What happened to Chrisley and the company?

What happened to Chrisley and the company?

Some of you would have heard about Todd Chrisley. The reality show Chrisley Knows Best was an instant hit and gained many followers. The show talks about the daily routine of Chrisley, his wife, his parenting routines, and his unique parenting techniques. At the end of the first season, Todd decided to utilize his money and revealed that he plans to open a departmental store named Chrisley and company. This would mainly serve as a future establishment for his kids, according to him, and as a merchandise store to help his reality show. But this never happened. What happened to Chrisley and the company? Will there ever be a Chrisley and company departmental store?

About Todd Chrisley

Todd was a real estate tycoon and owned Chrisley Asset Management. But it was closed in 2008 due to the collapse of the property market. Two years before the show aired, Todd announced bankruptcy and had loans that reached $50 million. The show came at the right time for them, and they settled most of the debts. But, the tax evasion charges were still pending on him and his wife, and eventually, their name was cleared. His wife Julie also comes from a wealthy background. The reality show is a non-scripted one and revolves around the daily lives of his family. Todd mostly focuses on parenting advice.

Over time, the show gained popularity, and Todd and his kids all received their spinoffs, focusing on their own lives and career. Todd is always known to be a hands-on father, knowing all details about his children’s lives, personal and non-personal. He also expresses his opinions on the romantic lives of his children, which has split the audience and their opinions. Apart from the tax evasion charges, Todd and his wife are also charged with bank fraud. The case is still pending, and though Todd tries to defend his name, no one knows the full story behind it.

What happened to Chrisley and the company?

Todd Chrisley gained popularity from his reality show, Chrisley Knows Best, and was becoming a likable figure due to his silly parenting techniques and funny ideas. Todd Chrisley was a real estate tycoon, and the show revolved around him and the wealthy family and his ways of raising children. It first aired in April 2004 and was received positively by the audience. The last episode aired in March 2021, while a spinoff was also made, which aired in July 2020.  The show averaged 1.5 million viewers every year. In detail, the show revolves around Todd and his wife Julie, their kids Grayson, Chase, Savannah, and their granddaughter. In addition, there are various spinoffs of this main series, which focuses on individual people and their lifestyles. The first two seasons can be found on Netflix, and the series was then acquired by the American streaming service Hulu and can be watched or streamed there. The latest season ended in March 2021, and there is no clear information on whether the show will be renewed or canceled. The show has received positive reviews for the goofiness, the southern accent, and Todd’s way of parenting. Even the spinoffs had made viewers get attached to the family and their lifestyle and the future of all the family members. 

The Idea of Chrisley and Company

He, like everyone, tried to make use of the success and popularity and tried his hand on many ideas. One of them was opening a departmental store. And this will not be an ordinary departmental store. Todd wanted this departmental store to be his name’s legacy, which would be a brand to his franchise and which would eventually be taken over by his kids. This seems like a decent idea, but this never panned out. In the reality series, we can see Todd, during the first season, say that he is planning on opening a departmental store and that he had also leased a place for it. But there was and is no follow up to this till now, and there is no departmental store either.

So, what happened to the store? Fans to this date have been asking questions and waiting on the store that was pitched as an idea during the first season. He planned on opening a merchandise store further to enhance the popularity of the show and its success. He talked to a store designer, leased a place, traveled to New York. All suggest that the opening was almost certain, but even after 7 seasons, it is still pending. Well, it seems that things didn’t pan out the way Todd imagined them to be. In 2012, Todd claimed bankruptcy, yet the shows were going on in full swing and were gaining supporters. They never stopped doing the reality show even after going bankrupt. 

Why didn’t Todd open the store?

On top of that, in 2019, Todd was facing legal charges against his name. He and his family were accused of evading tax charges and bank fraud. They even paid up to $144000 while simultaneously filming for the reality show. Todd followed this up by posting on Instagram that the official Georgia Department cleared the charges against him of Revenue. This can be why they didn’t focus on the opening of a departmental store, as they couldn’t afford to do so. 

The court once again summoned the couple in April 2021, and reports suggest that the attorneys tried to suppress evidence in front of the judge. Though many misconceptions surround this topic, they are still facing trials and have not been let off the hook by the officials. So, it is safe to assume that the store will not be opened, at least soon. There have also been instances of ideas to open multiple stores, but none of them had panned out. The cast also has not followed up on this personally, and there have been no revisits to the episode in the later stages either.

What is the future for Todd and his reality show?

The next season, season number 9 of Chrisley Knows Best, has a release date of August 12, 2021. Its spinoff is also getting ready for its 3rd season. As far as Chrisley and Company go, there is no evidence that the store is set to open, or it will ever open. Maybe the latest season can shed some light on the current position of Todd and his family and the status of the store. 

What happened to Chrisley and the company?

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