Library Page Job- Description, their Duties, and Salary

Library page job description, duties, salary

Introduction: It keeps libraries functioning by sorting & arranging books, serving library customers, as well as organizing library premises for events daily. They provide recommendations & assist in the location of things based on their expertise of books as well as other library sources. Individuals may also help with administrative chores such as copying & placing posters regarding library events & programs. Here is the article that describes the Library Page Job.

Such an entry-level position assists library personnel & is an excellent opportunity for employees to see whether a profession in libraries seems to be a good fit for them. Whereas most libraries minimize the duties of library pages, such a position nevertheless allows staff to learn about the inside functioning of their library.

Paragraph Answer: If you’re searching for an entry-level career and enjoy the calm yet vibrant environment of the library, then your role as the library page may be right for you. Being a page, you won’t make a lot of money because hourly compensation generally starts around the minimum salary. But, your accessibility to a wealth of information & experience that will help you determine whether or not a library job is suited you compensates for your modest salary. And here is what you can anticipate as a library page.

Pages are generally in charge of relocating returned books as well as other objects to their correct shelves. Library pages are also in charge of maintaining everything in the proper order. Others receive requests to retrieve things from guarded locations, while others can be in charge of checking stuff back into. Page occupations are often part-time and earn the minimum salary.

Duties of a Library Page

  1. Organize the books & materials in the library: Organizing books, periodicals, as well as other library materials is the first library page’s responsibility. Individuals might use the library carts to collect items from the reference desk and through library pin boxes & organize them for other library members of staff to receive & catalog. 
  2. Assist Patrons: Library pages directly aid users across the library by assisting them in locating a certain area and title. Individuals could also help them find library spaces and resources, like computer labs and peaceful reading places.  
  3. Bookshelves: Another important function of a library page seems to be the categorization of various library resources. This aspect of the job necessitates a high level of discipline and the ability to rapidly alphabetize volumes or find where they belong on the bookshelf by using the library’s categorizing system.  
  4. Take care of the Circulation Desk: If other employees of the librarians are unavailable, library pages are usually in charge of manning the circulation counter. They engage personally with customers to rent out books, CDs, and magazines in this element of their work. Workers may also be in charge of collecting materials that have been returned by customers.
  5. Direct Patrons: Library pages seem to be in charge of referring clients to certain library members of staff who might help them further. Throughout this element of the job, a library page must have a strong understanding of the librarians as well as members of staff, as well as their fields of specialty.  

How to become a Library Page

If you want to work as a library page, the initial thing you should look at is how much schooling you require. Researchers discovered that 52.4 percent of library pages acquired a bachelor’s degree more than. In regards to academic education, researchers discovered that 4.7 percent of library pages seemed to have acquired a master’s degree or above. Even though many library pages require a college education, it is feasible to acquire a position with just a high school diploma and GED.

Required Skills

  • The ability to multitask: Library pages seem to be in charge of a multitude of activities throughout the library, that’s why multitasking, moving between responsibilities quickly, as well as setting objectives is also essential in this position.
  • Organizing: Library pages are extremely well-organized, particularly when it comes to sorting books as well as putting them on the bookshelves.
  • Customer Care: Library pages assist customers all across the library, as such they must possess a few customer service perspectives.
  • Collaboration: Library pages assist personnel in the library, hence, they must be incredible team players who are willing to assist where they are required the most.
  • Physical strength: The job of the library page requires physical stamina to lift the bulk of books, bend for organizing books on the shelf. Arranging the new stock. 

Salary of a Library Page

In the United States, the average salary for a library page is $24,385 annually, and $12 for each hour. The highest level 10% earns more than $29,000 annually, whereas the bottom 10% earn less than $19,000 each year.

Interview Questions

Question 1: How will you handle an angry and aggressive patron?

Answer: A scenario inquiry that will put your work mindset to the experiment. But, you must not advocate any heroic actions at this time. You could be powerful and willing to soothe an angry man, although you must not offer this choice in your interview response.

Say you’ll contact the security guard as well as request them to handle the hostile person. You could also advise that when you are waiting for somebody from protection to arrive, you would do everything possible to safeguard the patrons as well as the library’s equipment.

Question 2: What motivates you to collaborate as a library page?

Answer: Let’s just be real. The work of a library page isn’t the most fascinating in the universe. Day in day out, you would perform routine activities such as verifying books in & out assisting patrons in finding the items they want. You might often categorize new books and assist with the organization of the reader programs, however, most of your work would consist of monotonous chores.

Question 3: How will you describe good customer service in the library?

Answer: Greeting individuals with a smiling face, being sensitive to their requirements, proactively attempting to assist, and respectfully assisting them with every request.

You may also mention that a great library assistant understands their readers as well as could recommend books based on their preferences. Of course, that’s also true after you’ve been in your position for at least a few weeks & had an opportunity to learn to understand your readers. In some way, you must demonstrate to the recruiters that you appreciate the value of good customer service as well as will constantly strive to provide it to every library user.

Library Page Job- Description, their Duties, and Salary

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