Head of Early Years Job Description 2021 – Salary, Duties

Head of Early Years Job Description, Salary, Duties

Ahead of early years directs social, scholastic, and enthusiastic improvement of the most youthful students. The most familiar projects are in preschools, where kids start their schooling through play and cooperation with different youngsters, however different projects may sort out staff visits to kids’ homes to assist guardians with giving great instruction. We will discuss the Head of Early Years Job Description here.

As an early years manager, your time will presumably be parted between an office and the site where the program is being carried out, which could be a daycare focus, preschool, or other areas. Your work obligations incorporate recruiting and directing staff who work with the kids, dealing with the program’s spending plans, and guaranteeing the program meets the youngsters’ social, passionate, instructive, and wellbeing needs. The work hours will probably be the standard 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with extra hours during the week and over the weekend if necessary. 

Head of Early Years Job Description

Occupation Title Head/Manager of Early Years 

Responsible To -The Head instructor 

Occupation Purpose Incorporating Fundamental Obligations and Duties

  • To be a leading specialist, demonstrating powerful techniques and practice to motivate Early Years colleagues. To oversee and assess the delivery of top-notch educating and learning in the Early Years. 
  • To assume a critical part in driving school improvement. 
  • To do the functions of an instructor as per the professional standards for educators and the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document as coordinated by the Headteacher. 
  • To empower all people to accomplish their maximum capacity inside a cheerful and caring Christian community.  
  • To work with zing, drive, and assurance to get the long-term achievement of the school, supporting and advancing the vision, qualities, and ethos to students, staff, Governors, guardians, and the more extensive community. 
  • To interpret the vision into best practice through inventive arranging and training that gives great learning. 
  • To hold responsibility for norms accomplished across Early Years. 
  • To have due respect for defending and advancing youngsters’ government assistance and following the kid assurance systems adopted by the school.  

Leadership Responsibilities

  • To foster the Core EYFS vision, with innovativeness and elevated requirements at its heart. 
  • To be the lead instructor for EYFS showing skill in innovative educating strategies to address students’ initial learning styles. 
  • To be visionary and innovative in executing elevated expectations and dynamic learning across the Early Years educational program. 
  • To guarantee top caliber and successful evaluation of understudies across the Early Years and through the fruition of the Early Years Foundation Stage profile. 
  • To create and extend the indoor and outdoor Learning Environment to guarantee openings for nonexistent play and learning. 
  • To facilitate and assess coherence and movement across Nursery and Reception through shared practice and centered study hall perceptions. 
  • To be a Performance Management/Appraisal Team Leader. 
  • To start, embrace, and oversee change decidedly by the School Improvement Plan. 
  • To guarantee all EYFS/Key Stage 1 staff comprehend the EYFS educational plan and execute techniques to consistently follow esteem added across Early Years and screen norms to illuminate school review.
  • To construct capacity concerning self-assessment and formative needs and strategically plan upgrades in Early Years practice. 
  • To be a critical supporter of the Leadership Team, supporting the ethos and principles of the school and deciding its requirements and needs. 
  • To be answerable for the execution and assessment of concurred improvement systems on the School Improvement Plan as far as quantifiable achievement measures. 
  • To construct a synergistic Early Years group, responding to staff needs through tutoring and shared help. 
  • To expand parental connections and home/school organizations as far as EYFS assumptions, educational plan comprehension, and philosophy. 
  • To be an intelligent pioneer, showing demonstrable skill and obligation to all spaces of school life. 
  • To lead Key Workers in the assortment and sharing of directed evaluations. 

Standard Main Scale Responsibilities 

  • To be an excellent professional, liable for study hall the executives and association, arranging, recording, announcing, and conveying the EYFS educational program to the class bunch within the school policies. 
  • To motivate youngsters to become dynamic members and free students. 
  • To guarantee the learning plan is shared innovatively with the youngsters. 
  • Be energetic about starting and testing new educating and learning strategies and setting up the new EYFS system. 
  • To guarantee standard developmental and summative perceptions are made of every student in the class to screen and amplify execution comparable to formative groups. 
  • To execute new drives with clearness and responsibility and show adaptability towards educational program changes. 
  • To give an invigorating, secure and safe learning environment, both all around for the students, where kids’ work is well displayed and students can associate with their kid-picked learning openings. 
  • To be liable for discipline in the study hall and different school spaces as suitable and to practice peaceful consideration over the class. 
  • To take an interest emphatically and eagerly in the Early Years Team and Year Group Teams and the entire school’s advancement and initiatives. 
  • To be focused on parental and community inclusion and to the entire existence of the school. 
  • To guarantee elevated requirements in all parts of school life and work by setting exclusive standards for the children. 
  • To be prepared to undertake further proficient turn of events, be intelligent in their training, and partake in school audit methods. 
  • To be focused on close-to-home staff improvement and preparing. 
  • To advance and shield the government assistance of youngsters, completing and following up on hazard appraisals is important. 


The normal Early Childhood Educator pay in the United States is $40,504. However, the compensation range commonly falls somewhere in the range of $36,518 and $45,244. Salary ranges can shift broadly, relying upon numerous significant factors, like education, certificates, extra abilities, the number of years you have worked in your profession. 


  • To do a portion of administrative obligations as per published rotas. 
  • To take an interest in suitable gatherings with associates, organization schools, and guardians comparative with the above obligations. 
  • To take an interest in parent’s meetings and school occasions outside of the showing day as a feature of the coordinated time. 
  • To know about their obligation regarding information insurance, acting as per the Data Protection Act 1984 for the security, precision, and importance of personal information. 
  • To assume liability for a space of the educational plan all through the entire school, including the arranging, co-appointment, advancement, and resourcing of that space. 
  • To guarantee plans and arrangements advance persistent school improvement connected to the school SEF and improvement plan. 
  • To establish a moving and expert workplace predictable with the school’s qualities and goals. 
  • Use public, nearby, and school the board information viably to ensure accomplishment across the school in the apportioned educational plan region. 
  • Inform and report to associates, Governors, and guardians about that space of the educational plan. 
  • Provide appropriate documentation and backing (improvement plans, strategy, plan of work, records, staff support, and so on) for the concurred space of obligation. 
  • Lead and aid staff gatherings and INSET to additional the improvement of the concurred region of obligation. 
  • Operate applicable hardware/ICT bundles (for example, MS Office, web, intranet, SIMS, E-mail). 
  • Keep up-to-date information on the scope of outside organizations and openings that can be utilized to offer additional help for students. 
  • Support and oversee Teaching Assistants in the Early Years. 
  • Ensure powerful communication with all associates (instructing and support staff).


  • Who makes a decent early years program head/manager? 

Somebody who is: 

  • Attentive to subtleties 
  • Service-oriented
  • Good at arranging and coordinating 
  • Empathetic and friendly 
  • Highly conciliatory 
  • Skilled in distinguishing issues and conceptualizing likely arrangements 
  • Excellent at composed and oral correspondence, and show 
  • Comfortable working freely and cooperatively 
  • Passionate about associating with instructors and students
  • Qualified with a degree in early schooling or instructive administration 
  • What are the Education and certificate necessities for becoming head of early years? 

To become the head of early years, you are generally needed to have a minimum of four-year college education and five years of involvement with child care or a similar field. Numerous employers expect a forthcoming position possible to have a graduate degree or doctorate in an education-related field. 

  • Where does the head of early years work? 

Daycare institutes, kindergartens, preschools, and grade schools are the most well-known work environments for those with a degree in early education.  

  • What is the functioning timetable of a head of early years? 

Most heads of early years work all day, and some work over 40 hours each week. They are at work while the childcare place is open and may work promptly toward the beginning of the day and late in the evening, especially in focuses that give when school care. In huge offices, the chief and associate chiefs might stagger their timetables to guarantee that somebody is consistently working.

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Head of Early Years Job Description 2021 – Salary, Duties

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