Latest Golf Club Treasurer Job Description Guide

Golf Club Treasurer Job Description

Knowing the job description for a treasurer in a golf club is one of the first things every applicant for a treasurer job should do. Apart from helping you with possible interview questions, you need to grasp what your intending job entails to help you readjust your life and all around you. So, before we delve into other job descriptions, you will like to know if you are a good fit before applying, wouldn’t you?

So, who can be a golf club treasurer?

Typically, you need to have an accounting background as you will be handling tons of financial obligations, which doesn’t accommodate a newbie especially, for a sports club, from bookkeeping to budget preparation/presentation, financial campaigns, and many more. Alternatively, suppose you have handled similar financial duties before, like working in the financial department of a big business or any business at all or in the bank. In that case, you can take up the treasurer post in a golf club. So, let’s say someone who has experience in account management will make a good fit here.

What are the things to look out for? 

Summarily, your duties will include: 

  • Supervision and management of all financial ongoing of the club.
  • Research, planning, and budgeting.
  • Funds generation, sales, and bookkeeping.
  • Management of stocks, capital, and every financial activity of the club.

Golf Club Treasurer Job Description

Generally, your responsibility as a treasurer revolves around the financial ongoing of the club. You are the guard and the eye of what transactions go in, why they are, and where there are going within the club. The reservations, payments, recordings, and management of all funds within the company ensure a smooth financial flow and the club’s daily expenses. In addition, as the treasurer, you will be working with the club chairman or chairperson in planning the monthly or weekly budget and other relevant committee members to ensure accountability. So, let’s expatiate on the above steps, so you have a complete understanding of what duties await you.

Duties of a Golf Club Treasurer

  1. Supervision and management of all finances in the club. You will find yourself overseeing and presenting the budget preparation, all financial statements, and transactions to the club’s management ahead of every AGM. As you take up the job, you have to painstakingly review the previous year’s budget and other club’s monetary procedures to guide what funding expenditure to draft up. You are also expected to follow up and collate the club’s updated income and expenditure, which you must do daily and weekly.

  2. Double-check on all financial systems. Earlier, we mentioned that all financial systems must be closely monitored to enable the treasurer to gather and process financial data accurately. That means it is your duty to ensure that all the financial controls and units of the club are functional and adherent to the club’s financial policies. You also have the responsibility of double-checking from time to time to ensure that the is no breach that might cause discrepancies in your records. Your duties also involve the management of the club’s bank account. All payments, registrations, funds, and every transaction into the account must be documented by the treasurer. 

  3. Collaboration with co-workers is compulsory. Keeping financial records is a huge one, and as the treasurer, you will have other staff working with you, and you must encourage synergy. You must deliberately collaborate consistently with all of them even after you have assigned them their tasks. This ensures a communication gap is avoided, which often delays or frustrates a workable financial flow in the club. Reservations will be a daily thing in the club, especially when a tournament is near. During these periods, your various units will be busy; it is crucial to keep close supervision and collaboration of work to ensure accuracy of records, disbursements, and other funding activities is not defeated.   

  4. To ensure compliance with regulatory organizations and related legislations. The financial policies of your golf club must follow the approved legislation of relevant financial authorities in your state to avoid legal tussle. As a treasurer, one of your assignments is to inquire and find out the financial policies of your state and draft your club’s financial police to reflect the state’s legislations. You also have to ensure that the activities of your various units, budget preparation, and the financial goals of your company fall in line with these policies.

  5. Proper funding/fundraising campaigns. Still, within the corridors of approved financial regulations, your duties also involve. You are offering financial advice that will not get your club in the wrong with the state’s financial policies. We all know that funding and fundraising are part of every company’s mode of fund acquisition, especially when they are thinking of expanding the club or adding some features to their game packages. As a treasurer, finding ways to increase your club’s financial status is your responsibility. These can come in funds for club lotto, camp organizers, ticket sales, among others. While making more monies for the club is necessary, you must make sure your club abides by what is expected of a golf club when seeking to grow further.

  6. Proper accountability/bookkeeping. By now, you already know that your duties revolve around financial activities in the club, and to ensure an accurate account of every monetary movement, you must be straight up in bookkeeping. In managing that, you have to devise a workable record system and control for every bank transaction, payment, reservations made by customers, lodgments, and every activity in your units. 

  7. You must be deliberate about documenting every activity in all your units. For every task(s) you assign, remember to supervise and double-check to ensure the appropriate data is always entered. To have it all effective, you may have to reserve a day or two at the end of every week to crosscheck every entry made within the week for consistency and accuracy. Additionally, insurance policies are an important part of every golf club, like every recreational center, to avoid hassles during claims and ensure that relevant insurances are provided.

How do you begin?

As a treasurer of a golf club, you are handling a very sensitive position, and integrity is in high demand. Therefore you need to set some ground rules to enable you to perform effectively.

  • Don’t hesitate to assign a task. Everyone will appreciate a treasurer who delivers effectively, but that only happens when you draw up your work schedule and delegate responsibilities. Keep in mind that the work will sometimes get enormous, so feel free to delegate them when you find some hectic, and they mustn’t be the sensitive ones, but if they are, endeavor to supervise. 

  • Allot work duration. Time is not only essential in delivering a job, but proper time management must be encouraged. Set time for each task and stop when you have to avoid errors in your records and other entries. Your brain can only do so much at a time.

  • Set meeting/conference days. Fixing a monthly or weekly finance department meeting isn’t out of order if you want to render excellent results on your job.

  • Remember to collect receipt of every transaction. Inform members of the club that every monetary dealing must be discussed with you, and you must have the receipts of every transaction. 

  • Request for work tools. Seeing the vastness of your responsibility as a treasurer, you will need more than human assistance for work efficiency. You will need technological help. Thankfully, there are software and gadgets that tech has designed to enhance work performances in every business, you can request them if none is provided yet. Tools like a laptop with Microsoft Excel and other related aids will make your job more manageable like a pro.


At a glance, a treasurer’s job looks enormous, always entered ensure treasurer’s career, and one might have the impression that it is another tad impossible deal, but it isn’t all that daunting as it seems. This is why many sports clubs do a duty to build a committee that oversees other units in the company. The should be a larger committee with the treasurer and three other management staff overseeing the financial unit of the club.

This will make the job a lot easier for the unit and the treasurer as well. In general, any intending treasurer should inquire about the work experience of treasurers from other clubs. Social media helps these days to bring like minds together. Thus, giving you a platform to exchange ideas for individual career development and effectiveness.  

Some of the frequently asked questions about a golf club’s treasurer:

  1. Do I need a background in accounting for a golf club treasurer job? Yes, you need to have some accounting and record-keeping experience.
  2. Will I have other members of the committee overseeing my activities? Yes, you will be working with at least 2 or more management personnel.
  3. Do I need to have some sporting knowledge or be a golfer before working as a golf club treasurer? Not necessarily, but if you have, then it’s all good.

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Latest Golf Club Treasurer Job Description Guide

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