What to wear to a landscaper job interview?

What to wear to a landscaper job interview?

It is a vital part of an interview process that how you present yourself. No matter what job you have applied for. It matters what you show up wearing for your interview. Just like an engineering interview, a light dress shirt and a pair of trouser pants would work the best. However, for a hotelier job interview, a tuxedo for a gentleman and a dress shirt with a pencil skirt will do the job for the ladies. You can see the difference here as hoteliers need their appearance to be more charming than the engineer. Thus, their interview outfits are fancier and hotel likely. On the other hand, an engineer needs to look smart and tidy. In this article, we will discuss what a person should wear to a landscaper job interview. What dressing would be appropriate for the interview and why so? 

What is a Landscaping Job?

To dress to impress first, we should know what a landscaper’s job and how relevant clothing in this field is. This will help us to know about the job better. A landscaper is a person that constructs and maintain gardens, parks or other natural or artificial landscape. Some of their day-to-day activities include planting trees and greens, groom and maintain their growth, cleaning outdoor facilities, and turning a closed or open space into a natural landscape. There is a specific landscaping company that builds artificial landscapes for private houses or buildings. Furthermore, there are government departments for maintaining city parks. 

What to wear to a Landscape job interview?

Dressing up for interviews might be one of the hardest decisions ever. You want to make an impression in one go. Even though some companies might be strict with dress codes, some have adopted casual dressing with the change in time. So, it’s best advised to have a thorough research of the employee before the interview. Try to find out about the atmosphere of the company’s working space and relation among the employees. This can prepare you for how to present yourself. 

Clothes for a Landscape Job  Interview 

Some Landscaping companies might allow business casual or casuals. In such case: 

For Men 

  • Dress Shirt 
  • Polo Shirt 
  • Trouser Pants 
  • Dress Pants 

For Women

  • A Casual Shirt 
  • Blouse Tops 
  • Pencil Skirt 
  • Parallel Pants 
  • Formal Dress 
  • Business Suits 

On the other hand, some companies ask their employees to wear business attire which can require a 3 piece suit with proper accessories, and for women, it could be business suits or formal dress.

Accessories for a Landscape Job Interview

When we are dressing up for an interview, we often forget about what accessories we should wear. As just clothing would make you look presentable but half-hearted. You could wear an expensive brand for your interview, but your expensive outfit might look cheap if you don’t have accessories properly. If you are opting for a management position, make sure you wear a watch. A watch is essential for the management department as they believe that time is money. For men, wear a proper color-coordinated tie with your suit( this could be skipped for semi-casual), and proper dress shoes are required. 

However, women are supposed to keep their accessories as simple as possible. Small cuff earrings and a watch are highly suggested. Avoid sparkly or dangly accessories at any cost. You don’t want your interviewer to be distracted. Furthermore, pick shoes as what you feel confident in. Wear dress shoes as require or heels if you are comfortable. If we talk about colors, Light color clothing would be the best option. Since landscapers often work with nature and require to radiate positive vibes to the clients. It’s better to dress in light colors or colors that are close to nature.

Online Interview

There could be times when you might even be asked for a video call interview. Even in terms of online video interviews, dress just as you would for the in-person interview. This will show your sincerity towards the job. They might only be able to see just the top half of yours. Still, you should be dressed overall.  Don’t be lazy and dress well. 

How to Wear Your Hair for a Landscaper Interview 

When you pay so much attention to your clothing and accessories, it’s also important to style your hair. In modern days people like to experiment with their hair. Styling and coloring have become the new normal, but you are not sure how strict the dress and look code is for the company. It is highly recommended to die your hair to your natural color for the time beginning as some companies might be against color. Also, long hair or wavy would look better tied down. However, People with afro hair can style it the way afro hair should. A preferable style would braid for an interview. Once you get the job and know the company’s atmosphere, you can style it the way you want. 


Your outfits also depend upon what position you are applying for. Landscape architects could dress semi-formals, but management departments might ask for strict business attire. If you are unsure, it’s okay to call and ask for assistance from the company’s human resource manager. It’s better to have a heads-up before the scheduled interview. Don’t be hesitate to overdressed. In a way, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. The way you dress in the interview will also reflect upon how you would represent the company. Moreover, landscaping companies heavily depend on their clients and their rapport with their clients. In a way, we can say that this field of work requires dressing smart and effective. 

The Key Tip 

  • Dress in what you feel comfortable and confident in. 
  • Accessorise but keep it simple 
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and in mind condition 
  • Wear a light perfume if requires 
  • Avoid sparkly and bright colors. 
  • If not sure what to wear then go for formal attire. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What question can we expect for a landscaper job interview?

Answer: Mostly, the question will be based on what work and experience you have gained in this field. They even ask you technical terms related to this field to cross-check and test your knowledge. If you don’t know such an answer, don’t hesitate to tell them what you know and be honest. Other than these they can even ask you general questions about you and how you like this job. They might even ask you about your previous work and portfolio. Make sure you have all your documents handy to support your answer. 

  1. How much can money can I make out of the Landscapers job? 

Answer: The salary for this job can vary from company to company and even country to country. Moreover, the salary also depends on what position you are opting for. Landscaper job has many positions like Architect, service provider, management and many more. On the other hand, it also depends on the country if landscaper jobs are irrelevant or not. Suppose a company is privately owned or government-owned. Make sure you have the proper title you want to work as. Still, an average Landscaper makes up to $20,000-50,000 per year in America. 

  1. What do landscapers do? what are the work activities a landscaper would be asked to do?

Answer: Landscapers are the people that are responsible for making parks and gardens and other artificial landscapes for the open space. A landscaper’s job could vary from designing the space and bringing it to life to be the one that builds these spaces. The landscaper worker is the one that helps in the construction of the landscapes. There is also a service provider responsible for finding and contacting the clients and managing their requirements. The work can be both office work and fieldwork. 

What to wear to a landscaper job interview?

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