Aeropostale Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Process

Aeropostale - A Complete Guide

What is Aeropostale?

Aeropostale is a clothing retailer that sells casual clothing and other accessories. Their primary audience includes young adults. The company operates the ones in the United States. In contrast, the ones oversee, including those in the Middle-East, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, are operated by their licensees.

Here is a complete guide to help one get to know about the opportunities available and the requirement needed to bag a good job at Aeropostale. 


  • Store Manager, Full Time
    • Required Experience: Over 2 years of experience as a Store Manager in the apparel business and over 3 years of experience as a retail supervisory.
    • Skills: 
      • Ability to self motivate, lead and be a leader while inspiring other members. 
      • Having an interesting personality that attracts great talent. 
      • Demonstrating competitive spirit and having the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. 
      • Styling and having an eye for fashion 
  • Senior Director, Merchandising, Full Time, New York
    • Required Experience: Over 10 years of merchandising experience. Having a previous role as a Director is encouraged. 
    • Skills:
      • Proficiency in MS Office and Excel. 
      • Communication, Organization, Presentation, and Time Management Skills. 
      • Ability to self-motivate, lead and be a leader while inspiring other members. 
      • Technical knowledge such as the evolution of the product lifestyle, understanding fashion trends, and customer understanding.
      • Ability to multitask, learn and continuously develop.
  • Senior Treasury Analyst
    • Required Experience: About 3-5 years is expected in the same field or related fields. Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting is essential.
    • Skills:
      • MS Office and Excel
      • Communication, Organization, Presentation, and Time Management Skills. 
      • Ability to self-motivate, lead and be a leader while inspiring other members.
      • Excellent communication, multitasking, and business skills, including financial analysis and presentation skills. 
      • Ability to provide good customer service
      • Finance disciplines including cost, finance, and management accounting. 
  • Associate Designer
    • Requirements:
      • Strong sketching skills.
      • Usage of tools such as Microsoft Office, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
      • Ability to multitask.
      • Ability to work across multiple product classifications.
      • Ability to self-motivate, lead and be a leader while inspiring other members.
  • Analyst Supply Chain, New Jersey, Full Time
    • Required Experience: This role requires a minimum experience of about one year in digital retail content development. It also needs a Bachelor’s degree, especially in Computer Science or in Info-Systems.
    • Skills:
      • Ability to communicate easily and also work in a fast-paced environment.
      • To work in a team and also cross-functionally with multiple vendors. 
      • It is preferred to have experience in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform.
      • Ability to give attention to detail and accuracy. 
  • ECommerce Junior Developer, Full Time
    • Required Experience: About 5 years and above of experience and possess a Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Computer Science.
    • Skills:
      • Software development and design of web and enterprise applications using Java/J2EE, Spring MVC. Spring JDBC, Servlet, JSJP, Rest Web Services, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, and related technologies. 
      • Experience in Angular, Javascript, UI development, SQL, NoSQL databases, Microservices architecture, API development, mobile application development.
      • Knowledge of Eclipse and XCode.
      • Required experience with day force or any major HRIS application. 
  •  Assistant Manager, Supply Chain Operations
    • Required Experience: About 2-5 years of experience in an automated facility. A bachelor’s degree in the supply chain, business, or any other related field is preferred. 
    • Skills: 
      • Analytical skills and the ability to objectively think and interpret themes from data.
      • Skills such as MS Office, MS Excel, and the aptitude to learn company systems and applications quickly. 
      • Ability to build constructive and effective relationships with a diverse group of partners. 
      • Ability to communicative effectively and possess skills including time management and organizational skills. 
      • Ability to self motivate, lead and be a leader while inspiring other members. 
  • Director of Human Resources
    • Required Experience: About 5-10 years of previous experience in Human Resources. 
    • Skills:
      • Possess a store knowledge of Labor Laws and regulations.
      • Ability to communicative effectively and possess skills including time management and organizational skills.
      • Ability to understand and handle sensitive information with confidentiality. 

Aeropostale Job Opportunities

  1. Store Manager: The roles of a store manager include store operations and merchandising. Apart from this, he/she will also be responsible for challenging tasks, including strategizing effectively to increase the stores’ sales. To ensure that specific standards are maintained, a store manager oversees and provides utmost customer service. 

  2. Senior Director, Merchandising, Full Time, New York: The main job profile of a senior merchandising director is to develop and maintain the merchandising team. Apart from the same, they also would need to strategize a succession plan and coach the upcoming leaders to maintain a smooth transition. Apart from building strong cross-functional relationships, they would also be responsible for assessing the business and identifying potential upsides and downsides. Their main job role would be to make inferences and think critically to streamline any processes to reach the business’ full capacity. 

  3. Senior Treasury Analyst, Full Time, New Jersey: As a senior analyst, their role would be mainly to perform manual WT, run a reporting in PNC Pinnacle, and also maintain a daily cash worksheet. The/She would also be responsible for Cash sweeps for stores, US banks, and wells. Their responsibilities also include reconciling payroll PNC bank accounts, ABL accounts, and money market account. They would also be reviewing the book GTreasury automated JE, managing Escheated checks and preparing cash sweeps for Lucky Brand Wells accounts. Reconciling Lucky AP in Kyriba until the switching to Lawson takes place is also a part of the job role. 

  4. Associate Designer (Knits – Lounge), Full Time, New York: It is a cross-functional job portfolio and the rest of the team, including merchandising, production, graphics, etc. They would also be responsible for seeking out opportunities to maximize the business and participate in relevant initiatives. They would also be responsible for researching season transition and convert for product classification. Working with the merchandising team in articulating silhouettes, fabrics, and concepts. The main role would be to understand the trend while understanding the business’ history and present it to streamline and create a relevant line.

  5. ECommerce Junior Developer, Full Time: The main role would be to manage publication schedules and ensure that the web assets are loaded accurately and timely. Updating homepages, landing, and product pages for the brand is also a job role. Apart from this, they would be responsible for monitoring conversions and developing KPIs to grow sales within the sites. They would also be working along within the salesforce commerce cloud platform to ensure that the templates are maintained. They will have to align cross-functionally with testing and executing new features. Documentation work such as weekly website audits and ad hoc reporting would also be a part of their job. 

  6. Project Lead, New Jersey, Full Time: The project lead would be expected to work in conjunction with the user community and a team from IT to figure out various problems and streamline solutions. The project lead will also be expected to manage, plan and develop solutions to various problems and lead the analysis, design, and development of project objectives and business requirements. Apart from this, they will have to communicate effectively and independently without supervision to think strategically. They will also have to practice standards and practices, create guidelines and principles and patterns. They should even understand a broad range of applications and technical architectures. 

  7. Assistant Manager, Supply Chain Operations, California, Full Time: The assistant manager’s role is to maintain daily/weekly and monthly reporting on performance, order tracking, service levels, etc. They will also be responsible for supporting supply chain strategic initiatives and perform ad hoc analysis. Apart from this conveying wholesale operation objectives and priorities and aid in issue resolution. They will also be responsible for managing vendor compliance for inbound shipments and ensure vendor chargebacks. The other roles include monitoring customer standards and value-added service requirements and minimize customer chargebacks. 

  8. Director of Human Resources, New Jersey, Full Time: The director of human resources would be responsible for managing and developing the Human Resources team and partnering with the regional managers to ensure its development. Apart from this, they will also be responsible for partnering with the President of retail to assess the district manager and provide guidance on the organizational structure to increase the team’s efficiency. They would also be responsible for maintaining job satisfaction, manage the field Annual Review Process, employee hotline calls, and high-level employee relations issues such as harassment, discrimination, etc. They should also identify strategies to reduce employee relations issues that are prevalent and also ensure company compliance with local, city, and state laws.


The salary at Aeropostale is highly dependent on the job role. On average, the sales associate gets up to $8.88 per hour, whereas an assistant store manager gets up to $32,960 per year. The sales lead gets approximately $10.54 per hour, and a cashier can expect up to $9.79 per hour. The salary also depends on whether the role is retail or corporate and being part-time or full-time. The pay cycle at Aeropostale for retail roles is bi-weekly. Although the increment ain’t much, the average pay is good and is perfect for those who want to take up part-time roles.


In India, Aerposatle is brought in by Aravind Fashions. They are a specialty retailer, heeding in towards customers of ages 4 and above, and were considered one of the top 100 companies to work by Fortune magazine in 2013. Working at Aeropostale has its perks for both part-time and full-time employees. This includes excellent work culture. Apart from this, other benefits include:

  • Diverse workforce
  • Paid time off
  • Generous employee discount
  • Flexible working hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Bonus Pay

Full-time employees also allow the 401(k) retirement plan that allows its employees to save and invest their paycheck before their taxes are taken out. It is also known for its generous employee discount, which is one of the best of everything out there, of up to 50%. The employees also get paid sick leave and paid vacation, which is an added benefit. The working hours at Aeropostale is also quite flexible. Additionally, they have a good work-life balance.


The age of employment at Aeropostale depends on where one lives. The minimum age to work at Aeropostale is 16. It is possible for candidates with entry-level experience to either apply online or in-store. Although this is a seasonal role, an Aeropostale store can only have less than 20% minors. Roles such as brand ambassador and merchandise flow associate are available for teenagers, and they get paid hourly. 

Application Process

Like any other company, the application process is standard. It often begins with a group discussion with up to 20 applicants. The process after this depends on the situation. If the company believes that they lack employees or if the working role doesn’t require any specific skill, there is a high chance that the applicant will be hired on the spot. If the applicant is a referral, there is a high chance that the interview process will get over with just the first round. 

For more corporate roles and other roles that require specific skills and knowledge, the applicant would be asked to come in for an interview before getting hired. The process usually starts with the applicant filling a paper application form with all their details. After which, the group discussion helps them to push out all unnecessary candidates. After this, an interview was scheduled to get to know the applicants’ skills and be hired according to specific preferences. Aeropostale is a preferred spot because of how fast and efficient its hiring processes are.

End Notes

Getting into Aeropostale might seem like a task, but proper preparation of one’s portfolio can make the process easier and stress-free. Specific interview questions are standard. It is always advisable to make a list of these and prepare to ace the personal interview. To summarise, Aeropostale is a great place to work, with several benefits and perks. It also allows immense growth and provides job stability. 

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Aeropostale Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Process

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