Wawa’s Hiring Age- Job Opportunities and salary at Wawa

Wawa Hiring Age


Wawa, Inc. is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations on the eastern coast of the United States. It is headquartered in the Wawa area of Pennsylvania in Greater Philadelphia. It was started in 1803 by George Wood as an iron factory. In 1890, the owner George Wood took an interest in dairy farming and established the Wawa business in dairy products. The excellent quality milk, unadulterated and filtered, attracted the customers, and it kept growing as a business and a brand. In this article, we’ll see about Wawa’s Hiring Age.

Gradually, it developed into a convenience store concept where all the everyday items, apart from milk, began getting stocked up for sale. As a result, Wawa sells many things, ranging from beverages, chips, sodas, breakfast coffee, soups, snacks, etc.  It also has an ATM service and gas stations. Now, Wawa has over 850 convenience stores in the United States. This hunger for growth, diversification, of grabbing opportunities should be seen in the employees of Wawa. 

Careers at Wawa

The motto of Wawa is ‘Fulfilling lives, Every Day. This store is more than merely a selling shop for fuel and food. It is much beyond that. Its focus is on the satisfaction of the customers daily. This is what drives the company as well as the employees working for it. There are several career options at Wawa- like part-time or full-time associate, store leader, or even corporate associate. In addition, all the employees will be provided with skill enhancement and development. 

The job vacancies are posted on this site- https://wawa.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/careers.

The current job openings include- Customer Service Associate, Food and Beverage Manager, Assistant General Manager, Fuel Associate, Product Owner (Ordering and Payment), Senior Management Analyst, etc. The job postings are accompanied by the location and the time at which it was posted. 

Wawa’s Hiring Age

Wawa’s Hiring Age is 18. The minimum age required to be hired at Wawa as a customer service associate is 16 years. But if one is interested in applying for corporate or management positions, they need to be of minimum age 18 years and have a high school diploma. In addition to this, the applicant must be available for 35-40 hours per week. 

Aptitude Screening

Wawa has demonstrated few tests based on scenarios and general aptitude on their website, determining whether or not you are suitable for the job or whether you would enjoy working at Wawa. These tests don’t take much time but will be helpful for the employee’s screening of the job profile. The test is for those interested in the position of corporate associates and sale associates.

The job guide takes two minutes to look through, and the questions are set for six minutes. The questions are based on scenarios where the user is asked whether they would be comfortable working in a diversified environment, or building professional bonds with customers, whether they would be ready to help others or not, whether they would be willing to work extra shifts, etc. Then, they will show the result based on their observations and answer, and you can fill the application form based on this input. This will determine your aptitude and willingness to work amidst the challenges in Wawa. 

Skills Needed

The core values of Wawa are:

  • Value People
  • Delight Customers
  • Embrace Change
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Passion for Winning

The employees who possess these values and the ability to uphold these are suitable for the jobs. 

Application Form

The application form will take around 30-40 minutes to fill by the candidates. For applying online, visit- https://www.wawa.com/careers.

  • Under the “Check out Current Opportunities” section, check out the job vacancies. 
  • Click on the job and the location that you want to apply. You will be directed to another link that will have the option to apply. 
  • You will be required to either sign in (if already registered) or register if you are a new user. 
  • Next, you will be asked to sign the Pre- Application Consent and Disclosures. 
  • Then, you will be required to fill in your personal details, qualification, educational background, etc. 

Salary at Wawa

The employee’s salary varies from place to place based on the minimum wage laws of various cities and countries. Yet an overall average is given below:

  • If you are working as a Customer Service Associate, the hourly wage would be anything ranging from $10 to $14.50. The average salary is $11 per hour. It is based on experience. 
  • For Customer Service Supervisor, the salary ranges from $15 to $19 per hour. 
  • For those working in Fuel Service Associates, the pay range is similar to that of Customer Service Associate, but there are more tips and additional perks. 
  • Those looking for Management Opportunities like Assistant Manager or General Manager can earn anywhere ranging from $12.50 to $16.25 per hour. There are additional bonuses for reaching the sales goals. 


  • Flexible Hours
  • Competitive and Fair Pay
  • Incentives
  • Growth Opportunities 
  • No Discrimination at work; equal opportunities promoted
  • No bias of any kind even in the hiring process
  • Extra Reward for hard work
  • A tradition of celebration and teamwork and recognition
  • Insurance- dental, life, medical, retirement, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Wawa hire freshers?
    Yes, Wawa is an excellent opportunity if one wants to kick start their career in this field. They require no prior experience at entry-level jobs, especially for Customer Service Associate. 

  2. How should one dress up for the interview?
    Since it is not a very formal job, formal attires are not required. Instead, one can dress up either casual or business casual clothes. 

  3. How long does the application process take?
    The process takes a few weeks, as there are several pre-employment steps, then interviews. The applicant can track the progress of their application through the “My Applications’’ section on the website of Wawa. 

  4. Will a background check be done on the application?
    After you receive the job offer from the company, the applicant’s information will be checked and verified for further process. The applicant’s background check, character, a record of any criminal activities, or drug abuse will also be looked into. 

  5. Can hiring at Wawa be done through Reference?
    Yes. An associate working at Wawa can put forward the name and qualifications of the candidate they are referring. The company will then send an email to the candidate along with the link to the job. The candidate shall use the email id on which the mail was received and apply for the same. 

  6. What are the common interview questions?
    • Why do you want to work at Wawa?
      • Tip: You are passionate about the products, you are capable of handling customers, and you believe in the core values put forth by the company. 
    • Why should we hire you?
      • Tip: I am social, can interact with people, have the required skills. Also, mention your strengths. 
    • What are the core values of the company?
      • Tip: Refer to the site or the matter written under skills needed.
    • Was there any time that you resolved a conflict at work between people?
      • Tip: Refer to any situation where your tact helped. 
    • How would you deal with upset customers?
      • Tip: Be patient; don’t blame either the customer or the company. Be rational and solution-oriented rather than bickering about the situation. 
    • What are the suitable working hours for you?
      • Tip: Be flexible as possible as these jobs require the flexibility of time. 

  7. Does a job application require a resume?
    For the position of customer service associate, no resume is required. But for selected jobs, there is a demand for resumes. For such cases, the application will have the notification to update the resume. 

  8. What will be the next step after application?
    If you are deemed fit for the job, the people at Wawa will call you for confirmation and then proceed with some rounds of interviews before finalizing. 


Wawa is a good opportunity for beginners and teenage students to work in and earn some bucks. The application process is not that complicated. First, the candidate must go through the website and get to know what Wawa as a brand stands for. Then, they should assess whether they are apt for the role by the aptitude screening on the site. 

Wawa’s Hiring Age- Job Opportunities and salary at Wawa

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