Enneagram 2w3 And Their Job Opportunities


“2W3s would flourish in any field that involves the practical use of emotional intelligence as the major working tool…”  Enneagram 2W3 (also know as enneagram two wings three) comprises people with a combo of enneagram two and three together. Some may ask what “wing” means. It basically signifies the second side of a personality. It serves as an auxiliary or subordinate to a person’s inner goals, inspiration, and unconscious needs. Therefore, we have the Core, the 2(two), and the extension, 3(three). Enneagram 2W3 are people with the enneagram 2(two) key features in synch with enneagram 3(three) characteristics. A person who falls into this category is both a “helper or giver” and an “achiever” and hereby can be classified as a “host.” 2W3s (Short for enneagram two wing three) are usually sociable, outgoing, and great at connecting people. 

Before diving into the 2W3s, let’s have a quick run-through of the enneagram types and their key characteristics as a lot of people may be diving into this concept for the first time. First and foremost, what is an enneagram?- The name enneagram comes from the Greeks, “Ennea” meaning nine (9) and “Gramma” meaning something that is drawn or written.  The enneagram is basically a personality typing system that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. The enneagram describes nine personality types and maps each of these types on a 9-pointed diagram, which helps to illustrate how the types relate to each other (Molly Owens, 2012)

So, why the enneagram in the first instance, and what’s its use to us?- According to the enneagram, each of the nine personality types is defined by a particular core belief about how the universe operates. This core belief drives our strongest and deepest motivations and fears and fundamentally shapes a person’s perspective and general view of seeing the world and people around them. Understanding the enneagram types and how it shapes, our perception towards things can help broaden our perspective and attitude towards situations more efficiently and effectively. It would therefore explain why people behave the way they do. Behavior that may seem confusing or contradictory can often be explained when we understand a person’s Enneagram type. 

So what are the enneagram classifications and types?

The nine types of enneagram are further classified into 3(Three) categories: the Heart types, the body types, and the Head types.

  • * Heart types: this group depends on emotional intelligence to understand reactions, connect and deal with people, and solve problems. Enneagrams Type 2(Two), Type 3(Three), and Type 4(Four) fall into this group

  • * Body types: this group depends on intellectual intelligence to make sense of things and navigate the world around them. Enneagrams Type 8 (Eight), Type 1 (One), and Type 9(Nine) fall into this category.

  • * Head types: this group depends on their instincts to follow their gut to respond and react to threats and opportunities. Enneagrams Type 5(Five), Type 6(Six), and Type 7(Seven) fall into this category.

Below are the popular tags for the 9 (Nine) Enneagrams types:

  • Type 1- The Perfectionist Type 2- The Giver
  • Type 3- The Achiever Type 4- The Individualist
  • Type 5- The Investigator Type 6- The skeptic
  • Type 7- The Enthusiast Type 8- The Challenger
  • Type 9- The Peacemaker

So there they are, the 9(nine) Enneagrams and tags to classify their personality traits. Let’s quickly look at few details about Type 2(Two) and Type 3(three):

  1. Type 2(Two): Termed the “Giver,” twos want to be liked and find ways that they can be helpful to others so that they can feel needed and appreciated. This is the reason why some of their fears include being ignored, unnoticed, unloved. Twos’ few good features include; being very approachable and very easy to communicate with, being activists when the need be, fantastic team players, being gentle and caring, being calm, patient, and nurturing. But do not be fooled as twos have a toxic bad side also, these include constantly looking for others wrong-doings and faults, when mentally unstable or emotionally unhealthy, they may try to gain control over relationships and may become either too clingy or over-possessive and even at this, they play the victim card to gain sympathy. Upon success, they unleash their manipulative side and mindlessly blame other people for their problems and misery.
    • Good examples of famous twos include Celine Dion, Maya Angelou, Mother Theresa, and Desmond Tutu.

  2. Type 3(Three): Termed the “Achiever,” threes want to be admired by other people and are very watchful of their publicity and public image. This is also why some of their fears include being undervalued or appearing worthless to other people. Few good features of the three include; bagging impressive ranges of achievements. They are always on-the-go, always busy and occupied. They have a well-defined taste of their outward appearance, highly charismatic, and make good first impressions. They are always on tight schedules as a result of their busy routines. When unhealthy, they may exhibit some negative behaviors and attitudes, ranging from being extremely jealous to viewing every encounter or interaction as a competition. They may also choose to reject their sense of self and may develop intense mood swings. At their worst, they can back-stab ruthlessly and destroy other people’s reputations solely for their own benefit.
    • Good examples of famous threes include Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce Knowles, Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, Muhammed Ali.

But, for this article, we’ll majorly focus on Type 2 (Two) and Type 3(Three) sync together to produced the 2W3 enneagram. To not drift away from the major purpose of this article, we’ll dive straight into the 2W3s. 

Since we have clearly stated what 2W3 means earlier, we’ll proceed into features of 2W3s. Below are some traits of a 2W3;

  • They tend to enjoy the company of people and meeting new people always.
  • They swiftly understand the needs of others and love to attend to these needs.
  • They repress their own negative emotions at the expense of catering to others.
  • They enjoy being valued.
  • They are always striving for acceptability in the face of others.

2W3s have an unsatisfying desire for achievement and ultimate success. They are usually charming and highly seductive. They have the ability to understand the social atmosphere of a place and swiftly blend in to make a positive impression. Being associated with a positive mindset and positively is highly important for 2W3s, so they are usually witty and adaptable. They can usually be less self-critical and are prone to being workaholics. This is as a result of their endless yearning for continuous success and achievements.

To 2W3s, Self-image is ultimately important, though talent is vital. They enjoy seeking the potentials of other people and assisting them towards harnessing those potentials. They are masters at making personal impacts and winning people’s hearts with their charismatic gestures and empathy. They enjoy giving people advice, creating time to listen to their concerns, they enjoy inspiring people and bringing laughter to their faces. 2W3s are generally more task-driven and success-oriented. It would also be nice to note that while 2W3s can be regarded as Selfless, they are more driven to success and achievements than moral uprightness. 

One can see that 2W3s revolve around connecting with people and companionship. Though these traits are beneficial and selfless, don’t be deceived as 2W3s have their negative abilities. Also, since they tend to provide helping hands, they can be highly manipulative. Below are some negative features of 2W3s:

  1. 2W3s in their healthy form can go from being generous, selfless, and authentic to the dark side, where they can appear to be manipulative, self-elevating, and very defensive.
  2. The charisma and external optimism of 2W3s usually hide their inner sadness, resentment, and emotional trauma.
  3. Being psychological shape-shifters, they know what people want, need, and are impressed by and can utilize this to their selfish agendas at will.

Haven outlined some of the features and negative sides of 2W3s. They can be extremely instrumental in the world we see today as a result of their optimistic-world and upbeat attitude, their ability to build deep and powerful connections effortlessly, their profound adaptation to stressful conditions, the ability to communicate and be communicated to clearly and effectively, and their passion for serving others. Though with these tempting and wonderful abilities, they are usually poised with some weaknesses. This weakness may range from tending to be overly competitive and obsessive, not wanting to acknowledge their own wants, taking criticism personally, and criticizing themselves and others under immense pressure and conditions.

Now we have a clear idea about the personality details of 2W3s. Piecing them into some professions which would fit into their lifestyle wouldn’t be mysterious anymore.

Let’s take a Look at few Jobs and Career Niches that may Suit 2W3s.

  1. Motivational Speakers: As we have specified earlier, 2W3s are fantastic at communicating with people. They can basically read the social atmosphere, figure out what to say, how to say it, to whom to say it to, when to say it and where to say it. They have the ability to overturn the environment with their witty and charismatic personality. Motivational speaking is definitely one career path where a 2W3 would thrive in. 
  1. Human Resource Managers: Who else should be given the human resources job than someone who understands human communication well and has the ability to blend into any social or personality assessment investigation? A 2W3 would flourish in this career choice as they are better at human relations and scouting.
  1. Real Estate Agent: 2W3s come in handy in this field. You need someone to close a deal on a house or building and send in a 2W3 with their fantastic communication skills and persuasiveness. They can listen to a client’s side of investment, dilute it, and process a more persuading reply to encourage a client to make a purchase or a rent. 
  1. Customer Service representative:  2W3s are known for always wanting to provide helping hands and assist people with their challenges. They would always do well in jobs requiring individuals who would provide listening ears to problems and try to infer solutions for them. Customer services representatives can, on average, earn between $32,000 to $42,000. The salary structure can also be affected by education, skills, and performance. A 2W3 would usually come out outstanding in such fields.
  1. Entertainers: 2W3s are perfect entertainers. Being equipped with social abilities, they can serve as fantastic entertainers. A 2W3 always wants to make people around him/her laugh or make them feel like they are at the best of themselves when in the company of the 2W3. They can create beautiful arts and sell them because they have the potentials and skills to build a reputable fan-base due to their powerful interpersonal and communication skills. Besides, they always like to take the spotlight and want to be acknowledged. A good example of entertainers who are 2W3s is Stevie Wonder, a songwriter and recording artist, Debbie Reynolds and Jessica Alba, both American actresses. 
  1. Religious Leaders: In a more practical reality, every religion strives for dominance over the other, and this to work, there has to be the availability of devoted individuals who can easily understand and communicate. 2W3s are crucial for religious matters since they can listen to other people, understand them, and proffer effective counsel to them. They would flourish as religious leaders.
  1. Public Relations experts and Ambassadors: Since 2W3s have strong emotional abilities, they like to appear to represent others’ goodwill. They may bring this value also to all those associated or affiliated with them. Having a natural mastery of interpersonal communication and the ability to comprehend how people feel swiftly and their expressions towards this feeling, 2W3s would do a fantastic job serving as public relations experts or ambassadors.
  1. Therapist: As we’ve specified already, this is due to their high emotional intelligence and its utility in providing counsel to others. They qualify for jobs as therapists.
  1. Teacher: is much more of a psychological process than a physical one since people tend to learn directly or indirectly. To be a successful qualified professional teacher, one has to be able to observe, understand, and be able to convince learners, he/she must be able to motivate and train people, he/she must be able to amplify the skills and ability of other people in the best possible way to make them the best of themselves. We have highlighted features of 2W3s earlier, and one would see we established that they have the ability to listen, observe and understand other people’s problems before proffering suitable solutions. They are listeners and always want to help. 2W3s would definitely be the best teachers as teaching is much more of observation and listening than telling.
  1. Social Worker: Social workers are trained professionals who aim to enhance overall well-being and assist in providing complex requirements of people and communities. They usually work with a wide range of individuals, different types of people, particularly focusing on the oppressed, weak, depressed, and the poor. Only a person who listens and has the ability to connect with different types of people can survive such a huge task. 2W3’s would progress swiftly in this career due to their listening mind and ability to understand other people’s problems.
  1. Personal trainer:  Yes, personal trainers. Not everyone can teach others how to stay committed to their fitness routine. In fact, most people never stay obedient to their fitness until they get in touch with someone convincing, someone who can blend with their style and still produce the expected result. You want that person who can get you to do your fitness exercises most pleasingly, then get in touch with a 2W3.
  1. Practical Nurse: Nurses are known to be caregivers, people who are passionate about helping invalids, or people who are just healing and recovering from certain health problems. To be a successful practical nurse, one has to be kind, patient, attentive, highly observant, and have flawless communication skills. Most of the qualities are what you find in a 2W3. 2W3’s would definitely flourish as practical nurses.
  1. Other jobs and career paths that 2W3s would be sure to qualify to include as Caregivers, Psychologists, Public speakers among others.

2W3s would flourish in any field that involves the practical use of emotional intelligence as the major working tool.    

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Enneagram 2w3 And Their Job Opportunities

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