Hibbett Sports Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

Hibbett Sports Job Opportunities, Salary, Age Limit, Application Process, Interview Questions

Hibbett Sports is a public sports company that is traded and is one of the largest sports equipment sellers in America’s the United States. We will discuss Hibbett Sports Careers here. They have been in the market for more than 50 years and have had their stores in more than 1000 plus locations and have been selling footwear, sports equipment, Jersey, clothing, and many more at affordable rates with the highest quality materials used. There is a huge requirement for employment in the current state of the pandemic, many people are afraid to go out for work due to the virus, and the hiring criteria have been lowered. Take advantage of this situation to secure a job at any establishment. This will allow people to make some quick cash while also making sure they are getting work experience and learning as much as possible about the corporate world.

Working in a sports company will make sure that you are prepared for the upcoming sporting events, and it allows you to meet people who can benefit you and your career. Working in a sports company is also beneficial for the people interested in sports or already playing for their college and football team. They get to know about the latest sports equipment while also keeping ties with them to know more about it.

Hibbett Sports is always hiring staff to make up for the vacancies due to the pandemic and reduce the working employees’ burden but putting new staff on the job. This allows them to get candidates with relevant interests and experience while also getting work done by them. This allows the candidates to secure an hourly job and learn as much as possible about the establishment. But before you get a job at a sports company, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind about its vacancies and the job timings. They may clash with your college and high school. Be sure to consider your schedule before applying to any job and make sure you can stick to it for months before considering leaving. We will be looking at the job opportunities, salary, age limit, application process, and interview questions, allowing us to view what jobs you can do and how to get selected for the interview. We will be looking at what qualities they prefer and the requirements of the job.

Hibbett Sports Careers

You can do many jobs in this company, but only a few carry the experience, merit, and the paygrade, which will put you on a cut above the rest and allow you to get the work experience you desire. Those jobs will allow you to work in an environment with experts in their field and look at all the situations one encounters whenever looking at the several types of daily tasks employees do at a sports shop.

You will have to be alert and make sure you know the company’s guidelines and policies well before going into working for them. Be sure to remember that you have to be a team player and be good with people if you’re going for an hourly job because those jobs require the most interaction with people and guiding them about the various new products and shoes that have been placed in these shelves. You should also have innate knowledge about each shelved product so you can tell the customer about them.

The three jobs that you should consider applying for are:

  1. Sales Associate- Sales associates are the best at helping customers and making sure their requirement is fulfilled, they help customers in licking out the best equipment and making sure they fit, they answer questions and must have immense knowledge about the products, they must know how to properly interact with people and make sure they provide to their every need and answer every query they have. Sales associates help the managers stay in touch with the employees and bridge between managers and common employees. This position is usually a transitory phase to see if the candidate has the potential to be at the management position, so if you are thinking of applying here, be sure to give it your all because you may get promoted to the position of the manager if you be at your best and do the work properly according to protocol. The salary of the sales associate varies from every Hibbett Sports establishment. Still, they typically take around 8 to 9 dollars an hour, but sometimes they can also get additional perks like insurance in some cases, flexible schedules, paid leaves, and many more.

  2. Rookies- The rookies are generally what the hourly job holders in the establishment. They have many jobs and adjust according to what the management and their superiors require them to do at that specific period. They need to be obedient of time and show up early to worm every day, so they can complete as much as they can until their breaks. There is a lot of human interaction involved in this position because they have to guide customers, show them the products and talk about what suits their ideas the best. Rookies are also in charge of working the sales floor and cleaning up occasionally. They are required to lift objects and squat in different areas to clean places. They are sometimes required to operate the cash register if someone is not present or taking a day off. They should also remember where every item is placed to offer quick services to the people, so it is convenient for them. You will be required to do many things, but you will experience many things about the sports industry and meet new people. The rookies earn a minimum wage of 8 to 9 dollars and usually get perks like bonus pays on different occasions, flexible schedules, and many more. 

  3. Manager- The manager is responsible for the critical decisions in the company. They monitor all the other positions and make sure they are doing the work properly without delays and keeping a check on the profit margin, the sales, the stocks, and the employees. They have other duties like going to the warehouses to check the equipment, ensuring everything is updated, talking with customers, and getting feedback on improving their service. They are also the first ones to be considered when there is a commotion and are responsible for solving all people’s problems. There are 3 manager positions, general, sales, and associate. All of the salaries vary from position to position, but they all have the same perks, such as the best insurance like health, vision, and dental along with paid leaves and, in some cases, vacations. The assistant manager’s salary is 9 to 11 dollars per hour while the sales manager makes 10 dollars per hour, and the general managers get paid 30,000 to 35,000 dollars per year.

Age Limit

There is a little age restriction of working at Hibbett sports because the customers who come in are sports enthusiasts or serious about fitness. It is crucial to talk to customers and get as much experience you can for the future. That is why the age limit for work at the company is 16 years because the environment is very calm, there is barely any rush of customers, and everyone deals with the rush calmly. That is why the company hires teenagers interested in sports, which allows them to use their work expertise.

Application Process

The application process is an important part of getting selected. You have multiple options for applying, and you also have to remember that you need to put your resume along with the application. It will increase your chances. To get an application go to the Hibbett Sports website and click on Jobs. After selecting that, you need to select which kind of job you want to work with, either corporate, the retail store, or the logistics factory and the warehouse.

After selecting the area, you will be taken to a page where you will be searching for jobs according to the shop and the job. After searching, click on the opening of the job that interests you. You will be asked to make an account on the website that asks for your first name, last name, user name, email address, and password. After making the account, you will be directed directly to the application page. This will allow you to enter your personal information like time zone preferences, address, city, country, desired salary, position, and primary position interest.

There are additional options, such as zip code, county, phone type, phone number, and many other options. After entering all the details, you will be asked to answer all of the job-related assessment questions, which will help the company understand your goals in joining them. To give the application, you click the submit button. There are also options for you to go directly to the establishment to submit the forms. It will allow you to check out the place, environment, and people you will be working with. Be sure to dress well because applying directly can lead to a direct interview if they find the resume and the details worthy of checking out.

Interview Questions

The interview is the most important part of the job selection since it determines your selection in the company and your work ethic. You must remember that you need to dress well to impress the people who are interviewing you, be polite and make sure your resume and application are with you. You need to research the company and make sure you know some important facts and things about the company. There are questions you need to keep in mind while giving the interview. The questions are:-

  1. Why should I hire you?
  2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  3. Are you a team player?
  • The first question talks about the qualities you have that will get you the job. For this, you need to read the job description and pick out the qualities that you need. For example, if you are applying for the manager job, you need to talk about having experience with the job, managing shifts in the marketing field, and also being able to corporate with different people.
  • Talk about what your ambitions are in the second question. If you are a student, then talk about what you want to do and what field you want to go in, and if you’re an adult, talk about your wish to be in this company in the manager or some corporate position way down the line. This is also a way for them to check what interests you have.
  • Any employee needs to work well with his peers. That is why they ask this question. It involves checking whether you would work well in a team and make sure you are a team player. That is why you need to answer if you’re willing. If you’re not, they will put you in a position that involves solo work.

The Takeaway

The takeaway of this article is that the sports industry keeps progressing. Employers are always hiring new staff to reduce the workload and allow people to be a part of their team. Hibbett Sports is such a company since it has been trusted by all sports enthusiasts and made sure they provide the people with the best equipment. The employees are always there to help people, and they have been taught to respect every customer that comes in. Be sure to be confident while giving the interview, and good luck!

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Hibbett Sports Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

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