Car Porter’s Job Description, Skills, Salaries

In the United States, people prefer to buy vehicles that are good in quality and condition because vehicles which are not in good condition are not valuable. In the regard to keeping vehicles in good and appreciative condition, the name of a car porter comes first. Let us know about the Car Porter’s Job Description, Skills, Salaries.

Car Porters Job Description, Skills, Salaries

Car Porter’s Job Description, Skills, Salaries

If you want to be a car porter you can have vast scope in the United States. Being a car porter is not easy, you have to take care of lots of things for efficient work. A car porter should have a high command of these skills so that he can make customers happy.

A car porter has responsibilities like maintenance of vehicles, taking care of parking areas, driving vehicles to the garage, and sometimes to customers for their test drives. Smooth auto dealerships of cars are accomplished by car porters. The education requirements are not high for the post of a car porter, a high school diploma will be enough. Moreover, the average salary that a car porter can make in the United States is $14.95.

This article is about the car porter job description. 

Responsibilities of a Car Porter

A car porter has to fulfill his job responsibilities to avoid any kind of complaints by customers to the manager. The major job responsibilities of a car porter are mentioned below.

1. Movement of vehicles

Movement of vehicles from one place to another is included in the job of a car porter. He is responsible for driving the vehicles to customers and garages when instructed. 

2. Cleaning vehicles

A car porter is supposed to clean the vehicles. He has to take care of the vehicles because customers can visit vehicles at any time. If the vehicles are not clean it passes a negative impression on the customers and they may complain to the manager for the inappropriate working of a car porter. So, it is the responsibility of a car porter to keep the car clean in case of sudden visit customers.

3. Smooth auto dealerships

Smooth auto dealerships of vehicles are also a responsibility of a car porter. He has to take care of all the aspects that can make smooth selling of vehicles. He has to keep vehicles appealing so that a customer gets convinced to buy their tested vehicle.

4. Maintenance of vehicles

Maintenance of vehicles is a responsibility of a car porter. He has to take care of vehicles. If any vehicle has some mechanical issues, he has to manage issues to make the vehicle efficient for customers.

5. Maintenance of the parking area

He has to maintain a garage or parking area as it is a part of his job responsibility. A clean garage has a positive impact on a customer who is willing to buy a car. If the parking area is messed up, it leaves a negative impression on the customer and he might complain against a car porter. So, a car porter has to keep the parking area clean all the time.

Skills for a car porter

Some skills that can help a car porter to avail a job opportunity without difficulty are

1. Customer service

A car porter should be trained enough to provide efficient services to the customers. He should have customer service skills so that customers will not be able to have any problems with the car porter. He should guide the customer properly.

2. Time Management

Time management is a skill that can impress the employer. If a car porter has good time management skills he can last long in his position. So, time management skill is a crucial skill for a car porter.

3. Mechanical knowledge

A car porter should have mechanical knowledge about vehicles because it is his job necessity to deal with vehicles. He should be able to repair vehicles in case of any damage. Mechanical knowledge can help a car porter in the maintenance of vehicles.

4. Close instruction follower

If an employee is a good follower of instructions given to him by his boss, he will be appreciated. A car porter should be a close follower of instructions from his manager.

5. Communication skills

A car porter should have persuasive communication skills. Communication skills can help a car porter in smooth auto dealerships of vehicles. He will be able to convince customers that they can buy a vehicle without any argument.

Education and Qualification

A car porter is not forced to have a high qualification or educational background. A car porter should be efficient in his skills to have a good career. If a car porter has an educational background of only a high school diploma, it will be sufficient for a car porter to have a job.

Moreover, a car porter should have a clear driving history for developing his trustworthy status. Besides a clear driving history, he should have a legal driving license which will work as a surety for his safe driving.

Salary for a car porter

A car porter can earn an average amount of about $14.95 per hour. This amount is not fixed for a car porter because, in the united states, there is variation in salaries based on location, experience, etc

A car porter with minimum experience has lower salaries than those having high experience.


A car porter is responsible for smooth auto dealerships vehicles in the United States. After reading this article you will come to know everything about the job description of a car porter, including responsibilities, skills, qualifications, and salary.

A car porter should have the quality to value the time of customers. He should have strong communication skills for convincing customers. He should have the skill to manage smooth auto dealerships of vehicles. 

The resume of the car porter should have persuasive skills like time management and customer service to show the employer that he is efficient in pursuing customers with his communication skills.

Car Porter’s Job Description, Skills, Salaries

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