PE Teacher Job Description – Salary & Duties

PE Teacher Job Description, Salary, Duties

The world of physical education is that of fun, struggle, and lots of hard work. We will discuss PE Teacher Job Description here. Every athlete has had one or two moments where they feel so into their games that they forget about the real world. They are completely engrossed in it, which allows them to get the motivation and the strength to win every game and be the best at what they can do. Therefore they need to have good teachers who can motivate, train and look after them so that their talent does not go to waste.

The job of a PE teacher is that of responsibility, courage, and dedication. They have to spend hours looking after students and train them in the sports they take part in, they must also see that the talents and the good players do not go to waste. They must carefully plan and select appropriate plans and schedules to make sure the players deliver their best. This is why their position is integral to the school faculty.

There are many things the people hiring the faculty must keep in mind to find the best PE teacher. There are certain qualities they must possess, and their resume must be valuable, and they must have knowledge about many sports and mastery of at least one, so they teach the students and be a great guide towards them. The staff that will be appointed must be an asset to the school and be a gentle guide.

They must possess enough knowledge in their minds to ignite and inspire a spark in the hearts of the students playing with them and must remember to be polite to the faculty at school. They need to support students and be a PE teacher and a motivating factor that helps them get over things and helps them set their sights on the future.

The world of physical education is massive, and many sports hold dominion over others. That is why the teachers need to understand and teach the students the sports they are interested in and those that will lead to more success and an increase in their well-being.

We will be looking at the different things we will look at, such as duties and job description and the salary, which will help us determine what things the PE teacher does.

Meaning and Information Regarding PE Teachers

The PE teachers are one of the most important parts of the teaching faculty because they are in charge of engraving the students with values such as team spirit, sportsmanship, and many other values to help them in their future. It will grant them goodwill and can influence the people they interact with. The base of any sports personnel starts with the PE lectures. It is there when the students discover their passion for sports and move on to become world-class athletes.

The physical education teachers must explain everything bout the rules and regulations about various sports to the students and train them according to the protocols of that sport. The teachers need to teach them the values we discussed earlier to make sure they become good people because the things learned during the training sessions will stay with them the rest of their lives. That is why most schools emphasize PE lectures because they can teach the students something that theory learning cant: values and ideals.

To properly inculcate those values, PE teachers must remember that their teaching method plays a huge part. Sure, you can give tough love to your students, but it depends on the situation. You must understand the things they are going through while also nurturing them and making sure they stick to the ideals and values while playing at the best of their abilities. This is important as values go a long way for people, especially in sports.

The things required for people in this position are a bachelor’s degree, preferably in physical education, and also some teaching experience which gives them an edge over the competition, since it is easier to get a job if the skills you have are equal to the jobs you are going for. That is why you need to remember that most of the jobs will include giving trial lectures so the faculty can test your skills and the interview you are giving. Be prepared for anything so you can get the best results out of your interview.

Fill the application form properly before applying to any place, and also be sure to be prepared for the interview that you will be giving, dress well, do a little research regarding the school you will be working for, and remember to always keep a lookout for the opportunities that will arise if you don’t manage to get a job in one specific place.

PE Teacher Job Description

The job calls for the good at maintaining the best shape throughout the year to set an example to the students. There are things to remember like the person being good at playings ports and mastering the rules of the sports they play, should be a good explainer of things and be a good teacher that gets the message across to the people. They must have good speaking and listening skills to ensure the students will obey them and act according to their will.

They must be the first person to organize the team members in case of competitions and must help them get through to the victory line after their teammates’ hard work and be responsible for getting lineups and preparing the squad before the tournaments. They must have good organizational skills and must be aware of the things they do. This will allow them to increase their performance rating.


There are many duties the physical education teacher must adhere to. The first and foremost is to teach the students about the various sports and work on strengthening the skills of the talent that has promise and can go forward in sports. They must take charge in meetings involving the school faculty and be in charge of maintaining the tenacity of the meeting.

There are many things the people in this position must remember. First is that they must be vigilant to the school’s activities and be responsible for the sports committee’s things. They must be aware of the happenings and be in charge of the things the sports committee will get on. Therefore people need to remember that the sports section of the school is influenced largely by the PE teacher.

They must be modal teachers and analyze all of the happenings around the school and be sure to keep track of all the players to figure out what is the best of all the players, which will allow them to go on and win competitions.


The salary for this position, in fact, any position in a school, mainly depends on the experience of the teacher and the likeliness of the students towards the teacher. This can be a major factor since the students are the ones who can partly determine the change in faculty. There are many other things that the people working in this position must keep in mind to change their outlook whenever looking for a job.

Firstly your resume and CV must be up to date, while you must have at least a little teaching experience in any field, those candidates will be preferred. That said, the salary for this position varies around the base pay of 50 to 60,000 dollars per year. In most states like California, it goes up to 100,000 dollars per year. This is a good job for the people interested in teaching physical education, and this job has a lot of benefits attached to it.

It includes getting a great schedule, getting health benefits and retirement plans, along with insurance which are great perks on their own. There will also be benefits like paid vacations and representation of the school in competitions.

The Verdict

The verdict of this article is that the world of physical education will always require people who know about various sports while carrying out their duties and inspiring the students to be better. Teaching them values while building up their character is a part of the mission of physical education, which is why the teachers must guide students with the proper skill to go forward towards their dreams properly and make sure they do not falter.

All of these efforts will help the students greatly and get them the best result out of their high school careers. Good luck!

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PE Teacher Job Description – Salary & Duties

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