Software Engineering Manager Interview Questions

First, what is called Engineering? Engineering is the application of science, tools, and methods to find cost-effective solutions to problems. Whatever the product is and whatever the criteria using, the output should be a cost-effective solution to the problem. Now, let’s see the definition of Software Engineering. Software Engineering is one of the branches of Engineering. It is the study of the evolution of software products by using scientific principles, techniques, and procedures. It is defined as a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach for the development, operations, and maintenance of software. So, whatever the product we are going to develop, whatever the operations may perform, and whatever the maintenance we are going to do after the completion of the project, we should follow the systematic, as well as disciplined and quantifiable approach, then only the output will be effective. And the software is developed or engineered and it is not manufactured but it is just a code that we are writing that is going to be implemented and that should be logical. The software doesn’t wear out whatever the code we are using and it is custom-built rather than assembling the existing components. These are the characteristics of software. Let’s take a look at software engineering manager interview questions.

Here are some most asked interview questions with sample answers. Just go through them, and you can crack your interview with the help of them.

Most Asked Interview Questions with Sample Answers

  1. Tell me about yourself and why do you need to become a software engineer?

For this question, you should answer about your schooling and graduation. Along with that, you should mention your skills and abilities that will enable you to stand in the role of a software engineer. 

Sample answer- I used to read the job description and the specifications of the role of software engineer before applying for this job with your company. 

And I decided to apply for this role because I think I had the appropriate skills and experience to perform as a software engineer in a company. I think I can drive the company forward in the position of software engineer. And I am confident that I will be qualified for this role based on my skills and experience.

I am a hardworking, dedicated person and I am the person who can work with full focus to move your company forward to achieve your financial and commercial objectives.

I want to become a software engineer because it is my childhood dream and I am very passionate about this job role. As it is my dream job, I can feel satisfied by working as a software engineer. So, if you hire me, I’ll do my hard work and will implement my smart work and my skills like developing, researching, analytical and technical skills to thrive your business more and more.

  1. Why do you want to work for our company in this position of a software engineer?

To answer this question, first of all, you just tell them about your research on their company and tell them the merits and uniqueness of their company.

Sample Answer- First of all, the company I want to work for is very important for me. If one can perform their duties and responsibilities, he needs the support of the employer and like-minded co-workers to achieve the goal. As per my research about your company, I can conclude yours is one of the best. 

And your way of developing and growing your company to the extent makes me realize that you are the best company. You are hiring only skilled and experienced people so if I were selected, I would be able to work with professionalism as well as standard people who are more concerned about their work. I am a person of ambition and if you hire me, I’ll do my level best confidently. And I must be a person of ethics and standards.

  1. How do you deal with the person who disagrees with your decision of being a software engineer?

This is the question for testing your capabilities of teamwork. The interviewer will check whether you give importance to their decision or you are being stubborn in your decision and competence.

Sample Answer- As a software engineer, I have lots of experience. If the situation comes that I have to listen to other people and it seems to be beneficial for the growth and development of the company or reaching the goal, then I’ll accept those decisions from other people.

I am the person who is giving importance to others’ words and decisions because we are the same team, working in the same company for the development of the company. And we are moving together to reach our goals. So, I’ll certainly do that and I’ll ensure that I should alter or improve things from my side through their feedback.

  1. In your aspect, what are the skills and experience needed for the role of a software engineer?

This question is one of the repeated questions asked in every software engineer interview. So, this question will assess your understanding of this software engineer position. You need to tell them the details of skills, qualities, and experience needed for a software engineer.

Sample answer- As a software engineer, there are many skills needed to be perfectly fit for this role. Among them, there are some skills and qualities particularly needed the most for a software engineer to become effective. 

They are technical competence, communication skills, and Interpersonal skills. Those skills are for dealing with clients and team members. Also, he needs Exceptional organization, Planning capabilities, and Knowledge of commercial awareness. 

Those are the additional and most preferable skills to become a software engineer. He should also know how important it is to maintain competence through professional development. 

A software engineer should have the ability to explain smartly as well as precisely so his team members and other people can easily understand what he is trying to say. So, he needs the ability to explain technical information concisely. It should be easy to understand.

Also, a software engineer should have general knowledge that should be updated and should be aware of current issues that seem to affect the company for which he is working. Finally, he needs strong analytical skills and attention to detail skills. And if you want to add some more skills, please do carry on. It will be the extra points to get qualified. 

  1. Tell me about a tough situation of having a complex task given to you and how do you handle that situation as a part of your team?

This is the question to analyze your behaviors and ability to handle tough situations. For this question, you need to start with the situation you were in. And then, explain about the complex task or even a task which is given for you to solve. 

After that, you should explain the actions you have taken to handle and solve that task. Finally, let them know the results which are revealed following your actions. Okay, here is the sample answer.

Sample answer- When I was working at XXX company, my team was given a project that is developing a software application for an important client. 

But, at the end of the project, we encountered numerous bugs and issues in that application, and also the deadline was against us so we faced a problem to get the project done within the fixed date. At that time, I felt that it was my responsibility to come up with a solution to get everything fixed. I stayed overtime and discussed with other team members and came up with the solution that I would ensure that it couldn’t be fully rectified but a support system will always be there to sort out any future issues if the client were to arise, post-handover.

Then we started to list out all the bugs and issues that were in the application. And tried to recreate the bugs so that we could access what was causing the issue. So, it was then my task to schedule a timetable and rectify the issues.

Then, we had a plan in our hands so we could allocate tasks for team members based on their technical competence the next day. By creating this plan and taking action by closely working with team members through this plan, we were able to do and show our competence and not only did the project on time but also arranged a support mechanism for the client to solve future issues.

  1. How would you handle the stress and pressure as a software engineer?

We all already know that the software engineer job is full of stress and pressure. So, you need to answer like you are already well-planned for dealing with such stressful situations and have a plan for how to handle those situations. 

Sample answer- I think if I am a software engineer, I could be in a situation full of stress and pressure. They would be a part of the role of a software engineer. So, I will plan and schedule all of my work in advance based on deadlines. By doing this, I know what I need to do. And, I will focus on my work according to the deadlines. It will help me to work more efficiently and I can concentrate on the work which needs to be done first. 

And, I will closely interact with team members so communication will be a helpful tool for me to handle my stress and pressure. Finally, I will spend time each week or once every two weeks to understand the updates of developments within the company. So, it will not shock me when the changes and updates of the company are released. These are the ways of handling my stress and pressure as a software engineer.

  1. What is your weakness?

The answer to this question shouldn’t be more depth because it will lead to the rejection of your application. You shouldn’t tell the weakness that is most needed to become a software engineer.

Sample answer- My weakness is not concentrated on a healthy work-life balance. And I am trying to spend more time with my family because of that I can manage my mind pressure and get relief from it. and also I am trying to improve myself on both the personal and professional levels. 

  1. What are your salary expectations?

It is one of the toughest questions to answer. To answer this question, you shouldn’t tell the exact payment and also you don’t want to degrade your values. So, you can answer like this.

Sample answer- I have done some research about the fair salary for this position of a software engineer. I have concluded that the average salary is $80,000 to $100,000 in your company. And I would feel comfortable with the salary of $90,000 and I am sure that you will gain a positive return if you hire me. I’ll do my level best and prove my worth.

  1. What is your strength?

This question is also for checking your capabilities. So you can answer about your abilities and skills for this question.

Sample Answer- I am a person who can survive in any environment and can be flexible in any situation. And I am a hardworking, quick learning person, I will focus more on my work if working overtime is needed, I’ll do that to finish my work on time.

  1. You can ask if there are any questions?

At this time, you can ask the interviewer some questions like what are the things from your employees that made you frustrated in the past? What are the upcoming plans of your company and how could I help you to achieve them? What is your expectation from me that I should focus on in this role?


So, Software engineering is a standardized, structured, and thorough approach to writing code, to treating the whole development process from start to the end in a standardized manner.

Software Engineering Manager Interview Questions

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