Director of Discipleship Job Description – Duties, Salary

Director of Discipleship - Job Description, Duties, Salary

Disciples are not born. They are made, and it involves a wholesome transformation process. A disciple learns from his teacher. A Christian disciple is the dedicated follower of the savior Jesus Christ. He does not only follows the words of Jesus. He tries to imitate his life and practically implements his life learning in every sphere of his life. He is in love with Jesus and the rest of the human race. We will discuss the Director of Discipleship Job Description here.


Discipleship is a process of intentionally equipping the believers with the word and command of Jesus,  the lifelong learning about faith, Jesus, his lifestyle, imitating his practices and imparting the same in disciples, teaching and making them disciples through accountable relationships. Discipleship is a transformation and fundamental shift of mindset, which is to be absorbed in the lifestyle in every way, on the lines of the life of Jesus, including complete devotion to god.  It  is an institution involving a journey from “come and see” to “go and tell and serve.” It is a lifestyle and not a 9 to 5 job. You have to consume all the learning deep down into your heart and life. You have to be a lifelong learner of god’s teachings and life by knowing the spirit of the god inside you.

Director of Discipleship

The Director of Discipleship is a position of responsibility. He is responsible for teaching you to live your faith. He is to lead the efforts of the church to build and multiply deeper relationships with Christ. He is at the core of a mission and team for the service of humanity as per the word and commandments of Jesus. He is just like the master of the ship. He plays an integral part in the journey of becoming a believer, a follower, and finally a disciple. 

This article will discuss the job description, duties, and salary of a director of discipleship. This position is available in various churches throughout the United States, according to required vacancies. This job position may be:

  • Full Time
  • Part-Time
  • Permanent
  • Contractual Basis

Director of Discipleship Job Description

A director of discipleship is responsible for choosing and developing a team of dedicated followers who will develop, organize, empower, train, and support discipleship teams. He is to serve the purpose of developing deeper relationships with Christ. A director oversees, develops, organizes, and maintains a well-structured discipleship process for the ultimate purpose. He is to take care of the transformation from a common person to the believer, a follower, and ultimately the disciple of Christ.


The basic requirements for a director of discipleship are as follow:

  1. BA or MA in Christian Education-related field.
  2. Experience may be required of 1 to 2 years in an organizational structure. It may vary according to the different requirements.
  3. Practicing catholic
  4. A  deep understanding of the faith and subjects.
  5. Leadership qualities to lead various teams for the successful accomplishment of the missions.
  6.  Apart from these requirements as mentioned, there are some very important personal practicing or characteristics of a person, such as:
    • Loving, gentle, and polite nature, Christ-centered, knowledge, and understanding of the bible.
    • Building cordial relationships with others, expressive in a rightful manner.
    • Having a clear vision of adding committed and dedicated leaders to build a deep relationship with Christ.
    • Commitment to the mission as well as understanding.
    • A team player who works with the other staff members of the church.
    • Must be a responsible person, having high energy levels required for the growing ministry.
    • Spiritually driven, having a true commitment to the ethics, doctrines, and principles in the church.
    • Person of a Christian character, with the history of community service and participation in the church’s life.

These requirements may vary according to the rules of different organizations.


A director of discipleship is equipped with the following duties:

  • Identify, choose, and select a team of dedicated followers to lead discipleship teams (children, youth, and adults) and lead, monitor, empower, train and support these discipleship teams.
  • Develop, organize, monitor, and oversee the discipleship process.
  • Building a relationship with Christ through the bible, prayer, and community service.
  • Develop a practical discipleship model, moving away from the academic model where the goal is to serve the community, faith, and its transformation.
  • Organize and supervise missions, missionaries, events based on biblical studies and conferences.
  • Arrange meetings at regular intervals to discuss the assigned missions’ progress and success and record feedback for future purposes.
  • Organize and develop small groups and assisting and training them for engaging people in a deeper relationship with Jesus. Maintaining up-to-date data of these groups and also involve more groups, when required.
  • Organize and develop large group ministries involving men, women, seniors, their training, specified areas, leadership, and coordination.
  • Build, sup, and oversee the becoming catholic (RCIA), marriage prep, and baptism prep teams.
  • Take the guidance and leads from lead pastors and set up goals (long term and short term) after discussing with them for effective results.
  • Assistance, support, and participation in the sacramental retreats and ceremonies.
  • Express and share his experiences with Christ and preach when required.
  • Communication with the other church staff, community, and building healthy relationships so that visitors become members and members are disciple-makers.
  • Adapt to the changing scenario of the community and growing needs of the inclusion of more ministries.


According to Glassdoor, the average national salary of a director of discipleship in the United States is $88,425. According to Simplyhired, the average annual salary of the discipleship ministry is $49,529 average per year, with the director getting $90,065 per year. The average salary of a discipleship pastor is $37,441 per year in the United States. Soma church offers a salary of $57,000 per year. So salary varies according to the organization in which the position is offered and on the location of the position.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How is a follower different from a disciple? A disciple is much more in meaning than a follower. A follower only learns and follows the teacher, but a disciple is not only a follower. He imitates the teacher and absorbs the life of his teacher. He is a lifelong learner.

  2. What is discipleship? Discipleship is a process of transforming from a simple person to a disciple, the follower of Christ. It is a process of making a disciple.

  3. What is the main function of the director of discipleship? The Director of discipleship is responsible for identifying, selecting, training, and supervising a team of dedicated followers to lead teams for the process of discipleship.

  4. Where are these jobs are available? These positions are available in various organizations/churches, according to their requirements. They publish their job vacancies. You can go to their official websites and apply for this position.

  5. What is the salary of a director of discipleship? According to Glassdoor, the average national salary of a director of discipleship in the United States is $88,425. According to Simplyhired, the average annual salary of discipleship ministry is $49,529 per year, and the director earns an average salary of $90,065 per year.

  6. What are the educational requirements for the director of discipleship? At least a bachelor’s in Christian studies or religious education and an understanding of biblical studies. He must be a practicing Catholic and must have faith in Christ. He must be a person of Christian character and have a passion for the service of the Christian faith.

  7. Is there any experience required for this position? Most an experience of at least 2 years is required in the community service and the church’s life. It may also vary according to the different requirements.

So, Finally

The Director of discipleship is just like the master of the ship, so he must be a responsible person with good standing and decision making. It is a respectable position and requires dedication, understanding, love for Christ and humanity, and humility as prerequisites. He must be a visionary, able to set up short-term as well as long-term goals. Discipleship involves a process of a complete transformation of the mindset, which ultimately reflects in life. It involves the service of faith and community. The director is an important part of this process, playing a prominent role in the training of leaders responsible for the engagement of next-generation followers who are ultimately disciples. He must have a basic educational qualification in the field of Religious education or Christian education. He must be a practicing catholic and having a Christian character and sufficient experience in the community service and life of the church. It is also a position with good payment, which is a service as well as earning opportunity.

There are recent job openings in the United States in:

  • Bonsack Baptist Church, In Roanoke, VA, USA.
  • Arkansas conference of the United Methodist Church, Hot Spring, MT, USA.
  • First Christian Reformed Church, Hanford, CA, USA.
  • St. paul’s Anglican Church, Visalia, CA, USA.
  • City Hope Church, Wichita Falls, TX, USA.

You can go to the official websites and apply for the posts. 

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Director of Discipleship Job Description – Duties, Salary

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