What is a guest advocate?- Their Duties, and Salary

What is a guest advocate?

What is a guest advocate? A guest advocate is a guy who is responsible for attending to customers, greeting them, and the customer service also. He needs to interact with them, helping them with their issues. He also needs to take their reviews and experiences of the store. So that they can help the company in the future by analyzing that feedback, guest advocates should have guests the experience of greeting them welcoming them.

A guest customer should attend to the customer when they are coming into an organization. It is his duty that the experience of that customer or guest should be good so that they will be together with the organization as a long-term customer. He should interact with the customer throughout their journey in the organization so that if something they don’t know about the product or the process, they can be aware of that. He should understand their needs and show them products according to their needs, so their visit will be worth it for them. To be the guest advocate, you don’t need to have some specific qualifications.

However, you should have excellent communication skills, good management techniques, and a problem-solving attitude that will make your customers happy. You should have at least a high school diploma or general education diploma to be the guest advocate. Target guest advocate is a very responsible job as it is a crucial part of the company. They need to interact with the customers to be loyal to the company in the future.


There are some duties of a guest advocate which they need to do while working for an organization. 

  • They need to attend to guests, welcome them into the organization, greet them nicely, and help them find the best part of your organization. 
  • They need to interact with them in a friendly way to know their needs and what kind of product they will like. It all depends on the conversation.
  • They will be the one who is helping guests in exceeding their service experience. Also, he must be available for them anytime to minimizing wait time.
  • They need to solve all the problems of the customers with a positive impact. They should also solve them as soon as possible for a better experience for the customer.
  • They need to stock up on the organization while in their free time.


Guest advocate earns a good amount of salary on an hourly basis. According to some reports, the average salary of a guest advocate in the US is $10.27 per hour. If we convert it annually, it will be around $32.116. The salary depends on companies to companies and also the city you are working for.


The guest advocate needs to be qualified for the post as the minimum requirement is a high school diploma or general education diploma. Apart from that, you need to have some skills which are like this: 

  • Managing something is teamwork, so to work with a team, you should have a skill of interpersonal. 
  • Communication skills should be excellent as it is an essential part of this job.
  • You should be good in both spoken and written so that you can engage with the customers nicely.
  • A problem-solving attitude is also an essential skill for a guest advocate. If you cant, solve the problems of customers and make them feel good by your side, your organization cant grow.
  • They should know how to manage their time to work according to the needs of an organization. 
  • Guest advocates should have excellent skills in management because they need to manage so many things in the organization. 
  • He/she should have the skill of consumer service to treat their customers in the best way.

So a guest advocate is responsible for the customer’s overall experience, whether it is good or bad. It is his responsibility to take care of all the things of the customer coming into an organization. He will take care of the customer from welcoming to feedback. He has to interact with them from start to end of their shopping. As we provide you with the qualification paragraph, you can know that there is no specific qualification for guest advocates; to write, guest advocates have no particular capability. All you need to have is just a high school diploma or general education diploma. However, you need to have the skills that require for this post. The guest advocate will also get paid for his work depends on companies to companies, and in the city, you are working in. the pay scale base on an hourly basis.

Frequently asked questions

Question: What is the qualification are essential for the post of guest advocate? 

Answer: You don’t need any specific qualifications for the post of guest advocate. All you need is a high school diploma or general education diploma.

Question: What is the scale of a guest advocate? 

Answer: The pay range depends on the companies you are working for, but if we talk about an average pay scale of a guest advocate. It is around $10 to $26 hourly. So if we talk about the annual payment of a guest advocate, it is around $32.117.

Question: Guest advocate is also known as a cashier?

Answer: A guest advocate call a cashier because he also needs to do these jobs in some cases. They can also work as store attendants or cart attendants.

Question: What are the major works of the guest advocate? 

Answer: The principal works of guest advocates are attending guests, welcoming them, treat them well and nicely, know their experience, ask them for feedback. In short, he needs to look after the customer until they’re in the organization. So that when they want to know something about the organization you can tell them and help them choose suitable products.

What is a guest advocate?- Their Duties, and Salary

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