.
  • You must love to treat people with respect and decency constantly.

Age: You need to be 16 years old to acquire entry-level work at Winn Dixie as an excavator, cashier, or stocker.

Application ProcessWinn Dixie Job

Applicants generally require multiple rounds of interviews to achieve managerial jobs at Winn-Dixie. Shop managers generally conduct first interviews, and second interviews are held by recruiting staff. Winn-Dixie management in charge of employment is usually known to ask questions that test prospective employees’ competence before hiring, So make sure to come ready. 


  • Vision Insurance
  • Severance Pay
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-term Disability Insurance
  • Temporary Disability Insurance
  • Health Insurance
Winn Dixie Job Opportunities- A Complete Guide of Career Paths

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