Having inscribed its name as the world’s best fast-food company, McDonald’s competes with innumerable companies across the world, giving a tough battle to all of them with its most recognized bread and potato recipes. The company is true to its policies and offers employment opportunities to all its citizens irrespective of their age, color, gender, religion. It is a great option to be availed by part-time workers, who need to earn their bread for feeling and being independent and seeking to complete their education simultaneously. In this article, we will discuss MCDONALDS HIRING AGE.


The minimum age of 15 years has to be attained by the seeking employee to be considered for the job. Keeping in mind ‘The United States Fair Labor Standards Act (1938) else they shall be punished for a duration of 6-24 months and pay a fine of 20,000- 50,000. On average, part-time pay as of 2020 ranges from $7- $16 per hour. The work hours have been clearly specified as 40 per week and 8 per day when school is not in session, whereas 18 per week and 3 per day when school is in session.  


To be on the service desk, one must possess the following:

  • Having a friendly and approachable look, sound polite in tone, be thankful, confirm the order before processing the bill, and do it all without any irritation but with a smile.
  • Ability to handle crowd without hurting anyone sentiments or peace of mind.
  • The ability to guide and give the best service and benefits is the responsibility of all employees.
  •  Knowledge of calculation and computer handling is another need of the hour. 
  • Being a multi-linguistic person, one shall always avail of higher benefits. 
  • The ability to handle the pressure of customers in a rush or encountering with a rude attitude. 
  • Hard work is a prerequisite for any job, and this is no exception. 
  • One’s dedication and enthusiasm are looked up to by the employers. 
  • One’s patience is a continuous attribute on the test. 
  • One also needs to follow directions and accept orders from superiors and experienced colleagues to manage the whereabouts of the location. 
  • Training is provided for any field of work one is chosen for; thus, fresher’s have nothing to worry about. 
  • One must keep in mind the dress codes for various occasions and follow them strictly while being interviewed, undergoing orientation, or working within premises.


The pandemic has given way to online ordering of your favorite meals with a single click in the comfort of your home or work zone. Added to this is the benefit of receiving and reviewing deliveries. Work from home options can be availed by employees taking in orders and under the charge of customer support and feedback. 


Beginning with submitting an application form, the second step expects you to answer a few questions to get a glimpse of your understanding of the work environment and where you are best to be positioned and trained for.  Suppose the details provided in your application seem feasible to the position hirer manager. In that case, you shall be called for an interview to answer further queries and discuss the hours of work, schedule, and shifts, and pay. Next in the queue is the schedule for orientation before you are formally assigned your role at the company locations.


These are important to ensure your employees are happy in their job and remain loyal and focused on their services. Performance-based bonuses, Life insurance, Health insurance, Maternity and Paternity leave, Medical leave are offered as benefits for being a part of the world’s most recognized food brand.

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