Patient Transporter Interview Questions-Know More

Patient transporter also known as hospital porters. The person who used to carry patients or equipment from one place(point A) to another(point B) is called a Patient transporter. It can be using a vehicle or a wheelchair for patients, etc. Let us know more about that the Patient Transporter Interview Questions-Know More.

Patient Transporter Interview Questions-Know More

How to be a patient transporter?

  • You have to earn a bachelor’s degree from your related field, or you can study GED to be a patient transporter. And then enter into any medical organization, show your talents in an interview, answer all the questions correctly, and grab your dream position.

Advantages of a patient transporter

1) You can grant access to most departments inside hospitals because all you have to do is transport patients, and it can be from any department as per hospital requirements.

2) You will see many medical professionals almost every day, and you can learn many things from them. It will be a benefit for you, to higher your level in hospital if you want.

3) Every day you will meet some new patients. Here you can interact with them smoothly your communication skills will be, in good practice as well.

4) If you wish to work in the same hospital, there is a chance to higher your level by gathering knowledge from your seniors, co-workers, and medical professionals. It is the best learning opportunity. Everything you will learn practically as well as orally daily. All you have to do is transfer a patient from one place to another, so it is ups and downs, and learn new things.

5) Every day is a new start, whereas every day is a brand-new start to the difficult situation in the hospital. Always be ready for every situation.

Disadvantages of a patient transporter

1) Sometimes, you have to deal with some aggressive patients in the hospital. Remember, you cannot lose your temper, and you have to deal with that patient very calmly. It might be possible to lose your job if you get aggressive too. 

2) Every day you are working in the hospital, like transferring patients. Suppose you are dealing with a patient over a few weeks, and suddenly you notice that their health is deteriorating day by day, then you may feel bad for them. But you have to be strong at that time, because you have to work there, and it is obvious to deal with such things sometimes.

3) The entry-level average price rate is USD 12.51 per hour. You can understand that how low it is in today’s time.

4) You need so much energy to work continuously. Somedays, you have to work on your feet, and on another day, you may have to transfer some patients from one hospital to another. On that note, you have to transport your patient by vehicle (van mostly).

5) You have to be very strong to move poor patients from one room to another or from one bed to another bed at night. The strength needed to do this job, sometimes your back will be in pain, and you might be under stress.

What will be your responsibilities regarding this job?

As discussed earlier that you have to transfer or move a patient from one place to another. Somedays you have to transport a patient from hospital  A to hospital B by vehicle, also you have to maintain proper time. You have to handle every situation on time. You have to transfer them to the ICU room. All you have to do is take care of every patient in a proper manner. You have to lift your patient from one bed to another. You have to carry a pregnant lady from her house to the hospital’s ICU room. Sometimes you need to transport medical equipment from upstairs to downstairs too. Sometimes a professional team needs equipment like test tubes, etc. You have to transport the right test tube for the right job, or may the result go wrong.  In the way of transportation, you should talk with the patient who is very tense about their surgery, and you should motivate them and encourage them by saying, ” Don’t worry, all will be okay.” Sometimes, while transporting on roads, you have to assist every member present in the ambulance sitting behind you. Your work may differ sometimes might be related to the hospital demand. All you need to do is take care of a safe patient or equipment transport. That’s all you have to do.

9 Common Interview Question and Sample Answers

1) Tell me about yourself?

Ans:- Hi, I am Sandra. I am glad that you have invited and given me this opportunity to represent myself as a patient transporter. I am a hard-working woman, and an energetic person, an effective communicator, and last but not least, a quick learner too. I enjoy being active and working that’s busy and challenging.

Over the years, I have acquired so many skills. I believe that will help me to become a safe patient transporter. I am good with people, and I can fit everywhere.

I am a good service provider, and I can tackle high-standard work. If you give me the chance to showcase myself as a patient transporter, I can assure you that I will approve the value of the hospital, and I can work for hours you want me to.

2)Why do you choose to be a patient transporter?

Ans:- Being a patient transporter is active because I will adequately do my job. In this job, I can stay fit. The role itself means that I will need to maintain my physical body fitness. I love to help people, so it’s also my motive to be a patient transporter.

Staying active at work is very important to me. It will be my pleasure to meet many people from different backgrounds, cultures, and departments. I will get to work beside them, like other like-minded professionals. At last, everyone is working hard to make a positive impact.

3) Why do you want to work for our hospital?

Ans:- I want to work for this hospital because, after carrying out a little bit of research. I am attracted to your values and the medical staff. I have spoken to someone here who has worked already has said positive things about the hospital. The way it’s run and managed.

Your values focus on delivering first-class patient care, transport, respect, nobility, and continuous improvement. Entire my working life, I have demonstrated high standards in my career, and I believe respect and nobility are essential terms.

Because of these things, I feel this will be a great place to work.

4) What do you expect to be doing each day as a patient transporter?

Ans:- As a patient transporter, I have to face uncountable duties depending on what is required by the team. You could say that we are the heartbeat of the hospital because we must ensure the patients are transported to their respective areas quickly and safely.

Without the patient, the medical team cannot start their job, so we should follow the rules. Our main motive and duties include transporting patients in wheelchairs, taking care of and looking after the safety precaution of the patients while transporting them, lifting bodies, and many things if required.

5) Think of a situation where you may witness much misery or discomfort in your job, or may someone die in front of you. How do you will deal with this situation emotionally?

Ans:- Being a human being, I will feel low and upset at that time, and I think everyone will feel the same. For a few days, I may be depressed too, I can consult a mental counselor, which is not a bad idea, either I can talk to my co-workers to deal with the situation. It is natural everyone cannot stay their whole life. I have to face births and deaths every day. So, I have solutions, and I am confident to cope with that situation emotionally.

6) Now, think or imagine a situation that you are transporting a patient from their room to the ICU room. They are scared and do not want to go to the ICU room. How will you convince your patient?

Ans:- I think, at that time, it is not that easy to convince that patient. They are afraid, so I need to calm them politely. To make comfortable and relaxed. I will say, ” Look, I know you are scared too much, and that is normal. Think of this as a test, and you have to pass this test to make everyone happy. Earlier I have seen many patients like you who were very scared. They passed the test and were very happy. Doctors and nurses are here to help you, not to punish you. They will anesthetize you so that you don’t have to feel any pain, so relax. You can also do this, and you have to do this, and also everything happens for a good reason. Don’t worry, relax, and all the best.”

7) In which position do you see yourself after 3-5 years?

Ans:- Firstly, I can’t see the future. Like, everyone I also want to see myself as a successful person. So, to be successful. I have to focus on my present then only my future will be great if I get the chance to be the patient transporter at your hospital. Then I can assure you that I will be the best fit. Every day, I will know the rules and regulations, learn new things from mentors or professionals, gain knowledge. By working, hard I will boost up my knowledge, and then only I can achieve my desired position or elsewhere I want to see myself in the future.

8) What amount of salary do you expect from us?

Ans:- As a fresher, I don’t expect that much. I know, according to my job performance, I will be paid. To earn a good amount of salary, I have to work hard day and night. Every day I must be on time at work.

9) Why do you want this job?

Ans:- I want this job to learn, gain, and help people who need help. It will also upgrade my skills. I can get many benefits and learn how to deal with every situation in life from this job, so I will be happy to do this job.


A perfect entry-level job for you if you are interested in learning more about how the hospital work. I am suggesting this job to, you get to interact with all nurses, and medical professionals from ER, ICU to the main hospital floors, and you will have more interaction and experience working with each department charge nurse and the house supervisor.

Frequently asked questions

1) What are the requirements to be a patient transporter?

Ans:- You need a graduation degree or GED. You have to be a good speaker and communicator. At least, for one year, you have to be experienced in healthcare. You must have the ability to lift 50 pounds.

2) How many hours does a patient transporter work?

Ans:- It may vary for different hospitals. But every hospital needs a transporter who can work 24 hours(Full Time) breaks, will be there, and a few hospitals are also there who gives part-time job(14-15hours). Here schedule is if a transporter works half-day, then another transporter will work the other half.

3) Do patient transporters get drug tested?

Ans:- Yes, before hiring you, they will test that whether you take drugs or not.

4) what is the dress code for patient transporters?

Ans:- They used to wear shirts and pants, also known as scrubs.

5) Is patient transporter is a good job?

Ans:- Yes, patient transporter is a good job. There are so many reasons. Firstly, here you can get an exciting opportunity to learn new things practically every day, meeting new patients, professionals. You don’t have to go to the gym because by working every day you will be active, your body will be fit. A lot of excitement will be there, in one sentence, full of excitement.

Patient Transporter Interview Questions-Know More

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