Director of Product Management Job Description 2021

Director of Product Management Job Description

You are deciding to become a director of product management and want to know about the responsibilities involved, qualifications needed, skills required, and salary! Well, it seems that you have come to the right place, and this article will answer your queries about the job description of Director of product management.

Before we dive into detail about the job description, let’s first give an overview of it. Analyzing the job title ‘Director of Product Management,’ one can quickly identify that it involves directing and managing a project. That is, you are in charge of a project in your company and is the one who has to plan and direct your team to meet the project’s objective. You would normally be given to work on the company’s product. Therefore, the position must gather and prioritize all requirements needed for the product. Besides, you need to have a vision for the product like; what is your main goal? For that, you will have to work along with other directors, such as in the marketing, engineering, sales, and operational sector, to ensure that the goal is achieved and the customer is satisfied with the product.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Director of Product Management

  1. The Supervisor!

It is essential to know that as a director of product management, you are as well a supervisor; that is, you are in a leadership position where you will be accountable for all activities in the project management sector to other stakeholders. 

  1. The Collaborator!

As a director of product management, you can’t do all the work alone. Besides, as the title suggests, a director’s function is to direct a team to meet the goal.  For that, you will for sure need to be a good collaborator with the other product line. The reason to collaborate is that there needs to be communication between the departments to know if everyone is going in the same direction and agrees with the product goals. As if ever the job finds an issue with the product and has not updated the other directors. There won’t be a flow in work, and conflict might arise in the company. Whereas if the issue is communicated to the other directors and everyone comes together to find a solution, there will be an overall active product development process. Thus, in that case, to be a collaborator is essential.

  1. Evaluator of product proposal!

Since you are a director meaning, you are in a higher position than a junior product manager, which means that you will receive product proposals from junior product managers for evaluation. After the evaluation process, it is expected from the director of product management to accept the authority of the product proposal depending on the effectiveness of the proposed solution and strategies toward the organization’s product.

  1. Keep the stakeholders up to date!

It is the duty of the director of production management to inform the stakeholders about the latest update about the development process of the product.

  1. The Vision Creator!

The Director of product management is the one who leads the product department. Leading does not mean guiding but ensuring that all the team members can see the product’s vision, including product planning.

  1. Communicate with consumers!

The Director of product management needs to communicate with their clients to gain insight from them. Besides, it strengthens a client’s trust and enables the company to improve its market more effectively.

  1. Working with the marketing department!

The Director of product management works with the marketing department to develop the market and sales strategies.

  1. Researcher and analyzer!

The director of production management is also responsible for doing appropriate product research, generating competitive intelligence, and conducting other market assessments to enhance and complement the work of junior product managers. In this role, the director of product management t is in charge of performing consumer and market research to help the company better understand the present and future product needs.

  1. Promoter!

To lead, plan, and collaborate to provide the best product to the client is not the only responsibility of the director of product management. The director needs to promote the product through executive briefings, marketing events, and online consumer platforms.

Education and Qualification 

The level of education requires a master degree, and it could be in the following field:

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Product Leadership

Other certifications that could strengthen your chance of becoming a director of product management are as follows:

  • Manufacturing Management Certification (CTME)
  • Certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)
  • Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM)
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

Working experience is the cherry on the cake to get the job!

Having a master’s degree or a lot of certification is not enough; you need to prove that you can handle this position. For evidence, all you need is 10 to 15 years of working experience as Head of Product Management.

Lists of some skills required are as follows:

  • Excellent communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Technical skills
  • Project management skills
  • IT skills
  • People skills

Now because of the pandemic situation, another skill has become essential to have, and it is the virtual working skills, in other words, the ability to work from home.

Time to know the salary!

Now that you are aware of the responsibilities, education level, work experiences, and skills required, it is essential to know how much you will earn. As per Salarycom, the average salary of a director of product management in the United States is around $164,439. You need to know that there is no fixed salary as such. Your salary will depend on your work experience and level of education and skills. 

Now that you know about the job description of Director product management and feel that you are ready to apply or if you intend to pursue your career in it, it will be good for you to browse through vacancies. Click the following link:

Director of Product Management Job Description 2021

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