What is a Deputy?- Roles & responsibilities

With the increasing number of jobs, professions, roles, and posts in the work-line, many roles are not existing anymore but many new roles have taken their place with some changes. With the internal development of the work-line, many changes were made to the existing roles and it has been followed till now. There is a hierarchy system in the word line which is from olden times. What is a Deputy? Its role and responsibilities, and other information about Deputy.

What is a Deputy?

Deputy is a term used for an individual who is the one empowered with another individual’s post and works for them. The older term for Deputy was Depute. The term Depute is still used in some places like the Scottish legal system. The term Deputy or Depute is used in many departments with different meanings. In normal corporate offices, the Deputy is known as Steward. There are Deputy Mayor, Deputy Governor, and many more roles. 

As there are many different ways an individual could be a Deputy, there are many different roles and responsibilities for every type of deputy. As a sheriff’s deputy, you have to perform all the required jobs, responsibilities, and duties of a sheriff on their behalf. And for every type of Deputy, there is the same procedure for undertaking the work of the appointer. So, the roles and responsibilities are different for every type of Deputies.

To understand the whole concept of the Deputy, their roles and responsibilities, and other information, continue reading this article.

What Is A Deputy?

The term Deputy was first used in the 1400s and it was from the Anglo-French word Deputé. A deputy is someone who is appointed to work as another person in that person’s absence. A deputy could also be a person who is just under the post of someone. In olden times, the term Deputy was also known as the Depute, and the term Depute is also used for many posts in some places like the Scottish legal system. The term Deputy and deputy are used in many departments and with different meanings. Some references are used for Deputy or Depute and they are Steward in offices, Khalifa in Arabic countries, and many legal officials like a member of a Chamber of Deputies in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and many more. A member of the National Assembly in Costa Rica, France, Poland, and other areas. Deputy was a position in Nova Scotia, Canada in the 18th Century. 

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Roles and Responsibilities

With understanding the meaning of the term Deputy, it is now clear that the term Deputy is not a specific role or job. Its meaning varies with different jobs and departments. And with the meaning, the roles and responsibilities also change with different jobs and positions. If a person is the deputy of a Sheriff, then they are supposed to do all the work of a Sheriff and follow all the rules and regulations responsibly. There would be some similar tasks like supervising the employees, but it will be different departments.

The list below shows some of the common Deputy posts and their roles and responsibilities. They are:-

Deputy Manager- A person who has to do all the work of a Manager in their absence. Deputy Manager could also be the one under the post of Manager. 

1. They need to cover the duties of a manager like training employees to work in the store. 

2. They need to arrange certain workshops and programs that are needed for the employees. 

3. They need to do interviews with the new employees.

4. They need to increase the motivation of the employees for doing work.

5. They need to make sure the work done is of quality and precision.

6. They need to make sure there is no employee retention and help the employees with their work-related problems.

7. They need to make sure to increase productivity. 

8. They need to attend meetings according to their schedules.

9. Managing the store with the appointed departments.

10. Continuing the executed plans laid by the manager. 

11. Preparing staff schedules according to the requirements of the shop.

12. Managing the store’s resources efficiently.

13. Reporting everything about the departments to the general manager. 

14. Collecting reports from all the departments and handing those reports to the general manager.

15. Make sure that the safety of the store and employees is on point. 

Deputy Sheriff- Deputy Sheriff’s duty will be the same as a typical Sheriff’s. When the Sheriff is not around, the Deputy Sheriff has to do all the work. The roles and responsibilities are:-

1. They need to do the patrolling and respond to calls for services.

2. They need to conduct the required investigations.

3. They need to attend and receive court orders.

4. Delivering court testimonies of the crimes.

5. They need to apply for in-custody management. 

6. They need to maintain the safety of themselves and others in many different situations.

7. Preparing and making different types of presentations that are needed for different topics.

8. Keeping the buildings of public and other buildings like the courtroom safe.

9. They need to follow all the rules and regulations of a Sheriff.

10. They are responsible for all of their activities.

11. Attending schools and communities to show the ways of preventing crimes, staying safe and basic protections.

12. Interviewing different victims and witnesses of assigned cases.

13. They need transportation of different prisoners for their medicals, court hearings, and hospitals.

14. They need to maintain the safety of court hearings and the legal personnel.

15. They need to care about the traffic and crowds during any incidents. 

Deputy Prime Minister- They are one of the most senior posts and important people in any form of government. They do the work just under the minister. They are the ones to replace the post with ministers. They have certain roles and responsibilities. They are as follows:- 

1. They follow the minister’s direction of work. 

2. They are the ones to take the role of the Prime Minister in their absence.

3. They need to maintain their public image with positive behavior and personality.

4. They need to be working with other higher officials.

5. They are needed to follow all the rules and regulations of a Minister.

6. They need to maintain good relations with the party.

7. They need to maintain good relations with other officials and other party members. 

8. They need to have some skills in talking to the media.

9. They need to have good relationships with the Prime Minister also.

10. They need to be popular with the public.

11. They should have leadership and ambitions. 

12. They should have some or many achievements in the political party as the Deputy Prime Minister.

Qualifications Needed

There are some qualifications needed for a job as Deputy in any department and sector. As Deputy Jobs are only available for high roles and posts like Politicians, Managers, and Sheriffs, there are many high levels of requirements here that you need to have. Here is the list of some of the basic and common qualifications needed for a Deputy Job. They are as follows:- 

1. A person must and needs to be the age 18 or 21 and it depends on the state.

2. A person needs to have at least a high school diploma or any equivalent certification like GED (General Educational Degree). This is mandatory. 

3. A Person needs to have a valid driving license. 

4. A person could have experience at least in the field of corrections. This is preferred. 

5. A person needs to pass the background check which also comprises drug tests and physicals.

6. Familiarity with different types of safety procedures for different departments.

7. Ability to be calm and sincere in emergencies and every situation.

8. They need to have the ability to carry at least 100 pounds. 

9. They need to have a fast learning mindset for adapting to every type of working condition. 

10. They need to have a basic and proper understanding of technologies and gadgets. 

Skills and Qualities Needed

Some skills and qualities are required for a Deputy Job that a person should have. Here are some of the skills that are needed for some type of Deputy job. They are as follows:-

1. A person needs to speak and understand the local languages to make sure that they and the public could understand each other. 

2. The person could read and write clearly to understand the situation as well as explain the situation. 

3. The person should be a good listener. 

4. The person needs to be able to notice the wrongdoings of the public and the subordinates. 

5. The person needs to have the ability to judge a situation with great precision and have great results on the action.

6. The person needs to be reasonable while finding answers. 

7. The person needs to have the ability to adapt to different situations. 

8. The person needs to be concentrated while working.

9. They need to be able to manage their time with themselves and with others. 

10. Managing many different people at a time. 

11. Persuading the people to reach their goals. 

12. Being a team player in the workforce.

13. The person needs to have the ability to teach something to others. 

14. Being a quick person with numbers, objects, and pictures for time efficiency. 

15. Taking safety and precautions as the top priority when doing anything.

16. Being a calm, polite, and attentive person. 


As there are many types of Deputy Jobs in different areas and departments, the salaries vary in many ranges. Some types of salaries are mentioned to give you an idea. The average salary of a Deputy Manager is around $93,423 per annum. The lowest salary is around $46,000 per annum and the highest is $200,000 per annum. The average salary of the Deputy Sheriff is around $55,000 for a year. The lowest salary of the Deputy Sheriff is around $35,000 per year and the highest is $88,000 per year. The average salary for a Deputy Store Manager is around $48,000 f year. The lowest salary of the Deputy Store Manager is around $30,000 annually and the highest is around $79,000 per year. 

Confusions between Different Roles

There is some confusion between some of the posts that are used in the world. Some are mentioned below. 

Deputy Manager and Assistant Manager- A Deputy Manager is a person who is the substitute of a manager and has all the powers and rights of a manager. Whereas, an Assistant Manager is a person who is working under and for the manager, and has no power and rights as a manager.

Deputy and Vice- Deputy is a term used for a person who is used for replacing someone’s position for a limited time to conduct the work in the absence of that person. Whereas, Vice is the term used for the second one with the most power and authority. They could replace their seniors but it will be different as they would get promoted for that post and it will not be temporary. 


A Deputy is a term used for people who are worthy of being replaced with a high posting individual for a limited time in the absence of that person. They are eligible to perform all the works of the replaced person with their power and rights. They also have many responsibilities and roles that they need to follow. There are many roles for Deputy Jobs but they are all of high posts and ranks and cannot be obtained easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum age required?

Answer-It is 18 or 21 depending on the state.

2. How to become a Deputy?

Answer-There are many options to become a Deputy, and all of them are for high-ranking posts.

3. What are the common Deputy roles?

Answer-They is Deputy Sheriff, Deputy Manager, and Deputy Store Manager.

4. Can I become a Deputy with no experience?

Answer-No, you cannot.

5. What are the qualities required for Deputy Sheriff?

Answer-The qualities are intelligence, adaptive, and decisive. 

What is a Deputy?- Roles & responsibilities

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