Yogurtland Interview Questions- Know More

Yogurtland is a U.S.-based private chain store restaurant or a franchise, founded and established in February 2006 and is headquartered in Irvine, California, the U.S. It serves in countries like the United States of America, Singapore, Australia, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Thailand. It deals in frozen yogurt and ice creams of different flavors. They have both dairy-free and sugar-free varieties of ice creams or yogurt. There is also an interesting thing about Yogurtland company is that it gives its customers many discounts, coupon codes, and also a free yogurt on the customer’s birthday. Know more about Yogurtland Interview Questions

Yogurtland Interview Questions

Benefits of working at Yogurtland Company or restaurant:

  1. Flex timing: Employees at Yogurtland have an opportunity to work flexibly and at flexible hours. The employees work in different shifts so, people getting employed can choose their shift to do the job according to their convenience and it will not hamper their schedule. If a person works according to their comfort and ease, the person does it with more enthusiasm, and the productivity of the work runs towards acceleration. 
  2. Co-workers and staff are appealing: The co-workers and staff at Yogurtland are very well behaved, friendly, supportive, they treat each other with respect and think of each other to be a part of a magnificent family. The help and guidance of experienced senior co-workers allow the new joiners to learn things better and easier and faster.  
  3. A good place to start a professional career: College-going students can be part of this restaurant part-time and enhance their social skills. It is a good way to interact socially with different people and if a person is introverted then this job will break their boundaries of isolation. 
  4. Employee Benefits and concessions: This company gives various types of insurances like health insurance, life insurance, medical leave, sick leave, it also avails employee discounts to all the employees working in the company. This company gives training to the new joiners so that they do not face any problem and cope up with the work smoothly. 

The type of personality the job seeker should have to work in Yogurtland restaurant: 

The company looks for a person who possesses an exuberant, cheerful, jovial, affectionate, friendly kind of personality. This personality helps in an easy two-way communication between the customer and staff. If an employee has a generous character, it will attract more customers to the restaurant and it will, in turn, increase the sale of the company and make it more popular among the masses. A smile can also be a powerful weapon to get hired because this shows the cheerfulness of the people. The employee wants supportive and collaborative character among its members. The job seekers should also have the eagerness to work in the company.

Different phases in an interview in Yogurtland Company :

  1. Hiring forms are released: The Yogurtland company releases its forms every year for recruiting young employees to the restaurant. 
  2. Phone Call: After filling the application the job seeker gets a phone call from the manager to schedule the interviews. 
  3. Phone call interview: At times the contacting manager takes an informal interview before sending the letter for an on-site interview.
  4. Site interview- One to one interview or Group Interview: On the phone interview the candidate either for a site interview which can be one to one interview or a group interview. 
  5. Conduction of either one to one interview or Group interview: 

(I)One to One interview: One to one interview is a personal way to interview the candidate. It takes almost thirty to forty minutes to interview the candidate. 

(II)Group Interview: It’s a kind of jam session where a candidate is interviewed based on how he can come up with new ideas and innovations and can stand out from the crowd. It usually takes one to two hours of discussion.

  1. Offer letter:

            The candidates who got shortlisted for the job are sent the offer letter for the job.

  1. Joining Letter

            The candidates who accepted the offer letter receive a joining letter to join the

            company and work.

Interview Questions: 

  1. Why do you choose to work at Yogurtland as an employee and not in other big and eminent franchises and why do you want to work with us?
  • The interviewer interrogates this question or questions related to this to check whether the candidate aspiring to work in the particular company and here in Yogurtland, has done a lot of research about the company. So, it’s a suggestion for the candidates to do minimal and if possible, deep research about the company in terms of its work culture, its shares, its development, and the different branches it possesses. There is one more piece of advice given to candidates who are appearing to give an interview that they should keep their language clean, simple, specific, and precise. Do not give excess information or misinterpreted thoughts. For this question, candidates can talk about how this company is popularizing the cult of healthy food over the junk food prevalent among the masses these days. You can also say that the vibe of the place reflects positivity and you also liked the behavior of staff and how they treat people. The noted point should be that your thoughts are so well expressed that it convinces the interviewer that Yogurtland is your first choice over other companies. 
  1. Tell me about yourself and your career prospects?
  • For answering this question, you have to use a formula that goes like a present, past, and future. In the present scenario, you have to put all the education in, and give a little insight into your present role, and the position you hold currently. Adding to this you can also talk about the course you are pursuing currently which can assist you to work more comfortably and flawlessly. When talking about the past, give an insight into your past experiences in any company or about your past education qualification. In addition to this, you can also talk about your achievements in any competitions, or you have attended any seminars or workshops. When talking about the future, you should keep in mind that you don’t put up all your aspirations randomly, be precise and tell them what you want to do next and what are your future goals. Also, add that if you get selected, how will this work help you achieve your goal? 
  1. How will you handle a customer who is very annoying and is continuously disrespecting your colleague? 
  • This question can at times be a tricky part of the interview. On listening to this question, firstly be patient, take a deep breath, and don’t lose your temper. Showing anger to this situation can ruin all your interview rounds and also your dream of working in such an eminent company. Point out ways in which you can handle this situation. For example, you can explain to that person how disrespect can negatively impact someone’s state of mind and you can also state the fact that if you don’t give respect to someone you cannot expect respect in return. 
  1. What thoughts will push you to work here and be continuously motivated to discharge your duties towards the company?
  • For this question be loyal and true and don’t boast. You can pinpoint how the company’s working environment will keep you motivated, the new faces smiling, and the dependency of those people on you. You can tell how your ultimate goal will always keep you motivated to work rigorously and hard. This is such a company that is the most entrusted one by the society and the people and this trust will keep you motivated. After signing the job letter, you owe a certain kind of duty towards the company and to the cheerful people and this duty will keep motivating you.
  1. Tell us about your previous work experience in your earlier job. 
  • For this question, one tip is to be positive, and never put up the negative side of the earlier company. Talk about the working atmosphere of your previous company. You should also state the reason why you left that company, no matter how negative the reason may be, but while stating the reason shows the positivity of the company. Talk about the position you held in the previous company and what things you did, your relation with your colleagues, and also state how the experience of that company will help you work in this company. 

If you are a beginner and do not have any prior experience then talk about how you will contribute to this company. Also, talk about how this company will help you to achieve your ultimate goal and assure them that you will be very efficient and cope up with the work culture of the company.

  1. What does teamwork mean to you and how will you become an efficient team member and how will you assist your co-workers and seniors?
  • Start answering this question by stating what teamwork is to you, also tell the definition of teamwork in your language and what are the benefits of working as a team. Talk about how you will contribute to your team and what role you will play for the effective functioning of the team. For working with your co-workers, you can pinpoint the thoughts that you will always be supportive and respect each other’s thoughts, and ideas and you also respect the team leader’s decisions. You can also put forward the point of how a team can work smoothly towards a common goal. 
  1. What are your greatest strengths and your weaknesses? 
  • In this question be honest and true, unnecessarily do not claim false things before the interviewers applaud. For the strengths, the part state the most important strength you possess can be punctuality, attentiveness, diligence, consistency, positivity, etc. For the weakness part, do not start saying you do not have any weaknesses and all. Every person has a particular weakness and never be hesitant about claiming that. You can tell that you are non-punctual, a procrastinator, etc. But also assure them that you will try to alter your weakness into strengths. 
  1. What is your take about working under pressure and how well you can cope up with this?
  • Try to talk frankly and precisely and do not beat around the bush talk on point. Tell them how you can manage your work and if a situation comes that you have to work under pressure, how well can you do it, how will you manage your time under pressure, and if this pressure will affect your work negatively or your accuracy and efficiency will be maintained. 
  1. Why do you think we should hire you and how are you fit for this job at Yogurtland?
  • Answer this question with a lot of confidence, firstly point out your strengths and how these strengths will help the company. Secondly, talk about your achievements and lastly put-up points on what you will do to uplift this company and help this company reach its zenith. 
  1. What do you know about the Yogurtland working environment and atmosphere and what do you think will be the challenges you will have to face working in the company?
  • Talk about the work culture and environment of the company. Make sure you have done enough research about the company’s working environment. When it comes to the difficulties, tell them that you will first need to adapt to things and assure them that you will easily do this.


The article contains all the important questions the interviewer asks in the Yogurtland company hiring process. It gives all the information regarding the company, the way the interview is conducted, and what they look like in the candidate. It is an accumulation of all the necessary information regarding the interview questions and suggests all the ways to answer these questions.


  • What is the average pay in a Yogurtland company?

                        The average pay ranges from 12 to 25 dollars per hour

  • What should be the dress code in the interview?

                        The dress code should be formal wear both for males and females.

Yogurtland Interview Questions- Know More

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