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Have you ever visited a dentist and wished for a person to help you out with a hassle-free treatment procedure? That is precisely where a dental treatment coordinator comes into play. They are hired to help you in every step of your treatment plan. A dental treatment coordinator can be considered your friend. They help the patients by speeding up the process and save their time. In this article, we will discuss the Dental Treatment Coordinator Job Description over here.

For people not anywhere related to the medical field, it is often difficult for them to understand their treatment process. They tend to have many doubts regarding their treatment plan, but dentists are often too busy to clear all of their doubts. Dental treatment coordinators are people you can confront to remove all your doubts and questions. They play a vital role in satisfying the patients with their treatment program. When it comes to health or oral health, nobody is ready to compromise with it. Therefore, a dentist needs to hire a dental treatment coordinator if they want their patients to be delighted with the treatment and step out of the clinic with a clear head.

Dental Treatment Coordinator Job Description

The main objectives of a dental treatment coordinator are to participate actively in the treatment plan of the patient, educate and motivate the patients for efficient execution of the treatment plan. They also play a significant role in setting up appointments for the patient with the dentist. They need to participate in the planning, presentation of treatment actively and organize follow-ups on patients who require extended treatment. They should work religiously in the welfare of the patients.

Their motive is to look after patient’s convenience and organize appointments accordingly when they are free to visit a dentist. A dental treatment coordinator has to keep track of the patient’s schedule and ensure that the treatment takes place on time. They help the dentist as well by easing their work. They provide a helping hand to the dentists, organize their work and make sure everything is going smoothly as planned. 

Curious patients can consume a lot of the precious time of a dentist. A treatment coordinator allows the patient to have all their doubts cleared by them, giving more time to the dentist to execute their treatment procedure efficiently.

Their responsibilities include:

  • preparing charts, review the chart, organize daily meetings
  • Address patient’s concern
  • Follow-up on patients
  • Help the patient with an x-ray 
  • Offer solutions to the concerns
  • Review the treatment plans set by the dentist
  • Integration of new patient
  • Collect information related to the oral problem to the patient
  • Carry out form filling procedures with the new patients
  • Take the health history of the patient
  • Take essential readings such as blood pressure, pulse rate of the patient
  • Introduce the patient to the dentist
  • Enter the treatment plan into the computer
  • Help the patient with documentation
  • Work on study models
  • Help the dentist with the treatment plan
  • Check on patients after the initial treatment
  • Mail necessary materials to new patients

The responsibilities of a dental treatment coordinator vary according to the workplace and their requirements. As mentioned above, they need to be efficient enough to carry out all their duties in time. Before applying, it is advisable to go through the requirements of each vacancy. It is better to get an idea of what the employer is expecting from the applicant and whether you would be a good fit or not.

Benefits it Offers

Having a dental treatment coordinator is a fair deal in every way.

  • Indeed, it has a significant impact on case acceptance.
  • The dentist does not have to worry about miscellaneous work. In addition, the support of a treatment coordinator eases up the follow-up process.
  • Patients are more satisfied when their procedure gets smooth and effective.
  • Better coordination in clinical work with minor miscommunication.
  • Organized appointments and fewer crowds at a time.
  • The patients get an opportunity to understand the plan better. As a result, their decision-making on oral health gets easier.
  • Patients can select their treatment plan and customize it according to their needs. 
  • Patients and dentists get a better idea of each other’s concerns and ideas.
  • If the patient returns home happily, the dentist is referred to the patient’s acquaintances.
  • The patients get a reminder on their appointments, so they don’t miss out on their treatment.

Not only do the dentist and patient benefit by having a dental treatment coordinator, but the treatment coordinator also benefits from their experience as well.

  • Their understanding of the medical field increases.
  • They get an opportunity to polish their leadership skills
  • Realize their self-worth. 
  • Practice makes a man perfect. So the more they dedicate to their work, the better they get.
  • If their work is being recognized well, they gain respect from their co-workers and patients.
  • Helps to build professionalism and improve the interpersonal relationship.

Skills Required

First and foremost, it is always better to have previous experience. Experiences help in enhancing and toning the skills.

Having said about the experience, other things that matter to be a dental treatment coordinator are:

  1. Interpersonal Relationship. For a person whose duties involve addressing concerns, likability plays an important role. Patients and co-workers should not be hesitant to talk about their concerns to the coordinator. For this to happen, the coordinator must be polite and friendly. They must carry an empathetic attitude towards patients and their questions. They need to have patience while answering as many questions as possible. The patient should able to trust the coordinator and feel comfortable while sharing their concerns with them. This is the first step to any professional relationship.

  2. Communication Skills. Since communication plays a vital role in a treatment coordinator job, the applicant needs to know how to talk to patients according to the situation. They should always respond in a humble, polite, and respectful way. Communication is the route to connect with patients to understand their problems better. It is crucial to have a conversation every time the patient visits, understand what they want a cure for, get a review of the treatment after every busy, and know the drawbacks to work on it. Even in the initial steps, which happens mostly via call, communication is the first impression you put as a treatment coordinator in front of the patient.

  3. Basic Knowledge of Dentistry. As the treatment coordinator’s work involves engaging in treatment plans, the applicant should have the basic knowledge and skills related to dentistry. They should be able to check blood pressure and pulse rate and complete documentation work related to the history of the patients. This is where getting familiar with medical terminology is of great value. In addition, they often indulge with patients to address their curiosity and questions related to their oral health and treatment. So, they need to know the basic idea of oral health and the procedures it involves.

  4. Ability to Act Fast in Certain Situations. As a treatment coordinator, you can face a situation where you should know when to close the deal. They are authorized to complete treatment without consulting the doctor every time as it is time-consuming. So, they should know when to make certain decisions and use authority wisely. The treatment coordinator should guide the patient with the final payments, and they have to clear doubts of patients regarding price. They should be confident enough while speaking. The way a person says reflects how genuine and convincing they are in a conversation. For the patient to trust and rely on the doctor and be comfortable during the treatment, the treatment coordinator should be clear enough. The treatment coordinator should converse with the patient regarding the treatment plan to understand the patient. They should avoid using complicated medical terminologies because the aim here is to clear the patient’s doubts and not generate them. They play a vital role in the dentist-patient relationship. They can be a valuable asset to dentists.

Besides these skills, basic skills such as time management, patience, and sharpness of mind are the key to growth in this sector.

Salary of a Dental Treatment Coordinator in The United States

The annual salary of the top earners in this sector is around $54,500. Hourly pay comes to about $26. So, the 75th percentile of the treatment coordinator earns around $47,000 a year with an hourly pay of $23. At the same time, the 25th percentile of them gets paid around $36,000 annually. So, the average salary of a dental treatment coordinator is around $42,116, with an hourly pay of $20. Therefore, $29,000 annually is considered low, whereas a salary of $59,000 is deemed to be high in this sector. However, these numbers can vary with time. Salary is dependent on many other factors such as qualification and experience of the individual. Location of the job also plays a role in determining the compensation of an individual.

Job Profiles

You can apply for the following profiles, which are most common in this sector.

  • Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator
  • Dental Receptionist
  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Dental Office Manager


No matter what post you apply for and where you use, what matters is how much you can grasp from your experience. Because in the end, the experience will lead you to success. Never stop looking for better opportunities.

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Dental Treatment Coordinator Job Description Guide 2021

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