Sunday School Helper Job- Description, Salary, and Duties

Sunday School Helper Job

In this article, we will see Sunday School Helper Job Description, Salary, and Duties.


Sunday schools are nothing but schools that offer catechesis services to Christians. These services are mostly benefited by Christian children, teenagers, and adults as well. Most people are often confused about whether these schools are educational or not. Well, the answer is that yes, Sunday schools are educational schools. 

In the United States, the job description of a Sunday school requires doing all the basic works that are done in a church. For example, they will require preparing Bible lessons and also overseeing them at the same time. However, there are other things that a Sunday school helper is required to do other than just preparing a Bible lesson.

If interested candidates are looking for these kinds of works then there might be plenty of opportunities available. If you are applying for the role of a teacher at a Sunday school then you will be into teaching just and other such kinds of activities.

Steps To Become a Sunday School Helper

  • A person interested in the job of a Sunday school helper must gain a high school diploma.
  • The person can have a diploma that is equivalent to a high school diploma.
  • He must have a minimum experience of 2 years in a similar post that he is applying for.
  • The person must be an active member of a church or at least be an active community member. 
  • Must be accurate in making plans, developing lesson charts, and other such kinds of things.
  • After fulfilling the basic criteria, interested candidates should apply for the job post.
  • Sunday school helper jobs are posted online. Interested people can easily apply for that. 
  • Once the candidate is shortlisted then he/she might be called for an interview.
  • After the further process, he/she will be given the offer letter. 

Sunday School Helper Job Description 

Before applying for job vacancies related to Sunday schools one should make sure that they possess all the required qualities for the job. Some basic qualities must be fulfilled so that the interviewer can know about the skills and knowledge that one gains. 

Applicants should know that they have to deal with young kids while they are at work. If you do not think that you are unsuitable for such kinds of job vacancies then you should not apply for it in the first place. The job might demand a lot from your side and therefore one should be prepared for it. 

If the church that you have applied to is interested in your profile might call you for further process. These helpers are required to maintain the proper arrangement of classes. One who is good at organizing things might have a plus point in case they are interested in these jobs. 

However, getting into might not be as easy as one might think. One should maintain a proper profile so that he becomes most suitable for the post of a helper at a Sunday school. Interested candidates should make proper resume samples for the employer. 

The job description of a Sunday school helper would include the following points:

  • Must be able to make lesson plans according to the curriculum.
  • Preparing Bible lessons every week and overseeing them as well.
  • Helping the church to raise funds by organizing events for the Sunday school department.
  • Must be able to develop and organize educational plays and skits.
  • Weekly meetings that are held weekly must be attended by all staff.
  • Help solve issues related to Sunday school and offer guidance.
  • Making sure that the environment of the school is clean and tidy. 
  • Assigning homework to children and explaining them as well.
  • Taking attendance and overseeing them.

Sunday School Helper Interview Questions

Sunday school helpers would have to clear interview rounds before they are offered the final job from the church. Interested candidates should prepare for the interview round beforehand so that they come prepared and are ready to answer the questions. 

Some common questions and quite practical questions might be asked during the interview round. Since it is a teaching job, the candidate might be asked about his qualifications and interest areas. You might be asked about how you could adjust lesson plans for kids and other such types of questions. 

You might be given a situation or a case scenario and you might be asked for a solution to it. For example, questions regarding religious activities or plays. These kinds of questions will test your knowledge about religion. Some examples of interview questions are as the following:

  1. Why do you want to be a Sunday school helper?

Ans: When you are asked this question during the interview session your answer should show how interested you are in the job. You can tell about your skills and knowledge about the job and how beneficial you can be for the job. You can also tell that you love children and you can handle them.

  1. What are your weaknesses?

Ans: This question can be asked irrespective of the job role. Employers would want to know more about you. You should talk about the things that you lack behind. For example, you can be lazy sometimes or be irregular. 

  1. Tell us about yourself.

Ans: Another one of the most asked questions during an interview is describing yourself to your employer. In this question, you have to briefly tell your interviewer about yourself. Remember that your answer should be short and it should be to the point. 

  1. What do you enjoy about teaching?

Ans: This question might sound simple but you have to answer carefully. Speak the truth and tell about what makes you love the job. For example, you like spending time with kids. Or it can be that you love helping others by educating them and showing them the right path. 

Why Should You Choose a Sunday School Helper Job?

The responsibilities mentioned above are the duties that a Sunday school helper has to do. Helpers are required to work effectively. Helpers of a Sunday school are required to work with people including people from all age groups. 

One should have excellent communication skills while opting to work as a Sunday school helper. They would require communicating with different people and this is why they have to help with different issues related to Sunday school. 

The hiring process is done by the church itself and if the church decides to take you in then you will be offered the job. Other than just teaching, helpers are required to assist with organizing fundraising events. Their duties would also include working with children and leading them to work in educational activities. 

The job of a helper might be demanding sometimes because a lot would be required to do. Some churches are large and therefore the work done is more than some smaller churches. The job can be challenging as well.

Sunday schools hold a lot of benefits for the common people and being an employee at a Sunday school means a lot. Here, one has to deal with God’s words and preaching is just not enough. Teaching needs to be systematic and in a proper way so that people can benefit the most from it. 

If you want to be a helper at a Sunday school then you must know how things work and how to do them efficiently. Most people are unable to cope up with the basic workload and they fail at their job. However, jobs like in a Sunday school would require expertise in different fields and areas. 

The helper at a Sunday school should make good connections with people. He should be able to talk in a manner that is both clear and understandable for the common people. 

How Much Does a Sunday School Helper Make?

On average a Sunday school helper might make around $50,000 per year in the United States of America. However, if the candidate holds enough experience, skills, and knowledge in this field might have an extra advantage. 

Some vacancies are made available from the church from all over the United States. Several postings are also made available on the internet so that interested candidates can apply. Therefore, different regions or different churches might offer different payments. 

Some churches offer around $10-15 on an hourly basis whereas some churches can offer as much as $40 per hour. There are plenty of opportunities to earn while working as a Sunday school helper in the United States.  However, one should expect a basic pay of $10 on an hourly basis.

There is a minimum amount that a Sunday school helper can make yearly. On the other hand, there is also a maximum amount that a helper at Sunday school can make in the United States. On average Sunday school, helpers can earn about $21,000 annually. 

A Sunday school teacher, on the national average could earn up to $50,455 per year in the United States. However, if a church decides to keep extra incentives for their workers then there might be some difference. But, one can expect the above-mentioned amount as a basic payment per year. 

Some churches ask helpers for their college/university degrees. But, some might ask for a high school degree. This means there might be some differences if you are skillful, knowledgeable, and gain a degree from reputed colleges or universities. 


Sunday school worker/helper jobs are in demand these days. Common people are looking for some peace and churches are places where they find some peace. Talk to people who have gained experience in similar fields. This will help you to understand more about their works.

Any kind of job could be challenging and therefore one has to be prepared for it as well. As compared to other jobs a Sunday school helper might make less per year. But, this does not mean that one can’t make a living out of it. 

A Sunday school helper might require two years of experience but it is always a good option to have training. There are training videos that are made available on the internet. You can look for those and prepare for any type of job that you want to apply for. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to apply for a Sunday school helper in the USA?

Ans: Interested candidates can apply for job vacancies online itself. There are job advertisements that most churches have posted on online job websites. 

  1. What are the responsibilities of a Sunday school helper?

Ans: There are many duties and responsibilities that a Sunday school helper should do. Some of the most common duties include:

  • Preparing Bible lessons, organizing, and overseeing them.
  • Working on fundraising events and assisting on educational events for children.
  • Managing educational activities in school.
  • Assigning homework, and explaining the same to children. 
  • Communicating with all age groups and solving problems. 
  1. How does Sunday school help society?

Ans: A Sunday school helps people to grow relationships related to religion. In other words, a Sunday school leads a church in prayers and building relationships with God. 

  1. What are the things that are taught in Sunday school?

Ans: A child can benefit so much if they are taught at a Sunday school. Some of the most common things that are taught are:

  • The Doctrine of Sunday Sabbatarianism.
  • Bible lessons
Sunday School Helper Job- Description, Salary, and Duties

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