Attendance clerk job-Description, Salary, and duties

Attendance clerk job description, salary and duties

This article will focus on the topic ‘Attendance clerk job- Description, Salary and duties’

The name itself suggests that attendance clerks usually work at schools. Attendance clerks are given the charge of sustaining the students’ daily attendance records. To become an attendance clerk, one should be comfortable working at schools around kids to teenagers alike.

 The clerk must coordinate with the teachers, staff members, and others to provide accurate data or any other related information. In addition, all the absentees, other updates, updated databases, and double-reviewed attendance must be submitted to the school administrators. 

So in simple words, the main job of an attendance clerk is to inform the administration, students, and their respective parents about the absence of any other related reports and provide them with disciplinary issues. It is not easy to become an attendance clerk. It needs some diploma or qualifications to be eligible in a particular school.  attendance clerk job description

Requirements to become an attendance clerk

Here are precise requirements of how to be eligible to be an attendance clerk. 

  • One needs to have a high school diploma or a GED certificate.
  • Must possess some previous experience with electronic records management or simple databases. 
  • Good communication and simple computer skills are necessary for the position of an attendance clerk. 
  • Office-related knowledge, administrative tasks, and other clerical tasks should be known by the individual willing to apply for the position. 

These are enough for an individual to fulfill the eligibility criteria to become an attendance clerk. But, yes, questions often arise with the use of technical instruments (computers, electronics, etc.) that is not necessary for the position. 

To keep detailed data for any student in the school, it is not always easy to maintain it manually, so it is where the person needs the help of an electronic device. As a result, it becomes necessary for the attendance clerk to learn the basic technical instruments. 

What does an attendance clerk do? 

Here are some of the tasks that an attendance clerk needs to do in their daily life:-

Data Entry (daily)

It is essential for the clerk to enter all the important and collected data into the school or institution system. Of course, this will be done using a computer or laptop. It could take up some time, so it is essential to go very slow and steady while entering all the data into the system. It is necessary to pay great attention while putting the data, as even the tiniest details are essential. If a single mistake is made while entering all the data, it might be colossal harassment later. 

Collecting the daily attendance

This is the primary job for an attendance clerk, so they have to be perfect in this part of their skill. There should be a tally prepared to maintain the daily attendance of the students. The calculation could be prepared in any format as per his or her interest or suitability for the school or institution. Attendance needs to be maintained every day. It should be put into the computer system and update any other information received from the teachers or any other faculty member. 

Good communication

This is an essential skill required to be an attendance clerk. An attendance clerk has to contact the teachers and faculty members, students, and their respective parents. So, it is essential to communicate well with different people. Although sometimes it could be very tough to handle a situation where there is a need for efficient communication skills, the ability to communicate well will benefit the institution and the attendance clerk. 

Some physical skills required

The position requires good communication, data collecting, or attendance collecting skills, but it also mandates certain physical fitness. First, the attendance clerk needs to sit for an extended period. Then, they need to grab, pull, push for some documents from any cupboard, which also requires them to stand, walk and bend over. An attendance clerk must be attentive and understand all the information that has been given on a telephone. Sometimes they even need to lift or carry out weights to move from one place to other. 

Ability to work on own initiative

As it is a busy place, sometimes the higher authorities forget to give details of what work to be done. Therefore, the individual should have some courtesy to take up his or her initiative and complete the unsaid work. This would not only save time but also make the higher authorities happy. Other than that, taking such initiative would organize the job well and will be easier to meet the deadline demands. 

Should have the ability to operate standard office equipment

Yes, this is the fundamental yet essential skill needed to be expected from an attendance clerk. Due to the heavy workload of the teachers, there might be some important documents or question paper that need to be printed out from the computer, or some documents should be faxed or sent to another department. This is where the skill of the clerk comes in as it becomes easier for the staff to complete their work also, side by side these important small works are also being constructed. Overall, this will surely save a lot of time for the teacher and the organization.

Should file all the necessary information

It is the job of an attendance clerk to file and inform all the information or documents to the higher authorities. There could be something seriously wrong if some of the necessary files are not sent to the higher powers. 

Ability to cooperate

To run a smooth working environment, all the staffs need to cooperate with their higher authorities. This is not only for an attendance clerk but also for other workers in the organization or institution.  

These were some of the most basic and vital skills required to be an attendance clerk. Additionally, they should have all the required knowledge to do so. 

Salary of An Attendance Clerk

It is not important how much an attendance clerk makes a month or yearly. It all depends on how efficiently they work in an organization or institution. But, as per reports, an attendance clerk in the United States of America makes an average salary of $30,806 per year. 

Now, that converted to per day on an hourly basis would be approx $14,81. So there are categories of becoming an attendance clerk. The higher you are qualified or placed, the more the salary you should expect from the organization or institution. 

But, as per reports from 2018, it shows that there are not many attendance clerks in the United States who earn more than $45,000 yearly. The average lowest salary expected annually is $22,000 as per 2018 reports from the United States of America.


Every work in the world needs hard work, efficiency, teamwork, and other skills, so it is the same with an attendance clerk. Yet, with all the skills, hard work, effort, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you want out of your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What qualities are needed to become an attendance clerk?

Answer- To become an attendance clerk, one has to have the required knowledge of the field, good communication skills, and collect data. 

What is the job of an attendance clerk in an organization/institution?

Answer- The primary duty of an attendance clerk is to perform clerical tasks that are specifically related to maintain the attendance of the students at a school. 

What are the qualifications required to become an attendance clerk?

Answer- Qualifications required to become an attendance clerk include a GED certificate or high school diploma. Also, the candidate needs to have experience records with electronic records management or database. 

What is the average salary of an attendance clerk?

Answer- The average salary of an attendance clerk is $32,130 annually and $617 weekly. 

Attendance clerk job-Description, Salary, and duties

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