Lyft Driver Job Description – Know More

Are you a petrolhead? Do you love to drive? Have you been looking for a part-time job to earn some extra money? Or are you looking for a way to keep your passion alive? Will you be excited to get an opportunity to earn money just by driving and enjoying your life while at it? If you’ve been saying yes to all the questions I have asked, this article is for you. You will find all the details you’ll need, to begin earning through your passion for driving. The best part, you don’t need a lot of experience or formal qualifications. Just grab your driving license and start driving. No, you’re not dreaming. Yes, there is a job like this. The article is a description of one such job. The job of a driver for Lyft. So gear up and prepare to apply right after you’re done reading this article. Keep reading to know more about Lyft Driver Job Description.

Lyft Driver Job Description - Know More

What is Lyft?

Lyft is the solution to your commute problems in large cities. It is the initiative that saves carbon emissions. It is one of the best ways to earn some extra money. Are you still wondering what Lyft is? Simply put, Lyft is a ride-sharing company connecting drivers and passengers for a better and more efficient commute. The company operates through an app that allows people to find and receive ride requests. Lyft works with the help of independent contractors who can work as drivers for Lyft. Carpooling and privacy have been best combined with the platform of Lyft. Are some of you not impressed yet? Let me list some perks for you as the driver to add the cherry on top. 

Benefits of Working with Lyft

  • No Time Restrictions – Are you the one always cribbing about your endless work hours? Do you like working at your own time and pace? Lyft covers that for you. Lyft drivers can work in shifts according to their prior commitments and manage their job schedule around their private life. There are no time restrictions as long as you activate the app in some time duration specified by the company.
  • Quick Extra Cash – Drivers don’t have to worry about not getting paid enough if they don’t drive. Lyft drivers earn money according to their rides and hours of work. This also means that drivers can get their money after each day or each week as per their wish, and this money earned can be used instead of waiting for the whole month. Lyft money is quicker than your month-end paychecks which is why it is considered to be one of the best part-time jobs.

How much better can a company get, right? Yes, I get your excitement. With all these benefits and such few job requirements, the position of a Lyft driver will be attractive for any person. So, not keeping the suspense for long, let’s move on to the job description of a Lyft driver.

The Responsibilities of a Lyft Driver 

Lyft drivers are independent contractors, expected to work in shifts and earn accordingly. Their job duties include basic responsibilities such as the following –

  • Download and login on the Lyft app before the shift begins
  • Use the app to receive and accept ride requests from passengers
  • Drive to the location mentioned in the request
  • Pick the passenger, contact them in case of any issues
  • Drop them to their preferred location and complete the ride
  • Receive your payment in your account and start looking for other rides

If these duties were too long for you to read, all you need to know is that Lyft drivers pick up and drop off passengers to and from their specific locations. Lyft drivers complete as many rides as they can in their shifts to earn their money. Along with the standard fare of the ride, Lyft drivers also get tips from the passengers that they get to keep. Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading, it only gets better. 

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Qualifications to Become a Lyft Driver

You want to become a Lyft driver. But how do you do that? What all do you need, which forms to fill, how long to wait, how to set up the app, and a hundred more questions and answers. In short, what are the qualifications you need to have and what are the other requirements you need to fulfill before applying for the position of a Lyft driver.

The Requirements 

  • All Lyft drivers should at least be 25 years old
  • All Lyft drivers should have a smartphone – Android or iOS 
  • They need to have a driving license 
  • They need to have previous driving experience
  • They should have a vehicle insurance
  • They should consent to and pass a background check 

The Application and Signing up 

  •  The first step for all potential drivers is to sign up on the app 
  • If there are vacancies in your area, the Lyft app will show those
  • You can then apply for the position through the app
  • Fill in your details, vehicle information, etc
  • Wait for the background check
  • Once approved, start driving

The Salary and Other Benefits 

Few requirements, fewer duties still get your job done. What else do you need? Oh yes, the money you earn. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about that. Lyft drivers earn their pay depending on the number of rides they complete. This means that all drivers can earn differently, and smartly. Smartly, because there are a few tips and tricks that as a Lyft driver, you can use to earn more with the same number of rides, or increase your rides significantly. Still, on average, a Lyft driver can make $800 a week, while working regularly. 

These are the certain tips you can use to earn more. 

Plan your rides

The first way you can increase your income is by planning your rides better. It is better to drive in areas where there are more passengers or where there are fewer drivers online. In this case, the chances of you getting a ride are more and the more rides you get, the more you earn. Also, Lyft wants you to earn more. This is why the Lyft app has an in-built tool to help you know the busy areas of the city at the moment and figure out your ride acceptance better. 

Use the bonuses 

Not just the number of rides, the income of Lyft drivers can depend and change by other factors. Drivers can earn Lyft rewards and access exclusive features of the app by driving during busy times and making money. Another way for drivers to stay busy is to deliver essentials to people as and when they require. Lyft drivers also get exclusive phone and vehicle services through the Lyft drive and mobile centers. These help in quicker and low-cost maintenance of your daily needs with Lyft and let you keep more money in hand.

Understand the breakdown

Drivers can earn more and make better use of what they already have only if they understand the breakdown of their income. The money that drivers earn in the end is a combination of several components. The first is the time of each ride. The second is the distance of each ride. The third is the tips that drivers earn. The fourth is the bonus that drivers can opt for. The money for all of these components sums up to become the total pay of the driver. The driver can opt to get their payment at different times. Lyft has an option of instant payment, express pay, and weekly pay. In all these options, the money is transferred to your account within a short period and drivers can earn quickly.

The Conclusion

Reading the whole job description, especially if you’re still reading, you must have thought this Lyft’s job position of a driver is too good to be true. And to that, I can say that it is the truth. All of it. It is better that you believe it now. If not, I can read your mind and answer some of the questions you have, and then prove you wrong. All your doubts and the potential hindrances in becoming a Lyft driver will be cleared in this section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – Will I ever be able to take a break from my shifts?

When you’re managing two jobs, having a hectic schedule, flexible shifts just aren’t enough right. You need proper breaks. But who’ll give it to you? Your regular job, no you can forget about that. Lyft? Yes. The company keeps getting better and better with its benefits. All Lyft drivers are mandated to take at least a 6-hour break after they’ve completed 12 hours of service. And of course, these 12 hours can be discontinuous. During the break, the Lyft app prohibits the drivers from being online symbolically yelling at you “Enjoy your break!!”

Q2 – Will I be paid for waiting for my passenger?

Oh yes of course you will be paid. All drivers will be given a waiting fee or a cancellation fee if the passenger is late or cancels the ride. This fee is calculated based on the time taken by the driver to reach the location or the distance traveled, whichever is higher. The drivers get a waiting fee only when the waiting time of the passenger is up and the passenger has still not arrived. The cancellation fee is given if the passenger cancels the ride. 

Q3 -Can I cancel my rides after accepting them?

All the drivers working for Lyft are allowed to cancel rides after they accept them on the app. However, the cancelation cannot be on the basis of any identity discrimination against the passenger. There are a few guidelines that drivers need to know about treating the passengers and accepting rides. As long as the cancelation is within these guidelines, or is because of a personal emergency, the drivers can cancel the rides too. 

Q4 – Can I apply for the position of a Lyft driver without owning a car?

Yes, you can. Lyft has a system called the Express drive that lets you rent vehicles and use them for driving. The rental vehicles can be from the partner companies of Lyft. These can be used for the short term or long term and they already meet the vehicle requirements of Lyft. Drivers can apply for these vehicles and earn even without a personal car. 

With all your doubts cleared and the duties and benefits laid out for you,  all of you can happily start applying for the position of Lyft driver. Explore the world while getting paid and enjoy your driving experience with Lyft. 

Lyft Driver Job Description – Know More

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