How much can you make from Microblading?

How much can you make from Microblading?

Truly the most popular fad of the 2010s has to be the intriguing process of microblading. But have you ever wondered how much one makes from simply, well, microblading?

The Amazing Art of long-lasting brows 

It would be fair to say that there has been a large change in beauty standards over the last couple of years. The way we perceive beauty in the 21st century has changed at least five times, from my knowledge. For example, from the latest hair trends, we ditched the ‘bigger is better’ rumbustious hair for subtler and even synthetic hair to calling the older generation ‘boomers’ for wearing their hair inside parts. It was just a matter of time before the evolution of makeup caught on to the change. 

To start the article, it would only be fair to explain what microblading is before we get to the technicalities of the salary and possibly how much it might cost you, the consumer, for a session.

What is Microblading?

According to an article by the Cosmopolitan called ‘Microblading 101: Everything you need to know before your appointment’.  Eyebrow Microblading is the process of ‘filling in’ your eyebrows by using needlework similar to tattooing.  This is to eliminate the tedious process of drawing and filling in brows with a gel or eyebrow pencil. In contrast, giving the customer a beautiful finished look without the fear of them being accidentally wiped off on a hot day. 

Gone are the once stylish thin eyebrows that were rocked by the supermodel such as Naomi Campbell. Traded instead for a shapelier and natural-looking brow. One of the ways to achieve this look was to use an eyebrow pencil or, in my case, a pencil crayon. But thanks to technology, we now have the luxury of semi-permanently having stylish-looking eyebrows for a long time. 

How much for a session? 

So, before you quit your day job and venture into the business of semi-permanent eyebrows, how much should you charge a customer? Or perhaps how much can you earn monthly from this business.

This question is unique to the facility, but it can also depend on the state and the level of experience that the technician/ artist microblading has. It has become one of the most interesting and sought-after career choices of our modern beauty times. 

For example, according to an article by AMA (Allure Microblading Academy), the average amount one can make just from one session can total up to $900 for about a two-month procedure, that is a good amount of money if you factor in that it is just for a two-hour session only. 

 According to the website, the lowest that a technician can be paid is:

  • + – $300 

The highest being 

  • + – $ 900 (across all states) 

This and the fact that the technician will most likely have multiple clients a week proves to be a huge advantage on their end, which can lead to a monthly payment of about + – $38,400. Of course, many things can affect this salary, and in the next coming paragraph, I will be sharing this. 

What can affect the salary?

Several factors can also influence how much you can make from microblading, as some technicians might be able to earn more per annum than most people.  I will provide you with a secret rulebook that one can apply to ensure a successful microblading business.  The information is one that I collected from doing research online from reputable fashion magazines.

  • Location, Location, Location!
  • We often hear real estate retailers talk about how location is important when buying a piece of property due to how it can influence reselling in the future. But we can safely say this speaks to the same effect when it comes to a business. Choosing an area that is more niche and more receptive to the service is important to accommodate the audience that microblading is targeted for. 
  • This would be a wise decision rather than locating yourself in a neighborhood where your clients would be less likely to travel to.
  • The state in which this trend is popular can also influence how much money a technician can make in a month—trendier areas and towns like L. A could be more profitable and popular with such services, unlike more rural states. 
  • Materials and Tools 

I guess the saying is true in this case that the more you invest in your business, the greater the return. We can confidently assume that the better the equipment you use, the better the result will be. Thus the more the customers are more likely to return for future sessions. 

  • Better and more sanitary area of work is important.
  • State-of-the-art equipment can make a difference.
  • Clean workspace.
  • Who Is your target market?

It is important to note who your target market is and how you can appease them. This skill-set is a great way to market your services without compromising on the budget and cut the number of times spent on finding consumers interested in your services. Knowing your target market is also important because it can create a space where you can offer niche services unique to them. If, for example, the younger (the early ’20s to late 20s) Is your market. You can accommodate them by practicing shapes and colors that are more popular with the younger generation, bolder and daring looks that other technicians are not as polished with.

  • Ask the customers to share what look they love and hope to see.
  • Go online on popular apps to see what the newest trends are.
  • You can stalk the trends of popular brow shapes, perfect the shape, and thus drawing more traction because maybe it’s more likely you are achieving a popular look everyone is interested in. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

The good old saying “practice makes perfect” has never been more acceptable in this case, the more the technician is good at what he or she does. The more the customers will return, and the more word of mouth of how good he or she is will boost traction. This equals more business, to more customers, to ultimately more money in the bank. So next time a client irritates you, think of the bigger picture. 

  • How the technician is with the clients is also big. When discussing business, it seems like people are less likely to discuss how much a business can be negatively affected by the people who are running the business itself. 
  • Nothing is more discouraging than supporting a local business only to have the people who own that business mistreat you. Bad customer service can have a drastic influence on the business, as I have mentioned in the paragraph on top. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and it can either make or break your business.

Secret Services 

Unfortunately, I am not talking about 007, through my extensive years in the business of being a customer. I have noted that nothing screams luxury and exclusivity other than a private service provided by a place of business. There is something about someone like a hairstylist coming to your house to do your hair that is just *chef’s kisses* if it is possible to offer these types of exclusive services, I would suggest them as they open a chance for the technician to charge premium prices for their services. If one session is $800, you can charge an additional $100 for the travel fees. Thus upping your profit to $900 for one client. The reason being that a lot of people these days are often on the go and busy. And if you successfully establish yourself as a good technician, then the prices will not be looked down upon. 

What does this mean if you are a consumer?

So, ultimately what does this mean for the consumer? Well, in my opinion, what this means is that you can get amazing semi-permanent eyebrows for what can be a hefty price, but if you think about it. These are eyebrows that will last you for months. The ultimate goal that the consumer should keep in mind is that finding a reputable and certified technician is important to ensure that you get the best deal for your money. 

What did we learn from this?

We can learn from this information that as an eyebrow technician, you can make a really comfortable living for yourself, with the right amount of dedication, the right qualifications, the perfect location, and understanding your target market, and valuing the customers you have already made.

In conclusion, the more you do what you love, the more enjoyable and profitable your business will be, with that said, happy microblading.

How much can you make from Microblading?

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