Latest Data Entry Job Description 2021 – Salaries, Duties

Data Entry Job Description, Salaries, Duties

Whenever someone hears about Data entry, people consider it a simple word typing job though the scale is much more than it. Data entry is required for many purposes, including transcribing data and both in audio and written form. Let’s have an in-depth Data Entry job description and how it differs from other things.

What is Data Entry?

A Data Entry refers to a work in which we need to work with data entry and storage, which will be used for various purposes. By various purposes, we mean for analysis, creating lists, transcribing data, backup, and creating digital copies. Any information you enter, including alpha-numeric symbols(alphabets and numbers) and other input through a keyboard, mouse, pen, microphone, etc., on a preprocessor software(generally word), is referred to as Data Entry.

Data Entry Operators usually work in human resources, accounting, banking, government offices, marketing, healthcare, etc., on a computer screen in an office or work from home. It can include coders, typists, programmers, transcribers, clerks, and word processors. There are no specific criteria required for this job, making it a favorable option amongst the youth. Many people get attracted to it due to its ease. A working job in a data entry job is requiring the least skill and offering the lowest wages. 

These jobs are offered both in the office and work from home. This makes it flexible, resulting in better opportunities for everyone. All this has been possible due to the advanced usage of technology. Remote working is a norm that has helped grow this field. However, it is common to see that remote workers are paid less in comparison to office employees. 

An important aspect of this job is speed. DEO( Data Entry Operator) should come at par with the speed set for their jobs. Many metrics are considered, including Words Per Minute, Keystroke Per Minute, Keystrokes Per Hour, Audio Per Minute, Audio Per Hour, etc. It’s on the job provider what criteria to choose to test you. 

Types of Data Entry Jobs

  1. Data Mining – When we extract and store hidden information from any website and other sources, it is known as Data Mining. It is used for analytical and statistical purposes in companies. Data Mining helps them improve their brand building, reduce operational costs, invest in the right places, and make big decisions with the help of data.

  2. Online Data Entry – Data Entry work can be done on online websites or portals specifically designed for this purpose. People need to work upon these things to make the process smooth, secure, and safe from other people. Hence only registered members are allowed to add data. In short, people need to save a soft copy of all the required data.

  3. Offline Data Entry – While most things require Internet, sometimes it is not necessary. Offline data entry jobs require a person to create digital copies from physical data sets like books or written text. This task does not require the Internet. This works it easy to preserve essential text and information which might get erased in the future.

  4. Mailing List Compilation – Emails are very useful in communicating with people. Companies need to manage their mailing list effectively to deliver customized offers to specific clients according to their set preferences. Hence maintaining an effective database of all people is necessary to make effective marketing campaigns and promotional offers.

  5. Captcha Entry – This is one of the easiest data entry jobs. All this requires is time and speed. Humans can understand the difference between alphanumeric characters, unlike robots. Hence they are the perfect fit for this job. You can easily solve 100s of captchas each day with ease.

  6. Online Surveys – Online surveys include your real-life experiences. You need first to answer a few questions to get qualified, and then, depending on the survey(5 to 30 min), you will be awarded. Companies conduct surveys regularly to get a genuine opinion regarding their product or public preferences.

  7. Copy-Paste Jobs – In this job, you need to combine complete data into a single word or excel file. There is nothing much in it, and it can be completed easily.

  8. Transcription Jobs – Many jobs require you to transcribe audio to text and vice versa. You need to be a great listener for this job as you should notice every word. Moreover the pronunciation should be clear enough to be understandable by other people. 

  9. Writing Jobs – This is actually a bit different from data entry jobs. You need to have enough knowledge regarding the topics you are writing for. Content Writing, proofreading, copywriting, etc., are different types of writing jobs.

  10. Data Scrubbing – In Data Scrubbing, we need to remove errors from a document to make it accurate. It is usually done on a word or excel file. This is particularly important for companies that are dependent on this data for their operation. Several tools and programs are used to remove errors in this task.

Potential Scams

Like any other online thing, Data Entry comes with a set of problems. While the job can be easy to get, sometimes people get scammed and even lose their money(Mostly in FH jobs). There are different types of data entry scams:

  • Those who ask for money. Any job offering a job for money is a scam. There would be different instances for which you would be asked for money.
    • One Time Registration Fees
    • Paying for a certification program.
    • Paying money so that they deliver the necessary items and accessories required for the job.

  • Scams to steal sensitive information. Scammers ask for your sensitive information in this scam, including your address, phone number, email, password, certificates, etc. They might also ask you to install suspicious software that would be tracking you. After getting sufficient information, they would probably hack your smartphone, other devices and blackmail you for your confidential data.

  • Offering you to pay money. They would take work to make sure that it seems genuine. They will either give you a bounced check or ask for your bank details at the time of payment. On asking for bank details, you would be asked to 

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before proceeding with Data Entry:

  • Be aware of advertising which seems to be too good to be true. Remember that data entry jobs usually pay less, and if someone is offering you a higher amount, then there are chances that you might be cheated later on.

  • Before beginning your job, you should always research the company or the guy you will work with. Try to understand the general perception of the company so that you can be sure before proceeding further.

  • Never pay for a job. There will be many instances where people will claim to offer you a job in exchange for money. They would probably try to take it in the context of registration fees. Think to yourself does it make any sense to pay instead of getting paid in a job. You should never pay money for any job. 

  • You should try to sign a contract. Though this is something that depends upon the person and organization you are dealing with, you should always try. Getting a signed contract means that you have job security and a legitimate salary. 

  • Don’t fall for paid certification programs. Data Entry doesn’t require high technical skills. Hence it is advised not to go for costly courses just to get a DEO job.

  • Be confident regarding your decision. Your decision will have an impact on your future so think twice regarding it.

Latest Data Entry Job Description

Necessary Skills for Data Entry

Though data entry is considered an easy job, there are some checkpoints that you need to pass. Some of them are listed below:

  • Proficiency in the language you are using (both written and verbal). While written proficiency is a must, spoken proficiency increases your chances of securing the job.
  • Adequate knowledge of Computers. You should be well aware of the tools which you need to use for starting your job. You should have command of pre-processor programs like MS Office and Open Office. 
  • Comfortable with work timings. Since it is a comparatively easy job, you would be expected to deliver more within a low salary. Your office may ask you for a late-night shift or long work hours, so you need to be ready for it both mentally and physically.
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Able to work with minimal guidance.
  • I should have a good typing speed. You are expected to write a lot in this job. 40+ WPM(Words Per Minute) should be the ideal speed. 

Duties and Responsibilities of Data Entry Operator

A data entry operator needs to fulfill upon: 

  • Prepare, edit, modify and compile proper files according to the data given to them.
  • Maintains backup of all data so that it can be accessed in an emergency.
  • Complete tasks in the same manner as described or mentioned.
  • Review your work for errors or potential missing information.
  • Should be able to respond frequently for data retrieval, correction, or update requests.
  • Transcribe data successfully, maintaining both quality and quantity.

Average Salary

Data entry can be considered a low-paying job. It would be enough for someone starting it as a fresher job or thinking of it as a part-time job. Else you would be disappointed with it. You can’t consider it as your only source of income. In the US, Data Entry Operators earn about $28,000 per year on average.


There is not much scope for development if you do not have skills. If you have some skills, you can grow more in this field. However, I would recommend switching on from this job after gaining more technical knowledge or a different path. The Data Entry field has vast opportunities for jobs. Many organizations and companies are always hiring for these jobs. So getting a job wouldn’t be much tough if you possess all the necessary skills required. Many companies in tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities are hiring for jobs like data management, data mining, data processing, image processing, and typing jobs.


Data Entry can help in taking a step towards your 1st earning. It is good for you as a beginner. You can continue to grow with learning other skills and even might end as a successful DEO.  You need to have strong typing skills and patience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no formal education required though you may be asked for previous experience in Computer and Data Entry. A certification in preprocessing software like MS Office or even a bachelor’s degree would be enough.

  • Who should go for Data Entry as a career?

Data Entry is for someone who wants to start his career. It requires less technical knowledge. Hence it becomes easy for freshers to get a job. However, if money is your concern, you will need to work hard, give competitive exams, and land a job in a tier 1 company to get a respectable salary.

  • Is Data Entry and Data Filling the same thing?

No, both are different. In Data Entry, an alphanumeric keyboard is used to enter data, whereas, in Data filling, we fill data alphabetically or by adding data in files. 

  • Why does Data Entry pay less than other jobs?

Data Entry is an easy job that many people can do. More candidates and companies find it easy to find candidates who are ready to work for less pay. However, this is not true in all cases. If you land in a tier 1 company or a government office, you would be getting a good salary.

  • How is accuracy important in Data Entry?

While fast typing is a must aspect, quality also matters. You need to understand that if you can complete your work within time but with errors, your job is in danger. Accuracy matters, so you need to manage your speed along with it.

Latest Data Entry Job Description 2021 – Salaries, Duties

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