Alaska Airlines Careers: Guide to Join Alaska Airline Workforce

Alaska Airlines Careers

Alaska Airlines Careers – Are you dreaming of working with an airline to define your career growth and have a fulfilled dream in the aviation industry? Do you really want to work with seasoned professionals in North America? Alaska Airline is the answer to your career quest. Alaska Airlines is one of the top-rated companies in the aviation industry in North America, known for its expertise in airline management and career development. Forbes proclaimed Alaska Airlines as “America’s best employers for diversity” and “World Best employers.” They have garnered many more awards and recognitions across the board. In this guide, I will walk you through the process of securing a job with Alaska Airlines. This process includes getting you information about requirements, salary structure, the application process, and Alaska Airlines worker’s benefits. 

Every worker deserves to know what to expect from a company based on its mission and vision statements. It is one of the yardsticks to align you with their business and your career growth in the company you desire to work for. Alaska Airline’s mission statement is clear about these expectations. The mission statement is to “achieve our objective as a socially responsible company that values not just our performance, but also our people, our community, and our environment.” This social responsibility drives all the internal workings of this company and projects them as a people-centric organization. 

To achieve this, Alaska Airlines has structured all its business processes and procedures to ensure that its workers are comfortable doing their jobs to sustain the air travel business, increase their customer base and remain competitive in the aviation sector. Since Alaska Airlines started operations, it has been adjudged as one of the top five United States airlines with a remarkable reputation for customer service and great employee management. This aura around them is a result of its philosophy as seen in its vision statement – “to be one of the most respected United States airlines by our customers, employees, and shareholders.” 

Overall, both the mission and vision statements point out that the company is largely after employee welfare and employee management. Their well-managed workforce has induced the readiness of these employees to consciously support all business procedures that have helped the company grow over time.

Alaska Airlines Careers

Requirements to Work with Alaska Airlines 

Alaska Airlines prides itself as an “Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.” With this, job applicants and employees have equal chances to secure legitimate job offers and attain any height in the organization irrespective of their race, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, age, color or disability status, and sexual orientation. 

Jobs in Alaska Airlines slated for entry-level are job seekers who are beginning their careers with Alaska Airlines. All employees can access various chances for advancement as the airline promotes such opportunities internally. Experienced workers in Alaska Airlines earn better salaries and other employment benefits due to their levels and positions.

Each job offer in Alaska Airlines has its requirements. This varies from professional exposure to the expertise and qualifications of the prospective employee. However, some of the basic requirements to work with Alaska Airlines are listed below:

  • The minimum age is 18 years.
  • Expertise in the job function
  • Basic educational qualifications for entry-level employees and interns
  • Prospective employees must apply online for all applications (full-time or part-time work) through the link on their career page. 
  • Each candidate’s resume has to be the recent one and detailed to showcase their abilities and qualifications.
  • A cover letter is also required for the online application.

Internships and Student Job Offers with Alaska Airline:

Alaska Airlines create job openings for students who are at least 18 years. Mostly this is for students of aviation. Alaska internship is usually slated for summer, and these undergraduate student-workers are required to commit 40 hours per week throughout the 12-week internship program. Basically, these students are placed in positions where they can learn while assisting in daily flight operations. They assume duties, procedures and projects carefully carved out for them. To be eligible to work in Alaska Airlines, the prospective student must be authorized to work in the United States.

Internship Job Description for Students:

Students working as interns at Alaska Airlines are usually assigned to teams that work on different projects within the business. Interns are engaged with jobs tailor-made to prepare them as Software Developers, Aviation Safety Support, Airport Maintenance Engineers, Commercial Analytics Support, and Computer User Support Specialists.

Some key responsibilities for interns is as follows:

  • Support flight operations 
  • Documentation, designing, and organizing materials for training curriculum and instructional presentations
  • Provide necessary assistance for daily meetings and operations report
  • Assist technical pilots with test flights reports and documentation
  • Provide support for simulator flying and participate in special projects
  • Provide support for engineering projects bordering on weight and balance as well as performance analysis
  • Join in the coordination of special demonstration flights with available technology following approved procedures

Under the Alaska Airline internship program, the salary structure for students ranges from seventeen dollars ($17) per hour to twenty-three dollars ($23) per hour. The difference in the payments is determined by how tasking each job role is. 

Alaska Airlines Job Application Process:

The employee onboarding process starts with filling and submitting the online job application form on their website. The prospective employee gets an automated email confirming the online application. The job applicant is expected to log on to the profile created and monitor the application status periodically. If, however, after some weeks, there is no remarkable response or progress, you can send a follow-up message to the hiring manager requesting them to schedule an interview for you. Job seekers for positions where Alaska Airlines need to deal with the public likely attend scheduled recruitment events.  Successful job applicants for some positions at Alaska Airlines are notified by phone or e-mail about the status of their application. These applicants will be scheduled to attend series of interviews before the offering of an employment letter.

List of Employable Positions in Alaska Airline

There are many job positions available at Alaska Airlines. These positions cut across Engineering and repairs, Technology, Marketing, Sales, and General Administration. The salary of each worker in Alaska Airline depends on the position and the experience of the employee. There is also a provision for salary negotiation based on different indices.

The under-listed positions are available in Alaska Airlines:

  • Customer Service Agent 
  • Corporate Sales Manager
  • Distribution Program Director
  • Director Maintenance Planning
  • Front Desk and Office Administrative Assistant
  • Flight Attendant 
  • Interiors Engineer DOE
  • Lounge Development Specialist
  • Ramp Agent 
  • Reservation Sales Agent 
  • Ground staff
  • Flight attendant
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Airline Financial Analyst
  • Airline Flight Attendant
  • Airline Flight Crew
  • Airline Freight Sales Representatives
  • Airline Information Representative
  • Airline Inspector
  • Airline Lineperson
  • Airline Marketers
  • Airline Operations Agent
  • Airline Passenger Service Agent
  • Airline Pilot
  • Airline Ramp Service
  • Airline Reservation Agent
  • Airline Security Staff
  • Airline Station Agent and Manager
  • Airline Ticket Agent
  • Airport Food Service
  • Airport Fueler
  • Airport Security Screener
  • Aviation Maintenance Mechanic
  • Baggage Handler
  • Board Room Concierge
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Flight attendant
  • Financial analyst
  • Digital Marketer
  • Flight Attendant
  • Flight Crew Scheduler
  • Flight Operations
  • Ground staff
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal assistant
  • Manager Strategic Crew Planning
  • Managing Director, Inflight Services
  • Material Planner
  • Meteorologist
  • Principal Network Engineer, Automation
  • Principal Threat Defense Analyst
  • Project Management
  • Reservation agent
  • Reservations Agents
  • Simulator Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Security Engineer
  • Stores Agent
  • Tax and Audit
  • Technical Training Instructor

Top Paying Jobs in Alaska Airlines

During a job hunt, especially in the air travel sector, many applicants ask questions like “How much does a Pilot, Copilot, Flight Engineer, etc., earn?” These job positions considered top-paying job offers in Alaska Airline attract benefits beyond the basic salary that most people focus on.  Details of these top job offers in Alaska Airlines will be discussed based on salary, job description, required skill set, years of work experience, and wages based on hours logged. I will also highlight the salaries of these job positions in Alaska Airlines based on the average salaries of entry-level workers and experienced workers to highlight the rewards and opportunities provided through Alaska Airlines careers. 

Airline Pilots: The salary of pilots depends on the rank of the pilots. These ranks include Major or commandant, Captain, Lieutenant or First lieutenant, and Second lieutenant.  The salaries of pilots change due to various factors—for instance, type of plane, years of experience, etc. We will use a pay scale of Boeing 737 to rate these top workers in Alaska Airlines.


Starting : $80,000
Average: $120,000
Top Level: $150,000
Job Description Work with Pilot in preparing flight schedules.
Alert pilot on any observations during flight operations.
Assist in conducting pre-flight inspections to ensure that all safety, navigation, and operating systems are in good condition.
Supervise flight take-offs and flight landings as directed by the Captain.
Takes over the responsibilities of Pilot when necessary during the flight.
In charge of preparing the weight and balance forms for all flights.
Assists the pilot in all tasks during flight operations.
Takes charge of monitoring fueling, ground power unit, and appropriate servicing of aircraft.
Liaises with cabin crew to ensure safety and convenience of all passengers onboard the aircraft.
Maintains effective communication with the air traffic control unit at all times.
Oversees equal distribution of weight balance conditions as regards passenger and cargo loads.
In charge of inspecting aircraft technical and operational performance at all times.
Briefs cabin crews about flight destinations, duties, and responsibilities
Communicates with weather department and flight dispatch team on current weather conditions and air traffic information.

Gives updates on flight issues and incidents using an aircraft logbook
SkillsFAA Pilot License and Medical fitness certificate Total flight time of at least 2,000 hours in a fixed-wing aircraft. Total flight time of 1,200 hours in a high-performance military aircraft can be the equivalent of the second criteria above.1,000 hours flight time with half of rotor-wing can be a yardstick for measuring total flight time. Total of 1,000 hours of multi-engine turbine Pilot-in-Command flight time. A college degree is a great advantage but not a requirement.


Starting : $200,000
Average: $230,000
Top Level: $280,000
Job DescriptionSafety and efficient operation of the aircraft, crew, and passengers. 
Ensures that the aircraft logbook is up to date. Makes pre-flight safety checks on navigation and operating systems 
Makes regular checks on aircraft’s technical performance.
SkillsSame as copilot above

Flight Engineers

Starting : $70,000
Average : $ 80,000
Top Level : $90,000
Job DescriptionUse instrumentation to guide flights during poor visibility.
In charge of checking aircraft engine status. Start engines operate controls based on flight plans, regulations, and procedures.
Uses radio equipment to work with control towers for clearance during takeoff.
Ensures that gauges, warning devices, and control panels are monitored for aircraft performance and regulate engine speed.
Responds to and reports any in-flight malfunctions or emergencies.
Adheres to steer aircraft along planned routes, using autopilot and flight management computers.
SkillsFederal Air Transport Pilot certificate
High school diploma
Commercial pilot’s licenses and flight engineer’s certificates from the FAA
100 hours of flight experience
Two years course in aircraft and engineering technology

Benefits of Working with Alaska Airline

Some of the employee benefits packages in Alaska Airline include Bonuses, Paid time off, overtime, Employee Assistance Fund (EAF), 401k retirement plan, Medical insurance, Vacation allowance, Relocation assistance, Performance bonus, Employee travel privileges, Profit sharing, and retirement benefits, and Health Care Coverage.  Alaska Airlines job also offers position the employee to enjoy discounts on tickets and guest travel passes for friends and family. These benefits are structured so that workers qualify for each based on their performance and levels. In conclusion, building a career in the aviation sector, especially in Alaska Airlines Company, is the desire of many job seekers worldwide, especially in America. This is due to several factors, including a seamless employee enrollment process, an equal opportunity granted to all prospective employees and the existing workforce, an employee-focused career development structure, job security, opportunities for career advancement, and great employee benefits.

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Alaska Airlines Careers: Guide to Join Alaska Airline Workforce

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