How to be employed at Volvo?

How to be employed at Volvo?

BMW, Ferrari, and Volvo have become iconic brands all over the world. They have become the cynosure of all eyes. Here, we shall talk about one of the Volvo. So, ever gave attention to the name of the Volvo company? Ford Motors-owned that automobile manufacturing company, right? Yes, you are correct! The Volvo Trademark Holding AB holds the ownership of this unusual name ‘Volvo.’ AB Volvo- the Volvo Group, is established in Sweden. The fact is that it’s contemplated as the largest manufacturer of trucks, buses, ships, big engines used in industries, and tools for construction. Interesting, isn’t it? But are you mindful of who owns this company? We heard a ‘NO’ escaping your lips. This is worrying if you are applying for a job position there. But don’t worry! We have covered all significant aspects for you to read in this article. So, let’s grip the steering wheel tightly and wear your seatbelts while we undergo this Volvo ride. This article will bring you the answer to how you can apply at Volvo and some other intriguing details. So get, set, and go!

The Journey of Volvo

Let’s dive deep into the sea of Volvo and swim through to understand it. Its business started up with the assembling of automobiles like trucks and cars. Unhurriedly, they leveled up from assembling to a prominent manufacturer. This was feasible as they acquired their suppliers. They thought of a well-structured plan and thereby broadened their capacities from the nucleus. Volvo builds not only industrial engines but also aircraft and rocket engines. The company also produces equipment for agriculture and forestry. The company has given rise to potent luxury cars like S60 and S90, SUVs like XC40, XC60, and XC90 to ace the market in 2018. They are absorbed in toiling on the latest car technology that will drive further engagement with prospects. We also heard that Volvo plans to switch over to an electric lineup by the year 2025. We are familiar that electric vehicles are the future of the automobile sector. We await it to conquer the markets soon. This company concentrates on annihilating serious wounds and deaths that happen due to their vehicles by 2020. This delivers a notion that the company is foresighted, has incredible development strategies, and has a strong workforce.

Volvo’s Current Ownership

Ford acquired Volvo cars in the year 1999. It is asserted that Ford purchased miscellaneous companies at that time. Then, unexpectedly it was knocked down with lesser revenues over the years. It aimed to augment its balance sheet, and therefore, it sold off Jaguar to Tata. For the same rationale, it sold off Volvo to a Chinese company named Geely in 2010. The profits that were supposed to be fetched by Volvo plummeted, and Ford felt the pain. They decided it was better to trade off the company as it didn’t bring the anticipated success. Geely acquired the company as it had long-term plans. China strived to advance as a robust economy yielding quality cars on a large scale. The cars are sold under the same brand name as Volvo as high quality and safety serve as its twin children. Hmm..but you must be admiring that if the Chinese own it, then how come ‘quality’ is equivalent with it! Well, Mr. Geely is no fool. He knows that quality is what defines Volvo. If he substitutes this high efficiency with lower standards, then the deal is a failure. Isn’t it? That’s how Geely came into the possession of Volvo. 

Volvo’s Historical Background

Volvo has risen as one of the most esteemed car brands with sales in numerous countries and markets. Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson laid the founding pillars of the company in 1927. This Swedish company produced the OV4 as the first vehicle. Then, the long quest of its exquisiteness commenced. Volvo did all to bolster its ranking as the leading producer of trucks to buses from manufacturing trucks to buses. Their innovative ideas, coupled with technologically sound inputs, won everyone’s heart. The company partnered with a renowned company like Renault through the 1980s and 1990s. The world also witnessed Volvo S40/V40 and Mitsubishi Carisma production when the firm collaborated with Mitsubishi. Years later, Ford Motors bought the company in 1999. Volvo cars have plants established in around 100 countries. It has its plants in Sweden, Belgium, China, and the US, etc. Strong leadership, luxury, and safety led to its gradual success. It has grown to be a booming company employing around 40,000 full-time employees as of December 2020. Umm, another figure- 661,713. Any guesses what’s that about? Well, that’s the number of Volvo cars sold in the year 2020. Imagine the Covid-19 implications and the sales figure, shocking, is it? 

The Career Opportunities at Volvo

So, up till now, you must have painted an image of Volvo in your head. If you are the person looking for a job at Volvo, we’re here to help you out. If Volvo is your choice, then you’re at the correct place. It is a company that recruits circumventing age, gender, race, or background. If you can contribute to their mission of shaping society by providing sustainable transport solutions, then you’re most welcome there. Assuming you’re one of them, we are listing below the numerous job opportunities offered at Volvo:

  • Technology and Engineering Jobs – It doesn’t matter if you’re a Java developer or electrical/software engineer, Volvo has good job positions to offer you. From research work to product planning, from executing technological solutions to project execution; you’ll be a part of all these
  • Human Resources – Here, you’ll be involved in HR activities ranging from administrative work to aiding the line workers and employees. You’ll get to engage yourself in framing and observing local and global HR policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Finance and Control – If you’re interested in devising strategies, supporting financial performance, creation of value and managing risks, complying with tax and financial compliances then you can apply for this
  • Logistics – It encompasses major responsibilities like operating and maintaining the supply chain for all manufacturing centers, partners and others working with Volvo. Your work will be placing orders to suppliers, ensuring that vehicles and other parts reach the market safely, supervising packaging, planning the production of items and preparing for logistics 
  • Marketing and Communication – You will have to interpret Volvo’s mission to its customers and influence the people whether internal or external stakeholders to ensure brand reach and success. You will be responsible to strategize and help spread the goals of the business
  • Aftermarket Services – Just marketing and selling don’t help in today’s time. Therefore, Volvo offers jobs related to after-sales services where your duties will be to look after the maintenance of sold products, providing customer delight, helping customers and rendering timely services
  • Information Technology – Are you having expertise in AI? Data scientist or Network specialist? UX designer? Great! you have a chance to stand out at Volvo. Your job position will focus on contributing to innovations and finding solutions to the existing problems 
  • Legal and Security Jobs– Legal advice is always valuable at Volvo. Legal guidance will help Volvo stay on the correct path and enable them to function properly. You’ll get a chance to be an active part of the daily business of Volvo Group if you join as a legal counsel
  • Real Estate Jobs – Manage Volvo’s properties, look after their acquisitions and their disinvestment plans. From managing assets to security management,  get ready to look forward to a great career ahead!
  • Project Management – Your role would comprise handling projects at hand, chalking out plans, managing and supervising resources, processes and leading projects from the front. Leaders…your time to shine!
  • Quality and Environmental Jobs – Looking after the quality of a product or production processes, warranties and environmental activities will be your area of work at Volvo
  • Strategy and Branding – An exciting journey awaits your presence in framing the stratagems, an outlook and outline for the branding and devising long-term plans
  • Sales, Purchasing, Operations and Organizational Development are other key job areas employing productive employees at Volvo.

Benefits and Privileges of Joining Volvo

Now that you have known the departments where Volvo actively recruits people, you must have decided where you wish to join. The most important question now is what benefits monetarily and otherwise will you get at Volvo. Volvo is a reputed company, and besides good pay, you can surely expect a good working experience. Let us then swim through and read through the details:

  1. The salary which is driven by competition and that increases time onwards 
  2. Getting rewarded timely for your excellent performance and deliveries
  3. Benefits packages that are aimed at protecting employees from a motley of insecurities in the market
  4. One to one coaching, guides and mentoring process is followed to enhance your skills at every step
  5. A great career ahead with numerous open job opportunities at Volvo

Steps to Get Into Volvo

We speculate you are keen to work at Volvo. Coming next here are thorough approaches on how you can land a job at your hand. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready! 

  1. Finding vacancies for new job positions – Your adventure will embark when you discover a desirable job opening that aligns with your pedagogy, skills, aptitude or experience. Find these open jobs at Volvo’s official webpage.  You can create a profile there and search for an opening
  2. Applying for it – Your next relevant stride would be to apply for the same. Remember to go through the job description, don’t hurry! Keep your CV and resume updated and precise. Click on “Apply” and proceed to the next asked
  3. The interview round – After reviewing all the CVs or resumes, if they consider you then an interview round is scheduled. It could be a one to one interview or over a phone call or preferably a video call. Here, you’ll be asked after contemplating your background, skill set and more about you
  4. The showdown – If the recruiters loved your interview, an employment contract would be sent your way for final approval. Get ready for the onboarding process! 

Tips and Tricks to Ace the Process

We know that you are sure to make your steps count. But you are worried, and so are we. Thereby, we have brought some important pointers that you must DO while preparing for Volvo’s job profile. The 5 simple tricks and tips to help you stay ahead in this race are as follows:

  • In your CV, be confident and trustworthy. Substantiate your skills with relevant examples. Be precise and let recruiters know your uniqueness
  • Have a proper format and layout for your resume. Avoid spacing too much and be more engaging with the words
  • Face the interview with stoicism and a burning desire to work at Volvo. Show your inclination towards Volvo to your recruiters. Tell them why you think you are an absolute fit for this position and Volvo
  • Be thorough with your technical knowledge, strengths and weaknesses. You can be questioned regarding Volvo Group so go through its history a bit. You must have relevant examples to explain each point you put across 
  • In case of a video call, adjust and place yourself in an undisturbed private place. Checking your audio device and internet connection is widely recommended. 

The Bottom Line

We have covered all the topics for you to get at Volvo. From its current ownership to its backdrop, we have it all in our article. We are hopeful that this will enrich your knowledge towards knowing about the company when you apply. You should also remember to go through our article before your interview takes place. The benefits of joining Volvo have been listed, and all career opportunities available are mentioned above. So go through this article carefully and hope it helps. By the way, do you think Volvo can penetrate the electric car segment and emerge victoriously? 

Until next time….

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long should my resume and cover letter be? Volvo Group advises that the cover letter should be of one page and that the resume can extend to two pages.
  2. Does Volvo hire recent graduates, give options to intern and recruit students? Yes, of course! Go through their official website and you will get all the details. 
  3. Can we apply at Volvo by mailing? Sorry, that isn’t possible. We have listed above the steps you must take to apply at Volvo. Follow them.
  4. Can we apply for multiple positions in one go? No, you can’t apply for multiple positions at Volvo. You are recommended to select just one that fits your profile. 
How to be employed at Volvo?

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