Amazon Amnesty Job Description, Salary, Duties

Amnesty boxes are locked receptacles positioned before search checkpoints or metal detectors. They are constructed in a way to conceal contraband. The guideline stipulates that no inquiries should be made on the contents of the amnesty boxes. Amnesty bins are used throughout the fulfillment process in Amazon fulfillment facilities. Robots inspect incoming goods, and those damaged or not scanned are diverted to “amnesty bins” instead. Amazon warehouse workers prepare amnesty orders for Amazon customers. Their high-energy, hands-on jobs are spread throughout many different departments, including merchandising, start-making, product return, Prime Now, and generic fulfillment. They will be responsible for picking, packaging, and sending out orders, in certain instances, for their lightning-fast delivery service (within two hours or less). Keep reading to know more about Amazon Amnesty Job Description, Salary, Duties.

Amazon Amnesty Job Description, Salary, Duties

AFM- Amazon Amnesty Floor Monitor

Amazon Amnesty floor monitor could be responsible for the following tasks:

  • The receiving and storage of inventory
  • Prepare the orders from the customers and bundle them up.
  • Packing the boxes onto the trucks in preparation for shipping
  • Bar codes may be scanned using scanners that are placed on items.
  • To complete certain activities, they must pay attention to the information shown on the screen and proceed as instructed.
  • Investigate and solve issues.
  • Ensure product satisfies quality standards
  • Operate pallet drivers and forklifts at up to 35 feet. Multiple equipment training and certification are 
  • You also need to have a minimum lift capacity of 49 pounds.
  • During their shifts, workers are expected to stand, walk, push, pull, squat, bend, and reach.
  • Use hand trucks, dollies, carts, and other tools to transport objects.
  • Climb the stairs both to the top and the bottom.
  • Maintain stringent manufacturing standards for safety, quality, and satisfaction.

The experience of working at one of Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers

Safety. Because the company cares about them and their well-being, they have provided them with protective clothing. Every day, all of the teams discuss safety precautions.

Surroundings. Order pickers, turret trucks, stand-up forklifts, and mobile carts will all be present while you’re at work.

Activity. You may need to walk around, use the stairs, or stand still for long periods to accomplish some goals.

Temperature. Temperatures in the warehouse, despite climate control, may range from sixty to ninety degrees Fahrenheit. Even inside a trailer, the temperature may soar into the nineties on hot days at the truck yard.

Noise level. There are times when there is a significant amount of noise. They may offer hearing protection if they feel the employee needs it.

Dress code. The atmosphere is laid back, but specific ground rules are in place to keep everyone safe. The shoes must have a closed toe and be comfortable since they are a dress code requirement. Amazon will provide a $110 gift certificate to purchase shoes before the first day of work, depending on the position and region.

The Explanations Behind Why You’ll Be a Success in This Role

Keep yourself busy. Employees remain actively engaged throughout the shift, alone or with their team.

Alternate possibilities for the agenda. The number of hours that an employee works each week is determined by the employer and may range from full-time (40 hours), reduced (30-36 hours), or part-time (20 hours or less) with the possibility of working more.

Capacity for adaptability in the face of change. You need to schedule your job during the times of day that are most convenient for you. Options include working the following shifts: overnight, early in the morning, all day, all night, or on the weekend.

 It is also possible to have four-day workweeks and three-day weekends; if they use Anytime Shifts, the employee will only need to put in a maximum of four hours each week.

Anytime Pay. Certain groups of workers are eligible to receive up to 70% of the day’s earnings in cash immediately following their shift. They are committed to helping their staff members advance their careers. They provide training and development opportunities at no cost. Explore the many paths that the trip through Amazon might lead the employee down.

New talents. The employee could learn how to run a garment press, a high-capacity printer, or a t-shirt fold machine, help with print production, or accept and handle client returns, depending on the position and location.

Instruction at no cost. Depending on the position and location, employers will train them how to operate industrial power trucks (PIT), which include forklifts and pallet drivers, as well as the printing process and how to interact with the most up-to-date Amazon technology, which may consist of robots.

Spirit of working together. Join a large or small group of people committed to serving as a support system for one another.

Why You’ll Quickly Develop a Crush on Amazon?

Most of their jobs come with attractive benefits packages, including medical insurance, paid time off for caring for children, opportunities to build one’s career, and ways to save money for the future. They have a safe and inclusive workplace that has been recognized as one of the world’s best places to work. Employees may be eligible for various perks depending on factors such as job description, work schedule, and geographical location.

  • A competitive pay, paid weekly, including overtime for hours worked more than 40 per week
  • Healthcare (medical, dental, vision, prescription medications)
  • Medical Advice Line
  • a System of Cooperation and Aid for One Another 
  • Adoptive parents, new parents, and caregivers may all benefit from a 401(k) plan designed to help families save for the costs of adopting a child.
  • Paid time off or vacation time (PTO)
  • Possibilities for gaining income over the holidays
  • Employees are eligible for discounts on many items.
  • Typical coverage for life insurance
  • A&D insurance coverage
  • Company-paid Disability Insurance, Both Short-Term and Long-Term
  • On-the-job instruction and skill development are both provided.

Employee Assistance Program 

Discover More About the Benefits and Culture of on the main website. Candidates need to be at least 18 years old, have the mental ability to grasp and adhere to all of the work standards and safety guidelines, and have a clean criminal record. If the employee needs help with the application or wants more information about their hiring process, they may contact support here:


Amazon is dedicated to creating a workplace that is diverse and welcoming to everyone. Amazon is an employer that provides equal opportunities to all its applicants and employees and does not discriminate based on race, country of origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, handicap, age, or any other legally protected status.

  • How will Amazon accommodate disability in employers?

If an employee has a handicap and requires an accommodation throughout the application and hiring process, including help for the New Hire Event, or if they need to begin a request before commencing Day 1 of their employment, they should visit the website or get in contact with the Applicant-Candidate Accommodation Team.

  • Is there a way to get in touch with Amazon about my concerns about disability problems while applying?

If the employee has a disability and requires accommodation throughout the application and the hiring process, including help for the New Hire Event or if the employee needs to start an ACAT.

Amazon Amnesty Job Description, Salary, Duties

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