Southwest Airlines Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

Southwest Airlines is one of the most well-known airline agencies in the United States of America. We will discuss Southwest Airlines Careers here. It sets aircraft to over 111 destinations over the US and operates in 10 destinations around the world. They are most notably known for their hospitality and provide the same consistent and fast-paced airline routes ever since their start in 1967. This has placed an immense burden on them for always loving up to people’s expectations. Working in an airline agency is quite a hard task. There are many things every employee must take care of and provide the customers with the best service possible. There must be an immense view of responsibility even for the hourly jobs. Still, the monthly or annual salaries employees are bound by contract work their hardest and provide the best to the passengers.

There are many things that the employees must ensure from the moment the passenger walks into the airport till they reach their destination. Safety, hospitality, good treatment, friendliness, and many other things need to be remembered by the workers, flight attendants, and the ground staff. It takes years for an airline to build a reputation and just a bad day to break it. Hospitality and guest treatment jobs are meant for great people with social interactions and have worked jobs in fast-food restaurants and other retail stores. The flight engineer, hardware engineer, and other jobs are for people who have degrees and expertise in flying and aircraft maintenance matters. Sometimes, they at the control tower organize and guide the announcers in what could go wrong and give steps to avoid those incidents.

There are also staff jobs like cleaning. She is at the front desk. The former requires you to clean public spots and sanitize all the interaction points, while the latter deals with giving people the tickets and providing them with information about the flights and booking them. You can easily find many jobs in an airline center, but you need to be considered experienced in the field. We will be looking at the different job opportunities, salaries for the positions, age limit, interview questions, and the application process,s which will let us know about the jobs and how you can get the and a couple of tips for the interview.

Southwest Airlines Careers

There are many job opportunities in an airline center. Still, you have to be a little experienced while getting the jobs with the hourly rates and having a degree in the managerial position. Thus, many candidates are eligible for positions like these since the job openings for airlines are attended by many. Still, only a few get selected for the job itself. Many people interview but don’t make it past that stage due to less knowledge and confidence.

The job opportunities occur regularly since the airlines always need employees who dedicate their all to each day of work. A lot of staff is required to be present on and off-site to operate an airport successfully. Loading staff, flight staff, crew, front desk agents, and many more people are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other things required of the airlines, and other employees carry those out.

You need to keep in mind a couple of things before working in an airport, which is you need to be concise, confident, and fast-paced, since every second matters in some positions. Given below are four positions that are noteworthy for Southwest airlines.

  1. Customer Service Representative – The customer service representatives are in charge of every aspect related to the customers. They hand in the baggage and are in charge of baggage claims as well. Additional duties involve giving the passengers tickets, maintaining a friendly relationship with passengers, giving them instructions, and answering their questions in a friendly manner. They must handle transactions related to boarding, fare, flight reservations, arrival, and departure information. They also answer telephone calls to inform guests about arrival and departure times. They must be concise about the information and have good relations with their fellow employees to ensure customers’ best performance and treatment. A Customer Service Representative’s salary is generally from 40 to 43,000 dollars a year, along with many perks such as paid leaves and insurance.

  2. Operations Agent – The operations are in charge of maintaining the exchange dines pace before and after the flight. They make sure to provide weather reports to the crew, arrange for the fueling of the air carrier and the proper maintenance for it before and after the flight, they coordinate special services such as providing wheelchairs, working with gate agents and verifying boarding counts, handling the radio and taking in weather reports from the informational system and sharing them with the others. The duties might change, and they also have to work as freight agents when required. They should be a communications expert and must be able to verbally transfer information through radios and phone calls to passengers and other crew members. They typically earn a salary of 12 to 15 dollars an hour, depending on the location, along with many perks.

  3. Supervisor – The supervisor makes sure the crew are in the best condition to carry out tasks for the day and stay connected with every aspect of the operations to ensure everything goes properly and on schedule. They provide care and attention to all of the customers and do special tasks delegated by the station management. They are also in charge of training members and recruits in rules and regulations. They are responsible for overseeing that the aircraft is getting proper care and maintenance before it takes off and completing the paperwork required for it. They monitor the handling of various tools and techniques used to service the ramp and the aircraft and must coordinate with the ground staff to ensure that everything is up and running safely beside the flight. The supervisors typically earn 50 to 60,000 dollars a year since being a supervisor isn’t an hourly job and requires commitment.

  4. Flight Attendant – Flight attendants are in charge of giving the best customer service to the people on board and answering their every doubt and query. They must resolve the fights if they occur and are responsible for keeping the peace throughout the flights. They keep track of all the flight rules and policies and must ensure that the people are following the rules and no bad things are happening. They must teach the safety procedures to the people on board before the flight and paint the peace during night flights. They provide food and fulfill the requests that the people have of them. They assist the passengers with the luggage, coordinate with the ground staff about delays, and serve drinks and other beverages. The flight attendants typically earn 20 to 30 dollars per hour and get perks like paid leaves, insurance, and many other things.

Age Limit

There is a catch for working at Southwest Airlines since every job requires an experienced person; you must be at least eighteen years old, along with having a high school diploma. This ensures that the teenagers who come to work have a little experience and the means to gauge every situation properly. By this time, they would have a perfect idea of dealing with people and making sure they fit well with the people working.

Application Process

The application process is an important part of selecting the candidates as it weeds out the people who are not eligible and makes sure they select the proper candidate for the job. There are many stages of the company itself’s hiring criteria, but we will not be talking about them. We will be discussing the various ways in which you can use the information you have about the company from outside sources and their policies. There are standard ways of contacting people for a job interview. You can fill out an application form online using the site their online site. It offers a wide selection of jobs that will accommodate your situation, and make sure you pick the best one for your ability. 

The application forms allow you to give your basic information such as the contact information, the address, zip code, and many other things. It also gives you the ability to submit your resume, so it increases the chances of getting the interview. There is a huge advantage if you submit your resume since it allows the employer to see your accomplishments and decide properly if you are worthy of getting called. It increases your chance in the final discussion since experience matters a lot.

You have to wait between 3 weeks to a month before a call arrives since the human resources and the recruitment team will be quite busy since there is a lot of recruitment to be done every week and the deadlines are always above their heads. You can call and inquire about your application’s status after a week or so, but the guaranteed calls for the interviews are received after 2 weeks. There is always a delay due to many reasons, so be patient.

Interview Questions

Giving the interview is the most important part of the selection process. It involves testing your mettle against the interviewers and making sure they won’t crumble under the interview pressure. Be sure that you are confident in answering every question and researching the company and the job description to make sure you know more about the company.

Be sure to dress well and formally for the interview since this shows initiative and dress well every day to impress the customers and make a good impression on the passengers. There are a couple of questions you need to remember before going to the interview. Prepare these questions as these are standard for any interview. These questions are:-

  1. Why should I hire you?
  2. Do you work well with people?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • The first question is answered by making sure you remember the duties and things you need to do in that position according to the job description, remember all of the duties, and frame them in your own words to make sure that the interviewer knows you are serious about the position you are being offered, and also will make a good impression on them and boost your confidence.

  • The obvious answer to this question would be a yes because any company relies on an employee that can be good with the people inside and outside their presence. An airline center is a place where customer service matters a lot and teamwork, which helps people do work faster and better. This allows the employer to judge that teamwork ability.

  • You can answer this by saying you see yourself in the same company on a higher job posting, and if you’re a student, you can say you’re pursuing a higher position or a point in your education. Be honest with what you want to do in the future and frame the sentence in such a way, so they understand.

The Takeaway

You need to remember many other things so that you can go through the interview properly, so you need to remember that there will be many things that can go wrong, but you should give the interview to the best of your abilities. Research the company and find out what things you can do. Good luck!

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Southwest Airlines Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

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