Laundry Steward Job Description, Salary, Duties

A Laundry Steward is in charge of providing clean as well as sanitized linens for both the cabins & restaurant, as well as washing garments quickly. He/she cleans the garments and linens while conserving the color and fabric or even preventing contamination or bacteria transmission. 

Laundry Steward

A Laundry Steward is responsible for drying, ironing, folding, and storing linen and clothing, & keeping the laundry space and apparatus safe & neat. Customer requirements will be addressed, waiting staff will be assisted, all workstations will be fully stocked, as well as all locations will be kept fresh & Clean. They have to wash then set aside plates, clean the surfaces & meal preparation sections, restock supplies, polish tables, as well as dispose of trash.

A must be dedicated to work hard & also need the physical strength to remain on your feet while going for the course of your jobs to be a great steward. Guests should find you polite and welcoming, or even you must be able to work well with others. 

A laundry steward is tasked with keeping all of the laundry in the ship cleaned, washed, as well as ironed at regular times.

A laundry steward helps maintain a restaurant, bar, and club clean & hygienic, aids with dishwashing, and attends to the requirements of guests. Basic administrative functions, like taking calls, making bookings as well as disseminating basic details, could also be performed by the laundry steward. When interviewing Stewards, search for applicants that can perform effectively in a group and communicate well, and also provide excellent customer assistance. 

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For a hotel and a specialized linen service firm a laundry steward seems to be an entry-level role. The steward needs to show that the safe & effective use of professional rinses or dryers is fully understandable and comprehensive. However, In this article, you will get the proper guidance of a laundry steward job, continue your reading to gain more knowledge about this job. 

Who is Laundry Steward?

A laundry steward is a person who assists in selecting filthy linens, uniforms, or other cleaning and washing things. The steward then assists wash and fold the clothes when they are clean, or restore the staff for the subsequent day’s work.

Wash-inspections & upkeep on laundry apartment washing machines are anticipated to be carried out by the washing staff. This normally includes constant inspection & wiping of the filling traps & monitoring of the washing equipment to check that they are functioning correctly. All cleanup and care are recorded as well as the supervisors shall be informed of all items that are judged necessary to be repaired.

Need Of Laundry Steward

Client satisfaction: Initially, whenever it regards a customer’s experience, the small details count. If a steward keeps a fresh towel each night and if the bed linen has been cleaned, their customers will notice. A fantastic approach to keeping them pleased is an excellent laundry service.

Efficiency: Excellent laundry facilities can help lower the inventory steward need. If the laundry steward doesn’t keep their sheets cleaned frequently, they’ll need to keep extra linens on hand to replace them daily. An effective laundry service enables you to routinely reuse them & ensure that your hotel runs efficiently.

Regulations: Finally, a hotel can hire a laundry steward so that they can assist in meeting licensing and commercial requirements. Most laws require resorts to change their linens regularly, and they should make sure that auditors appreciate their hygiene.

A laundry steward is a great person to make a resort a more comfortable location to stay.

Role of Laundry Stewards

The laundry stewards play a critical role in a variety of essential hotel services. To meet cleaning demands, these individuals might work throughout sections at various hotels, such as kitchen, food, drink as well as laundry. These employees will do what is required to get the task done, either preparing freshly washed linen or even perfectly clean dining garments for guests, functioning and preserving cleaning tools as well as equipment like dishwashing types of machinery, and bed linen throughout the hotel.

Ensure compliance with excellence standards & expectations, create and maintain strong relationships between other workers and ministries, encourage the team to achieve shared objectives & listen as well as adequately answer to the individual workers’ issues. Report to the manager accidents, damages, and insecure working circumstances.

Duties Of Laundry Steward

  • A laundry steward would make clear that everything is clean for guests, from their designer clothes as well as suits to the bathrobes in the shower, tablecloths, including bed linen.
  • The laundry steward would have extensive experience in the service business, having been employed for several of the world’s most prominent hotels.
  • They will have worked on a yacht before & must be utilized to provide a quiet as well as professional service while being elegant and attractive throughout all times.
  • The steward’s major duty seems to be to take to the laundry, ensuring that their clothing & surroundings are cleaned and well-kept at certain times — depending on how much you are absent.
  • If guests need it, a laundry steward has to assist with the maintenance of the boat as well as its interior spaces, and his responsibilities can be tailored to match guest’s demands.
  • Laundry stewards can even do required bookkeeping as well as help some other team members if they need assistance with their duties.
  • Cleaning and decorating the tables, as well as adding festive decor, lights, & napkins.
  • Customers are greeted, seated, served water or glasses are refilled, and beverages are delivered from the bar.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of menus & displaying them to guests.
  • The laundry stewards should always be extremely hardworking as well as meticulous, and they have to provide exceptional service.

Task and Responsibilities 

  • Cleaning the ship’s apartments, cafes, bars, as well as other facilities’ sheets, blankets, tablecloths, clothes, and many other materials.
  • Drying, pressing, folding, & keeping them for regular needs in specified parts inside the ship.
  • Facilitate the Accommodation Manager at all with the house cleaning stock.
  • Laundry for the staff clothes is the responsibility of this position.
  • Welcoming and accompanying visitors to their rooms on arrival as well as departure


  • Should have Hygiene standards understanding.
  • Knowledge of how to operate machines such as washers, dryers, & ironers.
  • Just one high school diploma and its equivalent are required.
  • To serve alcoholic beverages, you must be at least 21 years old.
  • A pleasant, cordial, and welcoming demeanor.
  • Excellent client service as well as teamwork abilities.
  • Physical endurance to stand for long periods.
  • The ability to work a variety of shifts, including nights, weekends, as well as holidays.
  • Communication & organizing skills are essential.


  • Salary and bonuses are competitive and based on qualifications and experience.
  • Work might be seasonal and permanent.
  • Medical & Social Security Benefits
  • Accommodation, as well as food, are included.
  • Flight tickets will be refunded if the contract is completed.

Salary Of Laundry Steward

An almost 1-year-experienced laundry steward is likely to have an average salary of $9.88 depending on 34 wages, including tips, bonuses as well as overtime. The 1-4 years working newly qualified laundry steward makes a total average salary of $9.89 based on 273 salaries. A laundry steward with a semi-experienced of 5-9 years gets an average overall $10.20 off 81 pay. An experienced laundry steward with an expertise of 10-19 years receives an average overall salary of 11.06 $ depending on 83 salaries. Workers get an overall average remuneration of $12 over the last 20 years or above.


Laundry Steward plays a significant role in any section like hotels, restaurants, yachts, clubs, etc. Here we have tried to provide all the important information related to the Laundry steward. We hope we have solved your queries which were earlier in your mind before reading this article. A career in this field can give you a great profession if you are eager to work at any time and if you have patience for listening to others quietly. 

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: How can a laundry steward stay positive as well as motivated when he gets challenging tasks? 

Answer: You could discover that some jobs are particularly difficult. For instance, if you work as a resort laundry steward, then may find yourself busier throughout peak tourism seasons. Being a laundry steward you have to be patient and have to complete the given task and challenges by your calmness and with your sharp minds. Every organization, firm, hotel, etc. are looking for stewards that can work efficiently and take pride in their work.

Question 2: How is the working environment of the place where a laundry steward works? 

Answer: Basically, the working environment depends on the visitors and the staff member of that particular place, because if the people in one place are working politely and have good relations between them then the environment of that place will also be very good and enjoyable.

Question 3: What type of benefits are given to laundry stewards by their companies? 

Answer: Free food services are given to the laundry steward. Free medical services are provided to them. Extra incentives are given to them along with the salary. 

Question 4: How much experience is needed to become a laundry steward? 

Answer: At least 1-year experience required for becoming a laundry steward, previously worked in any hotel and resort or any organization, etc. so that the person should have enough knowledge about the work of a laundry steward. 

Laundry Steward Job Description, Salary, Duties

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