Virtual Assistant Interview Questions and Answers 2021

Virtual Assistant Interview Questions

Ever wanted to get into the world of becoming a virtual assistant? We will present Virtual Assistant Interview Questions here. You may be a veteran or a beginner, but these sample interview questions will help you get your next gig! These sample interview questions focused on virtual assisting will help you secure a new job with all the tips and strategies. Virtual assistants can come from various backgrounds, and many can find jobs with a high school diploma, but some employers prefer a bachelor’s degree or college diploma. They can work in industries from real estate, marketing agencies, law firms, etc. Their work can vary, ranging from administrative work, marketing, technical jobs, social media, and much more. It can be helpful to choose a few areas of expertise to focus on.

For example, your skills could be researching, being a transcriptionist, editing documents, creating social media campaigns for a company, or any other service you want to offer! Depending on your area of expertise, you will be required to have certain skills. For example, if you are going to be managing a company’s social media, you will be required to understand social media analytics, how to build brand awareness, how to engage with their audience online, understand how to keep up with trends, etc. A good tip is to take certifications related to your skills to show an employer that you know. Interviews tend to make a lot of people nervous. Therefore it’s important to understand the job and its description before you continue the process. It will be helpful to understand the following questions and answers below for your next virtual assistant interview!

Potential Virtual Assistant Interview Questions

  • What are the skills and services you specialize in?

This question allows the interviewer to understand your expertise and what you can offer to them. The employer can also understand if you have communication and organizational skills from how you answer the question.

Sample: My expertise is with digital marketing. I provide businesses with content research, conduct analysis on statistics, update social media and schedule posts, reply to customer questions, engage with the audience, and additional services that the business wants me to assist with (that is related to my expertise). For example, some employers have asked me to conduct SEO research which I am also proficient in. 

  • What hours are you available for work and how many clients do you have right now?

From this question, the interviewer can understand if their schedule matches yours. Be sure to be honest about your availability. 

Sample: I have one other client, and I provide the service for 10 hours a week. I am open to hours between 9-5 pm (make sure to state your time zone) from Monday to Friday. I am also open to discussing whether this will be a fixed schedule job or flexible hours. I also accommodate my clients based on their needs to the best of my ability. 

  • What would you do if you get stuck on a project?

This tells the interviewer the way you work and how you respond to difficult situations. They are looking for proactive and attentive individuals who also ask for clarification when needed.

Sample: I am a motivated learner who has acquired problem-solving skills through various experiences. I would first look over my expectations for the project to ensure that I didn’t miss key details that could answer my confusion. Then, I would break down the task into smaller parts to understand. If I need further clarification, I would ask the employer to ensure that the quality of the work is the best it can be. 

  • What computer programs are you proficient in?

The interviewer wants to understand if you’re aware of different time management apps, tracking tools, design apps, financial tools, social media tools, and much more, depending on your expertise.

Sample: I am aware of and proficient in several different programs. To track time, I have used Time Doctor. To manage any social media, I have used Buffer, ContentStudio, and Hootsuite. I am fully versed in Microsoft Suite and Google Suite as I use them daily for work. I also utilize Canva and Adobe Photoshop for any graphics that I need to create for my clients. To communicate with my clients, I use Slack and Zoom. Further, if the client wants me to understand other tools they use, I am open to suggestions. 

  • How can you contribute to my business?

The interviewer wants to see how you leverage your skills to contribute to their business. Highlight what improvements you can add that they may not already have. The sample below is from the perspective of a virtual assistant who is a digital marketer.

Sample: I will be a valuable asset to the team as I can bring many skills from my previous experiences. I have launched an SEO campaign for a client in the past, helping them generate an additional 500 visitors. I have also strategized and developed paid digital marketing campaigns on Instagram and AdWords, with a monthly budget, and generated an increase in revenue. With strong analytical and problem-solving skills, I can ensure that I can take on any project to increase customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

  • What would you do if the client’s vision of a project isn’t aligned with yours? 

The interviewer is looking to see how well of a communicator you are. Portray that you are fit for the job by understanding their needs and showing a proficient communication method to solve the root problem. 

Sample: In such situations, I would keep an open mind and have a conversation with the client. I would ask any questions that I am confused about, and we would go over the project plan again. I would revise the plan on my own time to see a different perspective and would ask for any clarifications to ensure the client is happy. I once had a situation where a graphic I created didn’t appeal to the client. They explained their needs and vision to me, and I recreated it, which led to the client is satisfied and happy. I also kept this in mind to understand the client’s wants and needs and work accordingly to make the workflow easier on both ends.

  • What strategies do you use to stay productive when you work from home? 

The interviewer wants to make sure that their projects and work will get done. Hence they want to see your dedication. It’s important to note that you can prioritize your time, and client needs come first.

Sample: I have an organized schedule for my work time, and that is when I always prioritize my client’s needs. As a virtual assistant, I appreciate my job a lot, and because I enjoy doing it, I don’t get distracted. I create a list every morning, including my tasks, and make sure I complete them promptly. Communicating with my clients also helps me hold myself accountable when I tell them that their assignments will be completed on time. I take breaks on time to boost my productivity and ensure that my best work is done. 

  • What problems have you encountered in previous work experiences?

The interviewer wants to understand how you deal with problems in a professional setting. Make sure to highlight your soft skills and personality traits that enable you to adapt to different situations. This will show the employer that you can solve problems and keep a growth mindset.

Sample: I believe it’s important to be a team player while also stating your thoughts and opinions when needed. I had experienced situations when a client made last-minute changes to a project which had an upcoming deadline. In this situation, it was important to have good communication and a positive attitude to prevent frustration on both ends. I organized a new schedule and plan for the project with the client’s updated changes and proposed it. This resulted in an extension for the project to make sure it’s done with perfection! With any problem I experience, I analyze the situation, develop solutions, and propose ideas that can be best for everyone.

  • What would you do if you had too many deadlines coming up and were unsure if you could complete them on time?

The interviewer wants to understand how you manage tasks and how important accountability is to you.

Sample: I am always transparent with my clients about my schedule. Since I keep an organized timeline for myself and my clients, I take on projects that will get done by the deadline. There has been a situation when a client proposed a project to me, and I analyzed the amount of work and told them during the initial stages that I may need more time. They appreciated this transparency, but with my dedication and hard work, I could still complete it on time and when they wanted it.

  • What makes you unique from other virtual assistants?

This question can help you bring out your creative side and gives you the chance to talk about yourself. Use it wisely!

Sample: I have many hobbies and passions that enhance my creativity. As an individual who enjoys photography, I try to go out in nature and take different pictures, use different editing tools and create different scenarios with my images. This helps me in my daily job as I can use this creativity when curating social media graphics for my clients. I also like to read and keep up with blogs and the news, especially in the business world. A unique quality about me is my ability to balance work, family, and life. I find time for all important aspects of my life because I genuinely enjoy each one of them!

General Interview Tips

  • Always conduct background research on the client or business you are applying for
  • Look over general questions and answers that they can ask 
  • Dress professionally to make a good impression
  • Keep a portfolio of your work experience and have a copy of your resume with you.
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes early for the interview to make sure you aren’t late
  • Be excited and happy about the interview 
  • Greet the interviewer professionally 

Common Platforms for Virtual Assistant Jobs

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Indeed
  • Fancy hands
  • ZipRecruiter 
  • LinkedIn
  • Zirtual

What are you waiting for? Get practicing on your interview skills with these sample questions, and you’re on your way to getting your next job! If you are still looking to build experience, remember to choose your expertise, build a portfolio, network with individuals through LinkedIn and use word of mouth!

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Virtual Assistant Interview Questions and Answers 2021

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