Non-Profit Operations Manager Job- Description, Their Duties, And Salary

Non-Profit Operations Manager Job

Today there are a lot of non-profit organizations that have emerged, and they mostly focus on the welfare of society. Working for a non-profit organization is very prestigious but getting a job there is quite hard. There are a lot of jobs that you can apply for within a non-profit organization. These jobs vary in their duties, salaries, and working hours, but they do provide you with the experience that every non-profit organization provides. Today we will talk about an important job title within the non-profit organization and their duties. Here, let’s know about Non-Profit Operations Manager Job.

A non-profit operations manager works on behalf of the non-profit organization and prides management services to them. It is a highly reputable job among the organization and it’s quite hard to get the job on your first try. Two things that can help you get the job are practice and experience. Thus you need to work on them and eventually, you will be at a place you always dreamed about. 

An operations manager is someone who manages all the operations within an organization. Both profit and non-profit organizations have an operations manager and both have the same types of duties and tasks.

Let’s first try to understand the job and then we will get into the duties and salaries of the job.

Non-Profit Operations Manager

A non-profit organization solely focuses on the betterment of society and makes policies and plans for the development of society as a whole. In this organization, the job of an operations manager is to look after the finances of the organization. 

They are solely responsible to maintain the following things- 

  • Cash records
  • Grants
  • Aid records
  • Transactions records of the organization. 

In simple language, they look at the checks and balances of the organization and suggest methods and ways through which the expenditure can be reduced and investment can be increased.

To become a non-profit operations manager you need to have a lot of experience because many non-profit organizations usefully prefer people who have had experience in their work instead of someone who is a beginner. As it is a reputable job and is also associated with the welfare of society everything in it needs to be under control and perfect to maintain the organization’s work. 

As an operations manager, you also need to look after your employees, their performance, the office, and its management, and look at the organizational structure of the organization that supports the whole organization. Thus as an operations manager, you will work on every aspect of the organization and plan strategies. 

Duties of a Non-Profit Operations Manager

As a non-profit operations manager, you need to perform certain duties. The duties are as follows-

  • Searching for Potential Resources

As a non-profit operations manager, you need to identify certain resources. These resources can be in the form of cash, assets, information, etc. You need to identify various ways through which you can find these resources and collect them for the organization. These resources can be found from granters and donors who believe in the idea and the organization. You also need to look after the funds that are being collected and how the organization can use them.

  • Using the Resources Effectively 

After you have successfully identified various ways you can raise resources and find them, it’s time to focus on directing them on the right path to ensure that they are used wisely. You need to be updated about the changes in policies and plans within the state, regarding social welfare and human services. It will help you direct your resources in the correct direction instead of wasting the organization’s money and time.

  • Make different policies for the employees and volunteers 

As a non-profit operations manager, you need to assess how the staff is working. Non-profit organizations don’t have a lot of employees and thus don’t need to worry about salaries a lot. But they do have a lot of volunteers who regularly work with them to improve the performance of the organization and provide assistance for free. Thus the policies and strategies that are made for them need to be completely different from those made for the regular employees who receive a salary. The operation manager should look into this cause and make appropriate plans to increase their effectiveness.

  • Understanding the Importance of Board of Directors

In a lot of non-profit organizations, many boards of directors work with the organization through liaising. Liaising is a form of mutual concern that the board of directors shows towards the organization. Most of these board of directors are volunteers of the organization and are unpaid thus it’s their duty to maintain this mutual concern so that they work effectively otherwise their work wouldn’t be worthwhile. Here the non-profit operations manager must use them in the right manner. 

For example- A non-profit organization has a broad director who is quite well known for finance and banking. Whenever the organization makes plans on the budget or needs to reveal their funds to other investors they will place this particular board of directors in the frontline.

These are some duties that a non-profit operations manager needs to do every day. These duties are quite hard and require a lot of practice and experience. 

Salary of a Non-Profit Operations Manager

According to Payscale, a non-profit operations manager, you can expect an average salary of $53,000 per year. This is the average salary provided to an operations manager. The lowest salary paid to an operations manager is $41,000 per year while the highest bracket operations managers get paid $80,000 per year. This is just a rough calculation about the salary provided to an operations manager according to certain statistics. It can eventually change due to a lot of reasons. Things that can influence your salary include your education, experience, skillset, and your age.

Requirements to become a Non-Profit Operations Manager

The various requirements to become a non-profit operations manager are-

  • Education- To become an operations manager you need a high school diploma and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration.
  • Experience- To become an operations manager you need at least 2 years of prior experience in managing the company’s operations, management services, and finance. 

These are the basic requirements to become a non-profit operations manager.


Working in a non-profit organization has its benefits and you also get to learn a lot from all the people around you who are mostly older than you. It will help you increase your knowledge base and contribute to society as well.

Non-Profit Operations Manager Job- Description, Their Duties, And Salary

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