The Best Jobs For 9-year-olds

Jobs For 9-year-olds

INTRODUCTION | Jobs For 9-year-olds

While the title may sound strange for some, and some might wonder, ‘What are some Jobs For 9-year-olds?’. Believe me when I say that there are endless opportunities available for children of all age groups. A child at age 9 is in their pre-teen stage, and hence this is an appropriate time to instill some skills in them. In this article, I will be discussing the various jobs that a 9-year-old can do, jobs that maybe some domestic chores wherein they can help you while some will be those wherein you can help them.

Let us classify this article into 2 sections:

  1. Domestic Jobs 
  2. Real-life Jobs

Domestic Jobs:

These jobs involve helping around the house. Learning how to do domestic chores is a stepping stone to take up everyday challenges and prepares a 9-year-old to deal with their responsibilities. This kind of job is a plus for both the parents as well as the child. Let’s delve into some of these jobs and understand what they have to offer.

Doing household chores for an allowance:

This is a great way to start making some money. It is one of the most age-appropriate tasks for a 9-year-old. First, you can start with something as simple as folding your clothes. Obviously, you can’t ask a 9-year-old to do laundry or iron their clothes, but you can definitely let them fold the clothes and place them neatly in the cupboard. This teaches them to be organized. The next task they can do is help you wash the dishes. This is a great opportunity to bond with your child and at the same time teach them how to keep the dishes spick and span. And hey! What about the luscious green garden out there? How about going out and picking some fruits and vegetables? They can also help to rake the leaves, pluck out the weeds or plant a new plant. Perhaps, help Daddy wash the car. At last, you might want to keep a pen and book in hand. Well, someone’s got to keep a record of all the chores that you’ve done. Also, parents need to understand that giving their kids allowance gives them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

  • Babysitting:

Or more like helping Mom look after your sibling. This job can be considered one of the best ways to inculcate the quality of responsibility. They can play with their siblings or keep them entertained while you get your work done. This job does not limit only their siblings; it can also include their neighbors’ kids or relatives. Teaching them to take responsibility for something heightens their sense of maturity.

  • Looking after pets:

Quite similar to babysitting, except here you’re looking after pets. Kids love pets. While playing with pets is fun and games, feeding them, bathing them, and taking them for a stroll is quite tiring. Have your 9-year-old help you out by taking them for a stroll. But remember, let them do that task only under your strict supervision. Try and understand the way your child and the pet communicate with each other and accordingly analyze your control and supervision over them. Never leave your child alone to look after a pet.

  • Assisting the parent to the supermarket:

Going shopping is a dream come true for kids. While they may have their own list of things to pick, you can ask them to help you pick out some items on your list. This helps them learn the price of a commodity, what different items are there, and how much inventory you need to stock up. You can consider this a lesson in budget planning, which will help them deal with real-life situations that I will discuss later in this article.

  • Making and Selling Craft:

How about making a fun time activity into a source of earning? Grab your pen, paper and glue and get started. Let your creations sell for themselves.

  • Yard Sale:

While Mom and Dad put out their things for sale, kids can put up their toys, clothes, shoes, stationery, etc., for sale. Once the sale is over, they can take their share of the profit. 

  • Shoveling Snow: 

It’s Christmas time, and there’s heavy snowfall. Hurry up! Take your shovel and clear your driveway. Clear the path for Santa to drop in some money for you.

  • Cooking:

If your kid loves to cook up a simple snack or meal, they can offer catering services. Maybe make some PBJ sandwiches, smores, or salads. Even you can ask them to help you out while preparing a meal and set up the table.

  • Cleaning the attic or Organizing the Store Room:

Kids can clean the attic if it’s not done in a long time. Also if the store room is out of order, they can organize the items and store them in shelves.

  • Running Errands For Grandparents:

Grandma and Grandpa maybe can no longer go out and do their everyday chores, and hence they might need their handyman. Why don’t you grab this opportunity and cease it? Help them around the house or go to the nearest supermarket and buy some groceries for them. And yes! You know you’re going to get some good pocket money from them.

Real life Jobs:

First, let me explain to you what this title means. Although 9-year-olds are quite young to understand or deal with real-life situations, giving them simulations of these situations incorporated into their age group helps them explore the dynamics of the real world. So let’s take a look at some of these jobs.

Opening a lemonade stand:

Now that’s quite interesting. Your child may have heard a lot about them or seen many of their friends do the same. Opening a lemonade stand is the foundation of understanding how a business functions. Here is where budget planning plays an effective role.  Through this, they will learn how much inventory they should purchase, how many glasses they can sell, and then estimate if they are making a profit or loss. It’s a great way to earn some side money during the summers.

  • Participating in the family business:

A prime way to introduce your kid to the how bouts of your business. In a family business, you can teach them tricks and trades.  Give them some simple tasks: filling out some forms, stamping papers, stapling or sticking papers, sorting files alphabetically, or storing things in the right places. They can also act as your personal assistant. At the end of the day, reward them with a tip.

  • Delivering Newspapers:

Sounds a bit too much for a 9-year-old, right? But a parent can assist them in handing out newspapers or flyers in their neighborhood. They will learn their way around.

  • Freelancing:

Wondering how a 9-year-old can freelance? Well, there are many online sites to freelance at. Kids can put their literature and language skills to good use. They can write stories, poems, or articles for their age group or lower than that. They can get a great deal of money too. More so, it helps them develop their skills, experience, and expertise over a period of time.

  • Community Work:

Helping clean the school windows, library hall or helping the librarian sort through books is another great way of making some quick bucks.

  • Making YouTube Videos:

Though an unconventional way of earning for a 9-year-old, this seems to be one of the most demanding jobs in today’s modern world. The best part about this job is that it lets kids explore their creative freedom. They can make dance videos, craft videos, singing videos, gaming videos, and many more.


Through this article, you may have already understood that there are no age restrictions to earn. There are various jobs that a 9-year-old can do. Although, it is most likely that they will need parental supervision. Both types of jobs help kids have a sense of responsibility and ownership and understand how they have to deal with different life situations. Let them make a chore chart to keep an account of all the tasks they have done, and you can pay them their due at the day’s end. Earning money will also teach them the value of savings. Try to incorporate both types of jobs in your child’s life. Domestic jobs help them take up smaller responsibilities, while real-life jobs will help them take up larger responsibilities. You can definitely learn some new skills through both of them. So have a look at all the jobs listed in this article and take your pick.

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The Best Jobs For 9-year-olds

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