Stater Bros Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

Stater Bros Careers- Job Opportunity, Salary, Application Process, Interview Questions

Stater Bros. Markets is located in America, but its roots were from Yucaipa, CA. It was started by twin brothers named Cleo and Leo Stater. They bought the market from W.A. Davis for a down payment of $600.The twin brothers were also the veterans of world war П. The market was started amidst the depression period, and it was officially opened on the 17th of August in the year 1936. Their headquarters is situated in San Bernardino, CA. They serve the nation with a rich legacy for more than 80 years for Southern California’s families. Currently, they operate more than 170 supermarkets around the country. The approximate number of employees working for the supermarket is 18,000. They have annual sales of over $4 billion. We will discuss Stater Bros Careers here.

In the year 1981, the late chairman of Stater Bros took the company in charge. During his leadership, the company became the largest supermarket in the country. He passed away in the year 2016. Later Pete van helden took over the CEO position. Stater Bros. has remained to lead the market in Southern California over the years. It has turned out to be a trusted name in the household for providing quality, fresh, and low-priced products. As per the Forbes report, the company has been ranked among the top 20 companies for its exceptional service for job security to the U.S. It is also rated in the top rank for its best place to shop for fresh groceries, as per the country’s national magazine.

They remain loyal to their commitment to doing business and being a part of the entire community. From the year 2008, they have contributed about $80 million for food and funds to many organizations to support children’s well-being to relieve the hunger of the poor; also, they have donated to the field of education, health, and the veterans of the nation. It is known to be one of the best chains of supermarkets in Southern California. They hire job seekers regularly to maintain the level of staff throughout the branches around the region. They offer a great wealth of opportunities to the employee. They have employment opportunities from students to professionals. The applicants with minimum experience will land up a job at the retailer store. The minimum age to work for the company starts from 16. They have many available positions to work in. The application process will be quite easy, as it involves an online process. A few of the popular jobs at Stater Bros include clerk, merchandiser, service for delivery, meat cutter, etc.

Available Positions at Stater Bros

Cashier, Courtesy Clerk, General Merchandise Clerk, Grocery Clerk, Meat Cutter, Department manager, Janitor, Meat cutter, Store manager, Assistant manager.

Working Hours – Stater Bros.

They work throughout the week; the supermarket opens by 6:30 in the morning and closes around 11 at the night. 

Job Opportunity – Stater Bros Careers

Stater Bros. is one of the ideal jobs for candidates who are at entry-level in their employment. The grocery store in southern California hires the candidate aged 16 to work as baggers and courtesy clerks. The applicants can choose the wide options of positions available at the store by filling the application form. The entry-level applicants are assigned to departments like meat, bakery, floral, seafood. Apart from the courtesy clerk, another position requires the applicants to be aged 18 years old.

Apart from entry-level positions, the company offers full-time jobs in supermarkets, such as management and the pharmaceutical industry. Both of these roles have a heavy salary package, and they also require experienced candidates. The aspiring applicant who wants a pharmacist’s role requires proper completion of schooling and the course to provide medicine at the pharmacy. It also requires one to give medical advice to the customers on board. Apart from usual pay, employees receive additional benefits that support their financial well-being.

Job Description

Aspiring applicants can send their resumes through emails for the role of a pharmacist. The other role requires the applicant to personally visit the store to fill the application form for their preferred role and location. The company accepts only the personally delivered job application submitted during the job openings for their suitable role. The applicants will have to pass the drug test to get the job. Here are the few roles available at the store:

  • Courtesy Clerk

They play a key part in the customer’s experience in the store. Their duties involve bagging the groceries, loading them into the customer’s vehicle, and assisting them in retrieving the carts from the parking lot. They also help in keeping the working area clean. They also help in reloading the items from the shelves. It’s a fast-paced role, also suits people who have active feet.

This role has been the stepping stone for many employees working in the company. They are also known as baggers. They help the merchandisers to restock the items. They should be capable enough to work in a physical environment that requires them to lift about 50 pounds of weight. They are paid about $8.00-$9.00 per hour.

  • Meat Clerk 

Their role requires one to perform specific tasks in the department; they shall cut, weigh and wrap the meat to provide the customers. They are responsible for replenishing the work table and clean them as well. They have to maintain the temperature of the place to keep the meat fresh. The applicants should be able to work in a cold environment. Also, they should able to lift their weight up to 50 pounds. They get to pay around $11.00-$12.00.

  • Clerk

It requires them to work as a cashier at the store. They should unload the groceries; help them in bagging and handling the cash from customers. They are often the last employee that the customers have to interact with over their journey of shopping. So, it requires them to be friendly and helpful towards the customer. Additional responsibility includes pricing the stock on the shelves, stocking, merchandising the products, rotating the new products on the shelf, and making orders per the customer’s requirement. This is fast-paced work and independent working. They are estimated to pay $11-$22 for an hour.

  • The General Merchandiser Floor Clerk

This is also an entry-level position; their duties involve merchandising the products in the store. They are responsible for checking the stock in the supermarket and ordering the products as per the customer’s requirement. They also help rotate the items on display and make sure that the customer gets the fresh product. They also answer the customer queries and assist them through the store during their purchase.

This job is suitable for entry-level candidates who enjoy working as a team and can provide proper customer service. This role requires one to work in a physical environment and should have the ability to lift a weight that weighs about 50 pounds. They get paid about $12.12 per hour.

  • Bakery Clerk and Service Deli 

They have similar responsibilities in the department store. They shall prepare food, packing and pricing the products, they also help in stocking and rotating the products on shelves.

This role requires the applicant to be friendly with the customers and help them as and when needed. They need to know the dish/food that they prepare to answer the customer’s queries. They should also make alterations to the food prepared and make it as per their requirement. This is also an entry-level job. The bakery clerk makes $ 23,473 annually, and deli associates make around $27,486 for a year.

  • Management

They work under different titles like assistant manager, key carrier, and store manager, as they take charge of maintaining the market’s sales. They should take care of staffing, inventory and look after the feedbacks of the customer. They set the financial targets and place an order for shipments. Also, they are hiring officials. They assign the work to the employees working under them, including scheduling jobs on a daily and hourly basis. Their salary depends on their type of work. They usually make up to $15.00 an hour. The store managers earn top wages of $100,000 per year, whereas the associate managers make up to $50,000 per year.

Tips for Applying

The aspiring applicants should pass the drug test before heading towards the hiring process; they shall adhere to the company’s policies against narcotics use, as they are strictly prohibited from working in the supermarket. It is mandatory for any job position in the company. The applicants can visit the store or apply online to get their preferred role. Kindly spend a minimum of 20 minutes of your time to fill the application form.

Application Status

On average, the applicants can wait for a week to get the manager’s call after applying the application form. It may take up to one week, as per the schedule of the manager. There may be a lag due to the employment form. You can reach them via email, telephone, or you can visit the store to speak with the managers about the status of your job application. Try to be active and show your eagerness while you make a call or decide to give a personal visit. But do not make unexpected arrivals during the manager’s busy schedule; it may sometimes lead to unnecessary nuisance.

Benefits at Work – Stater Bros

The company offers several benefits to the employee working for them. They ensure to provide benefits immediately after hiring. The fresher applicants make take time to adjust to the schedule, work environment, and diverse situation. The employees gain experience with the chain of the supermarket. Also, they advance in their career. The company promotes the employee within itself, as they give career opportunities to grow as an employee. Apart from the salary, the manager enjoys the benefits of paid vacation, medical insurance, and a 401K plan of retirement.

Interview Questions

Here are a few questions, that is been asked during the interview:

  • Why do you want to work for us? 

Here, you need to specify your work choice as there are so many store markets out there. You may also be their customer. Share your store experience with the hiring officials.

Express your desire to work as a part of the team, tell them about this great opportunity to showcase your talents and skills. You had applied to this particular role to gain experience and more knowledge, share your thoughts.

  • Do you have any prior work experience?

If you have experience with work, this question would be a great opportunity to expose your talents. Tell them about your work in the past; explain to them your skills that you learned in your phase of work. Please give them a brief overview of your role and what you learned from it. 

If you are a fresh job seeker, share with them any of the events you had participated in at your school, college, or internship. You can draw any of such incidences to tell that you are a team player.

  • How to get dressed for the interview at Stater Bros. market?

Always focus on your attire. Get dressed well to show your confidence outside. It is better to wear formal clothes for the interview. Try to be clean-shaven; presenting yourself neatly has advantages in seeking a job. Always remember, the first impression is the best, and it is carried for a long way.

  • When is your availability?

The hiring officials ask this question to check your availability for the job, specifying the work timings. While you answer this question, ensure that you are flexible with the working hours as per the job requirement.

If you have any other plans for the upcoming days or have a vacation planned, or if any other commitment, it is better to inform them prior.

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Stater Bros Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

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