Paraprofessional K-9 – Responsibilities And Duties


Pay : $15 hourly

Type : Part-time 

Paraprofessional Job Summary

At King’s school and institute, we are looking to hire an instructional paraprofessional who will closely work with our teachers in assisting them with their duties. Someone passionate about the students’ success, dedicated and can work flexibly and adapt quickly to changes. Our ideal candidate is versatile and hardworking, who can support the teacher with tedious activities. Activities include managing the classroom, creating students’ reports, enhancing the students’ performance, and progressing through adequate tracking and printing assignments. This position holds only for part-time. 


  • Primarily assist in managing and organizing the classroom 
  • Assist the teacher in preparing lessons and study materials 
  • Work with students closely to track their progress and write reports based on  the students’ performance 
  • To assist in creating a conducive environment to aid learning 
  • Ensure class safety standards are adhered to or followed
  • Calculate students’ grade, correct papers 
  • Help the teacher in taking note of the students’ attendance 

Qualification And Skills

  • Previous teaching experiences (Elementary especially)
  • Very sound written and verbal communication skill
  • Experience working as a Teacher’s Assistant 
  • Have a current teaching license or certification 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Education or any preferred arts program 
  • Familiar and proficient with Microsoft Office 


  • Weekly compensation
  • Health insurance and clinical support
  • Referral bonuses
  • Conducive environment 
  • Attractive  salary 
  • All paid field trips 
  • Favorable working conditions 

About Us

Kings School is an educational-based institute that focuses on improving learning standards by working judiciously with our specialized curriculum. Here at King’s School,  we aim for the best for our students’ giving them the best school experiences, and consider our students’ well-being as a top priority. 

The administration and staff are committed and dedicated to properly executing our special programs. These programs align with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which are concentrated on implementing Balanced Literacy through Reading and Writing Workshops. Also included in the curriculum is STEM, i.e., science, technology, engineering, and maths, to build the IQ (intelligent quotient) of our students’.

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Some other special programs include ASE ( Academic Support and Enrichment) programs and a (Before School Academic Assistance) program; these programs offer our parents the awesome opportunity of partnering with us in educational agreement. Parents interested in child’s educational support uses this medium to be a volunteer. We also have (emotional monitoring program). This program is strictly focused on the emotional and psychological well-being of our students. We organize one-one counseling sessions to identify and quickly solve any pressing issues, and with the help of our employed counselors and therapist, this is achieved.

At Kings schools, we have set rules and regulations which prohibit our students’ from notorious activities such as bullying, examinational malpractices, and any form of corrupt practices with strict penalties following each rule defaulted. We take the necessary disciplinary measures in making sure such offenses are not merely overlooked.

We have a report and feedback system, which is the Parents/Teachers Association (PTA) forum, and this is to make certain that our wards’ parents’ opinions are not neglected. It is also a medium in which our school attends to our parents’ complaints or suggestions. This forum goes a long way in improving the teachers-parents relationship.

Our students receive rich academic opportunities through discovery, innovation, and exploration, as well as the right exposure through planned field trips and excursions. At Kings School, we enroll our brilliant students into international quiz competitions and spelling bee, which gives us more public recognizance and awareness, thereby putting the school in a high rank. 

We are aware that since our students’ academic excellence is our top concern, conversational and interactive skills are also very paramount. This is why we created free enrichment school clubs with a wide range of interest-based activities and social activities, providing our students with a varsity of knowledge, both curricular and extracurricular, which gives all our students an edge. We try to balance leisure/fun activities and strictly academic activities to maintain an all-around balance. 

We have in mind to improve and make better changes as we progress, discovering more through R&A (Research and Development) on adequate and proficient ways of delivering educational values, effective ways to handle our students’ behavioral changes, if any, and also discovering advanced technologies that can effectively improve learning, as well as ease, make things much easier, faster and swift. 

Our school has recently made several innovative and structural changes including upgrading the technology in our classrooms, upgrading our science laboratories, updating our school’s library, filling them with up-to-date educational and enticing books as well as reference materials, creating a better playground which enhances recreational activities, beautifying the appearance of our cafeteria, getting better sports facilities and also getting the necessary clinical equipment for our sickbay. 

At King’s school, we are aware that a safe, beautiful, and conducive environment increases the child’s ability to learn and learn well; this is why we have carefully taken measures to upgrade the learning environment of our school. We not only concentrate on the school’s physical appearance but also the morals and instructional skills of our teachers and their assistants. 

Each staff member is proactive, hardworking, and goal-oriented, all working continuously to provide a supportive learning condition. We offer our staff professional development training through occasional seminars, coaching, collaboration, and workshops to enhance their teaching skills and improve our children’s academic performance, thereby upholding our prestigious school’s excellent culture. 

We believe that the best gift to give to any child is quality education from the other basic amenities of life. This is our daily vision to try our best to meaningfully contribute to all our students’ academic excellence without any hesitation. We shall continue to meet up with the standards of quality education with the integration of our special programs, curriculum, feedback/report systems, improved learning conditions, rules and regulations, field trips, extracurricular activities, and of course, the committed assistance of our supportive teachers.

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Paraprofessional K-9 – Responsibilities And Duties

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