Top Sorority Interview Questions with Sample Answers

Sorority Interview Questions

According to the textbooks, Sorority’s meaning is a female association or a society in a university or college. We will discuss Sorority Interview Questions here. Why does one join this? It is like a bunch of people who stay together and do activities for a cause. The activities most of the time include fundraising, helping, or even teaching the unprivileged. They cherish each other and are there for each other at all times. The memories stay forever with a person and bring a smile when thinking about them.

Every society starts with recruiting new members each year and helping them grow alongside them. For this process, the newbies are asked a bunch of questions. Unlike formal interviews, these are more casual and easygoing. They expect you to be honest and approachable.

Sorority Interview Questions

  • Q1. Tell us something about yourself that makes you eligible to join our society.

To answer this question, you may start with telling your name and about yourself. The introduction may include your hobbies, interests, and any prior experience in the field. You may also talk about your career paths.

  • Q2. What are some community services you have done?

To answer this question, I have worked at many NGOs, especially for the children who are under privileges and want to study. I have references from them and can also set up a call interview for referral purposes. I have also worked for the bank as my internship.

  • Q3. Can I ask you about your favorite movies, songs, a genre of books, and a book?

For this question, answer all your favorite things quite honestly. Please do not change your answer for peer pressure or acting cool as it may affect your chances. Even if you are selected, people will get to know you in the future, which will not greatly impact future purposes. Also, in short, tell them about why these are your favorites and what you learned from them.

  • Q4. Where would you live this year?

I would be living in the dorms this year since I am a freshman but I would be moving out next year with my friend from my city.

  • Q5. Since you said you are a freshman, why did you choose this university?

After researching for about one year, I came up with good universities and provided the major I wanted. The best one out of them was this from where I got an offer letter. This was also closer to my home and the NGO I worked for, so I could visit them once in a while.

  • Q6. Your major is economics, tell us why you chose this?

I always wanted to study economics as it has always interested me. From the start, I had worked as an accountant at the places, and those surveys and profit and loss graphs pulled me closer to the subject. Also, I was quite into the subject since my father is an economist, and I have read his books from the start.

  • Q7. Can you please tell us about your hobbies like dancing and singing?

As I mentioned earlier, I was interested in dancing and singing from the start. But I am not that good at singing, but I have learned hip-hop and contemporary and have won three medals for that. Out of which two were national level, and the other was a state competition. 

  • Q8. Are you paying or paying for your dues?

To answer this question, you must tell them your source of income if you are working or doing an internship. If you pay for your dues alone, tell them, or you can also tell them if you share your dues with your family. If your parents are solely paying for you, please be honest in answering.

  • Q9. What is one adventurous thing you have done over the summer?

This question is asked because sisters need fun and high-on fun people to be in the house, so the environment does not get too serious, and the workplace remains lively. In this question, you should talk about the best thing you did during the summer. It could be mysterious or adventurous. This question is great for the decision of your selection or rejection.

  • Q10. Why do you want to join this sorority? 

This is another important factor that moves forward in the selection process. In this, you should answer honestly what you expect from joining. You could decide the course of answers you would follow. For example, you might go for your experience while being in this or the friendship you would build along with mental peace.

Question For The Interviewer

  • Q1. What is the new member program?

In this question, you can tell the candidate about the perks you give to the new members. You can also tell them about the things you have done in the past and how you work. This can also be a great opportunity to tell them why you are the best sorority to join.

  • Q2. How to balance both?

In this, tell the user how it is important for them to balance both their lives. Tell them some steps on how to manage both. Some of them can include time management, responsibility, and priority setting. Priority setting is how to get things right and keep in check what is important and when the submission or event is held.

  • Q3. Time needed to be given to society?

Tell them about all the things that are to be done. You can tell them the workload. The amount of time to complete the work depends on the candidate and their working capability. If you are a smart worker alongside a hard worker, you may even complete the task at the earliest. But at an approx, you might have to donate 6-7 hours per week and maybe more in case of upcoming events and according to the schedule.

  • Q4. Do you also have an academic program?

The answer to this question should revolve around academic scholarships and programs. This should also tell them how this will benefit them in their further studies and jobs. They should also know about the importance of the recommendation letter by you.

  • Q5. Can you tell me about the events you conducted?

The recent events conducted should be briefly reported telling all about the perks and knowledge they got in return. They should also be aware of your different strategies regarding the marketing of your event. They should also be aware of the guests you invited on a higher version.

  • Q6. What are you looking for in a candidate?

The answer should be given precisely, so the candidate knows what she is up for. It will also give them a clear picture of what is expected from them. The answer shouldn’t be molded or twisted since, in the future, it may cause differences between you and the candidate is selected based on what you expect.

The Steps

  • Recruitment: In this, the sisters meet new members and test them out. They also go to different houses since they would be living there for the rest time. Most universities do the recruitment in the fall-spring, but sometimes a small version is conducted in spring. This may take a long time and is mostly done in the first week of classes. Most of the time, they have to attend classes on weekdays and interview on weekends which may take up to two weekends consecutively.

  • New Members: Once they are recruited, they go to their homes and start living there. Many events are conducted to help little sisters connect with big sisters. Each new member is provided with a guide sister who helps her know everything about the sorority and its history. She is like the go-to person for the new member and helps her move forward.

  • Families: The sorority comes under a bigger family. The university sorority can have the same chapter as the other sorority and can be on the same level. The most common words we have heard are “big,” small,” and “twin” in the sorority, which refers to the family. These are mostly the small group in large organizations. Although you can have many connections, the big, twin, and little ones are mostly those you tend to lean more on for study dates, dinner dates, and other events.

  • Leadership Opportunities: Each sorority has a President, Vice president, board, and chair to work with. This provides them with opportunities to enhance their leadership skills. Some of the roles are as follow:-
    • Scheduling philanthropy events 
    • Signing the chapter
    • Managing the sorority house


  • It helps to make the college a better place. College is more fun and entertainment along with doing studies.
  • Some sisters are involved in Student Government, Housing, and Residential affairs, serve as executives and share a deep connection with what you care for. This will help you to attend events and seminars and find research opportunities.
  • This helps in adulthood after four years. You will have people who will motivate you, give you confidence, inspire you to become more caring, respectful, and stand by your side to keep you company.


Although every sorority has a GPA requirement for you to be included and get probation for a GPA fall, this tells them to keep academics first. The conditions are manageable, and most of the sisters end up in the same class and help each other.

The sorority is a good place to join and keep company. They are the people who will support you and inspire you to move forward. They will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and make you a better person when you move out of the university.

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Top Sorority Interview Questions with Sample Answers

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