Bible Worker Job Description, Salary and Duties

A worker of Christ’s church is the highest calling one can have on this earth and beyond. This is one of the most rewarding jobs as it has perks in this world and Throughout eternity. Every child of God in the Christian faith is called to be a worker of Christ. Some work in the workplace while others work full time. The full-time workers come into the fold of bible workers. As a bible worker, you have to administer to the needs of the lost and follow the calling God has placed in your life. A bible worker works under a ministry or a church. They are recruited to care for the members of the church and to reach for the lost. In the five-fold ministry of the church, they can be called evangelists. As the title suggests, they evangelize and serve the needs of the young babes in the Lord. 

Bible Worker Job Description, Salary and Duties

Who can become a bible worker?

Any born-again child of God who has a church membership with good standing and is a regular attendee can become a bible worker. A bible worker is a person who has a good knowledge of the bible and lives on the word of God. He /she must be able to teach the word. A bible worker has a serving attitude and must display the fruits of the holy spirit. It is by these fruits only that he/she can work as a servant of God. Without love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness one cannot serve the people or any relationship that God has placed to anyone serving in his kingdom.

  • Other than those criteria, one also needs to have the ability to speak and lead a group of people.
  •  They must not be shy but outspoken. They must be disciplined and punctual at all times. 
  • They must set the highest moral standards since they will influence the people to be Christ-followers. Other than that they must have leadership skills and must be motivated and energetic individuals. 
  • He/she must have a daily growing relationship with the Lord and must be able to train youths to follow the pure path of righteousness. 

A job description of any title is necessary, a bible worker also requires a certain job description to make the role clearer. A bible worker had many functions and roles to follow and so their job description is vast.

What is a job description of a bible worker?

To know the job description of a bible worker, one needs to know first what a bible worker is. 

  • They are the ones who bring the congregation to the church or ministry. 
  • They actively participate in the lives of the people they minister to and make the effort to add more souls to the kingdom of God. 
  • They are fishers of men and healers of the hurting. They are the ones who visit people to minister to the people one on one and they are the first point of contact to families to teach the word of God. 
  • Some people are spiritual babes and so their job is to mature them into well-abled christain. As you can imagine, their work requires lots of stamina, patience, wisdom, and love.
  •  A bible worker has to put others’ needs above themselves all the time as they are in the business of active soul winning. It is not an easy job without the devine’s help.

Bible worker mostly sacrifices their time, money, and desires to serve the ones God has brought under their care. They have to be serious and dedicated or else they may make the mistake of throwing the baby along with the bathwater. A bible worker’s job is 24/7 and he/she cannot take a break from helping and ministering to others. The job responsibilities of a bible worker depend on the ministry or the church but there are common responsibilities that all follow.

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Roles, Responsibilities, and Duties of a Bible Worker

A job description consists of responsibilities, roles, and duties. A bible worker also has certain roles and responsibilities to follow like any other job. Here are the roles, responsibilities, and duties of a bible worker.

  1. A bible worker has to make people welcome to the faith and they have to make people comfortable. They cannot judge unnecessarily and have to have a kind and humble spirit all the time. 
  2. He/she has to follow a modest lifestyle. which means their role is to display a servant-like attitude to the world. He has to serve the lost and the hurting with utmost care and sincerity.
  3. The role of a bible worker is to be patient at all times. They have to listen to the woes and problems of the people. They need to have sharp minds and good listening skills. They will work in close liaison with people therefore they need to possess excellent people skills.
  4. He has to be a steady and practical person. A committed and responsible bible worker who can meet the ministry requirements. To fit for the role of bible worker, he/she have to have high adaptability to the environment and be friendly because a bible worker deals with all kinds of people, therefore without these qualities, they will not be an effective work of the church.
  5. He/she must be willing to sacrifice and live a simple life. A display of a materialistic lifestyle is not befitting to a bible worker. A humble lifestyle and the desire to be a role model for others has to be his/her goal. 
  6. A bible worker’s job is to make people aware of the gospel of Christ. They have to make space for the people who will seek them for comfort and guidance.
  7. They seek out unreachable places or people who are ignored by society with the sole target to reach out to them. Their responsibility is to have a piece of proper knowledge and the ability to convince others about living the right way.
  8. They are responsible for preaching the word and they take full care of teaching the word one on one on home visits, on outreaches, or to youth groups.
  9. They have a responsibility towards the betterment and upliftment of the church in general. They go on house visits on behalf of the church, therefore, they are the face of the ministry. That is why it is so important for a church worker to have a proper image in the eyes of the people.
  10. Their responsibility is to shine the light on the gospel of Christ that is why it is so important for them to have a good track record of excellence in their conduct, speech, and lifestyle. He/she has to have a close relationship with the holy spirit. 
  11. One of their responsibilities is to look at and recruit people to the group and train and monitor them to become the next role model for others to follow. Here, a bible worker should have the charisma to influence people. Without his leadership skills, this role cannot be performed.
  12. They must have good coordination skills as one of their responsibilities is to coordinate with the pastor, church members, and the youth. 
  13. They must look out for the members’ well-being. Their responsibility includes checking on the members, such as members’ special hospital visits, and administering help in kind and deed whenever needed in any kind of emergencies.
  14. One of their responsibility is to work hand in hand with the leader of the church Andrew monitor the various outreaches. They make improvements or changes to their outreach programs. They are also responsible for finding new grounds to minister for the church.

The Salary of a bible worker:-

It is estimated that an average bible worker in America gets roughly from $18,280 to $65,150. Their median salary is $28,750. It is interesting to note that their salaries depend on the cities they serve in. For instance, a bible worker in LA earns the most with the top making 75 percent which makes $65,150, and the middle 50 percent making $28,750.


With the roles and responsibilities of a bible worker, one can see that it is a life of sacrifice. A bible worker can be said to be the toughest job if one does not have the heart to serve others. The job needs a special grace from above to deal with the sick, hurt, and unruly people that the holy spirit brings to your attention. The person has to work in close partnership with the holy spirit to be a success in this field. He/ she must look beyond the remuneration and have an eternal perspective in mind and only look to God for the rewards and not to man. The job demands such an attitude of serving and if you know you are called and have all that it takes to be a bible worker. Go for it. It is one of the best decisions that you will ever make and you won’t regret it.

Bible Worker Job Description, Salary and Duties

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