What To Expect At A Mcdonald’s Interview?

No job is as small as it seems and if that job is in a fast food restraint that is the most famous in the world provides employment to everyone qualified to work there and pays a good amount to their employees and ensures a happy service to their customers. That fast food restraint would be McDonald’s.  Favorite place for kids to enjoy a happy meal with a smile on their faces, and a local food source for many adults. It has been around since 1955 and has millions of franchises across the globe. keep reading to know What To Expect At A Mcdonald’s Interview?

What To Expect At A Mcdonald’s Interview?

What to expect at a Mcdonald’s interview?

Anyone ever eaten at a McDonald’s knows how fast and efficient and good their food service is even when it’s filled with hungry customers, they serve with the same positive and polite attitude and a smile. Working for them would be a great privilege, although there are other brands to choose from, the system that McDonald’s have is the best in the market, and they pay their employee a very generous amount for all their troubles, so you can earn a lot by working there.

Interview process

If a person wants to apply for a job at one of the franchises, they have to submit a job application to the franchise and wait for a callback. Usually, they get back to the applicant in a week.

Once your application has been viewed, you’ll get a call and there can be a short get-to-know-you interview before they schedule an in-person interview. 

Walk-in interview at McDonald’s

 Of course, there is another way a person can get an interview, and that is to walk into the nearest franchise or wherever you are planning to get a job. There are dates and times of the walk-in interviews advertised, but these interviews are for entry-level jobs, so you can prepare yourself accordingly.

How to get hired and how to prepare for the interview?

Generally, the interviews at McDonald’s are very easy and casual and candidates applying for a job there don’t have to be nervous and can easily handle the questions since they are not that high profile either.

The duration of an interview is approximately 25 minutes, depending on if they ask a different question to each candidate or the same one. If the questions are the same, it can take up to 20 minutes at the least. 

How to prepare?

Practice answering common interview questions:

Practice question that you can find on the internet as said before, their interviews are very low-key and aren’t that complicated, so it’s possible that they might ask some simple questions before hiring anyone.

Clean up your resume:

One thing that a hiring manager may look at during the hiring is the resume that a candidate gives out to them. They will look over at the resume to judge if the person is competent enough for the job, and sometimes their questions can also be based on your resume skills and background. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and has all the necessary information to increase your chances of getting hired.

Don’t be too casual:

Yes, the interview at McDonald’s is pretty easy and doesn’t make you anxious, but maintaining a level of professionalism is important and would like to set a good impression for the hiring manager.

Be prepared for group interviews:

There can be several vacancies for several entry level and part-time jobs and a group of candidates can be called upon for an interview with simultaneous questions being asked each Individual of the group. Be prepared for the questions and have a positive mental attitude and be polite with others as to show your own team skills which can be a factor taken under consideration if you are selected for the job.

Question that are asked at a McDonald’s interview and how to answer them

Many of the question being asked in the interview will be based on customer service and satisfaction or interpersonal and communication skills. Answer the question according to what you think is your skill level and how you would handle the situation, and what will be your unique outlook on it. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions about your work and how the system works to become more comfortable with the setting if you are hired.

1)      Why is McDonald’s your first choice to work at?

A. Sample answers –  it has always was a big part of my childhood and I loved the food here , I even eat here every now and then. It would be a great opportunity for me to work for a company that is so influential and has been an intricate part of my life.

2)      Why do you think you are qualified for a job at McDonald’s:

This is a very common interview question that is asked and the reason for it is that the employer wants to know about your mindset and how you are as a person and how you would handle a situation of handling customers.

Sample answers- My name is [Insert your name] and I am an extroverted person and have good communication skills, I can engage customers and give them a delightful customer service. I am also very flexible and reliable I can work at a position and do not shy away from anything that is needed from me for the betterment of the company.

3)      How would you react if an angry customer came up to you?

A. Ways to answer this question are:-

▪︎ My reaction would be stay calm and keep my temper in check and since customer is the ultimate factor in success of a company, I would patiently listen to the customer and figure out the best to handle any query or problem they may have with the service or the food.

▪︎ I will apologize to the customer and ask to be calm and talk to the manager about the problem and assure them that they are a priority in our restraunt and their problem would be solved as quickly as possible no matter how small or big it is.


Getting a job at McDonald’s is a great chance to earn some money and if you want a career in fast food industry it can be a fruitful experience to have. 

Just remember to always be professional and prepare for the interview with general questions. You can also find interviews of previous employees on YouTube and preparer your answer accordingly.

There can also be a probation period and some basic training, which is very common for new employees, so don’t panic and try to do your best on the job.

What To Expect At A Mcdonald’s Interview?

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