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Amazon is an world wide company. It is one of the biggest companies in the world and focusing on e-commerce, online advertising etc. It is a leading company like Apple, Microsoft, Meta etc. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos from his house garage situated in Washington. Area manager plays an important role for the company, he is responsible for the revenue of number of stores. Let us read more about “Amazon Area Manager”

Amazon Area Manager

Amazon Area Manager

Area manager set various targets and work with other managers to increase the success of the stores. He works in cinemas, restaurants etc. Area managers have to coordinate with the team and ensure that everyone perform their task very well and have to maintain good relations with everyone which help in doing task easily with less problems. Area managers have to work only 4 days in a week, and they also get paid for the leaves taken by them during the month. 

Amazon area manager salary

Salary is very good for an area manager in Amazon as compared to other companies in the world. Amazon is one of the richest companies in the world. California pay highest salary to area manager working in Amazon, average salary is $73000 . This estimate is based upon the reports provided by the employees or based by statistical methods. USA offers good salary package to area managers working in Amazon, average salary is around $58000 per year, which is enough for any person to live a good life and various benefits were given to the employee working as area manager in Amazon in USA like employee discount, insurance of family, retirement plans and paid leaves, in USA many people were desire to do this job as it is quite interesting and comfortable for them to do this job joyfully. Apart from salary Amazon in USA share profit with the area managers. The profit share was around $9000 per year, which encourage their employees and area managers work with great enthusiasm as they feel they have share in the company and its there company also they all are a big family and their motive was to grow this family and do hard work for the company. Also various benefits are given with the salary like compensation, Provident fund etc. 

Job duties

  • Main role of an area manager is to develop and implement marketing strategies which will improve the growth of the company.
  • Area manager work with local businesses to reach vast clients by hosting local events. 
  • Area manager have to conduct regular meetings with management to discuss the progress and find out issues if any, and find solution for it. 
  • Coordinate with external suppliers to ensure availability of material or other parts are available for their project or not. 
  • Area manager also have to give training to the staff to enhance their skills and ability to perform better. 
  • Meetings with the clients to discuss about their views and their needs and ensure that everything there are demanding, they are getting or not. 
  • Performing various important task such as scheduling appointments, ordering supplies and managing budgets. 
  • Researching market conditions and take decisions accordingly after figuring everything. 

Area Manager Job Requirements


In Amazon for being an Area manager, one have to have a bachelor’s degree in fields like marketing, business etc. Sometime they can also appoint someone who have relevant certification in place of a bachelor’s degree. 

Training and experience-

Minimum years of experience required to become an area manager is 5 years in specific role. It is also necessary to have experience as a department manager or any other store manager. Others may have experience in industries like real estate or manufacturing. Area manager can also receive on the job training. They may learn companies policy and regulations, and other customer service software. They may also learn about the products of the store and memorize the layout of the store. Without training no one can become a good area manager. 

Certifications and licenses-

Area manager does not have to require any certificate to earn this position, can be promoted according to their performance. However, there are certificates available for those who want to increase their income and make themselves more competitive when try to do progress in the management career. 


Area manager role is very important, it is an important role in Amazon company, area manager do lots of hard work for the company , area manager is responsible for the performance and revenue of stores in a particular area. Area manager has to coordinate with their team to solve the problem. Salary was different in countries, depending the area of work, experience etc. Salary varies from $30000 to $130000 per year. Area manager is a reputed job in Amazon company. Salary of an area manager increases every year and if they do good or achieve any special role than they receive a much high hike in their salary. Getting job in Amazon is not easy of area manager, one have to do lots of hard work. Area manager have to report to CEO of the company if situation gets complicated in some situations. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the main role of an area manager? 

Ans. Area manager is responsible for coordinating with the team and complete targets  to increase the sale of the company. It is the important job in Amazon company.

2. What is an area manager at Amazon? 

  Ans. Area manager is responsible for all budgetary and operations work which happen in a company like Amazon. 

3.What skills do area manager required to work in a company? 

Ans. The ability to work under tough conditions, decision making ability under pressure, planning and advance skills, confidence etc. 

4.what are the challenges of Area manager? 

Ans. Transitioning to leadership, recruiting and coaching, experience in area manager, and most facing challenge that any area manager face is handling pressure. 

5.  What is the best age to become an area manager? 

Ans. The average age to become an area manager in Amazon company is 30 years old, while the average age of those in leadership training is between 35 years to 40 years. 

Amazon Area Manager -Learn More

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