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Directors of organizations are members of the board of directors of an organization whose sole aim is to govern the organization. The job descriptions and duties of directors of non-profit organizations are almost similar to that of profitable companies or organizations. The salary has some discrepancies because some non-profit organizations do not include salaries for directors in their bylaws. 

Directors are individuals who have grown to the level of involving in the management and governing of an organization. Directors can be found in both profit and non-profit organizations. Directors of non-profit organizations are a group of individuals who were either promoted, elected, or appointed to help run the organization’s affairs. These directors operate under an umbrella known as the “Board of Directors,” whose duty is mainly to make or create policies that will add to the organization’s growth. Although in some cases, the state dictates the duties of directors of non-profit organizations through its acts and laws, there are generally accepted job descriptions and duties of directors of non-profit organizations. 

Non-Profit Organizations Job Descriptions And Duties of Directors:

The job description is a written narrative that gives a vivid description of the duties and tasks that will be carried out by anyone occupying that specific role. The responsibilities of non-profit organizations vary from state to state because some states make laws for non-profit organizations. Still, there are generally acceptable responsibilities, of which some of them are discussed below. 

  • Planning: Planning is involved with the act of thinking and streamlining activities that will lead to achieving organizational goals. Directors of non-profit organizations are responsible for the planning of the organization’s policies and administration. They facilitate the order in which the activities required to achieve organizational goals should take.

  • Directing: This involves giving guidance and instructions to workers for the achievement of organizational goals. Directors have the responsibility to guide and instruct workers on the organization’s policies. They also oversee workers’ development and performance and ensure that they are carried out effectively to achieve organizational goals. 

  • Develop Policy: Policies are actions decided upon by the governing body to carry out as an entity. The directors develop policies within the organization is a non-profit organization. They draft out these policies for the success of the organization. 

  • Implement Policies: Directors ensure that the policies they created are also put into effect. They ensure that these policies are effectively and efficiently
    implemented to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. 

  • Leadership: In every organization, there must be leadership to enable the organization’s smooth running without chaos. Directors act as the organization’s leading body, thereby providing every leadership quality that will enable the organization’s smooth running and help achieve the organization’s objectives. The leadership structure is from level to level. Directors of non-profit organizations often delegate authority, thereby giving leadership status to some workers.

  • Coordinate and Lead Annual Budget: Every organization, whether profit or non-profit, always has a budget for activities and campaigns they want to embark on before the end of every year.  Directors in non-profit organizations coordinate these budgets. They also lead these budgets to ensure that everything listed in the budget was done and accountable. 

  • Oversees Hiring and Firing: The hiring of workers and the process involved are done under the directors’ auspices. After interviews, recommendations will be made to directors for appointments, same as firing, the reasons for firing will be related to the directors to initiate the sack.

  • Creating and Implementing Business Plans: A business plan is an essential commodity needed for any business to excel, irrespective of whether it is a profit or non-profit organization.  Business plans of non-profit organizations are written and implemented by directors. The directors write the business plan because they developed the objectives and goals of the organization. Business plans are caved out of an organization’s goals and objectives; it plans to achieve organizational goals. 

Salary Structure Of Directors Of Non-Profit Organizations:

The salaries of directors of non-profit organizations vary widely across different organizations; while some non-profit organizations do not include salaries in their appointments, they give some form of compensation and reimbursement for expenses made. Some non-profit organizations pay a fixed salary, which is not deemed too big or small for a director. The amount paid ranged from 75,000 dollars and above annually, but some non-profit organizations pay higher depending on their financial capacity. This salary is mostly not the only money received by directors; directors receive several organizations’ compensations. In some cases, the government of a state enacts laws regulating the amount of money and compensations received by directors of non-profit organizations to reduce wasteful spending. 

The job descriptions and duties of directors in non-profit organizations have been discussed above, which is almost the same as that of directors from profit organizations. Still, the salaries vary a lot because of many constraints surrounding non-profit organizations. Some of these constraints include government regulations, which aim to regulate and supervise non-profit organization’s financial activities. Another constraint is the financial capabilities of the organization. Non-profit organizations with tens of millions in their accounts pay higher than other non-profit organizations with lesser amounts. Another constraint is the involvement of some of the directors. Some of the directors are appointed as volunteers, and as such, they will not be paid salaries but can be given compensations. The job descriptions listed above are not all the job descriptions or duties available to directors; they are just a few discussed in this article. The salary range is just a starting point because bigger non-profit organizations pay higher amounts than the one mentioned. 

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Non-Profit Directors Job Description & Salary

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