Top 20+ Oral History Interview Questions

Oral History Interview Questions
In this, some general questions are asked about your life, and you have to answer them briefly. We will discuss Oral History Interview Questions here. There will be some personal questions related to family background, past life, and education qualification. There might be some tricky and crazy questions asked in the interview, but no need to worry. All the questions will be related to you. In short, the questions will be about your reflection on the past and your skills. So here, I am writing some self-picked questions that can be helpful to you.

Oral History Interview Questions

Questions Related to Childhood:

  • Tell me something about yourself.
    • In this, you have to tell your name, city, and hobbies.
    • For instance: William Smith and I am from New York City, and I like to play music and sing a song.
  • Do you remember some moments from school life?
    • You have to answer about your school life.
    • For example, I went to a private school as I was the only child of my parents to afford it. I’ve made many new friends there, and they all are still in touch with me. Whenever we get together, we cherish the memories of our school time, like how we studied together and had done some mischievous things like pranks and all at that time. I think my school life was so good that I can’t forget it in my entire life.

Questions Related to Family:

  • How many members are there in your family?
    • You have to introduce your family members and a basic introduction about them.
    • For instance: My family consists of five members, i.e., me, father, mother, grandfather, and grandmother. My father is a doctor and mother is a housewife, and both my grandparents are retired.
  • Does your family have any special traditions?
    • You have to say about any specific thing that your family follows.
    • For example, in my family, we don’t throw a party or invite people on the occasion of anyone’s birthday. But on that day, we celebrate the birthday at an orphanage with people living there, as it brings a blissful moment among us.

Questions Related to Change in Life:

  • Tell me about some life-changing moments that you had?
    • In this, you have to speak about the moment when you discover something new in your life.
    • For instance, when I completed my school life, I got admission to a college situated in another city. So, I have to move out to that city alone without my family. That was a very life-changing moment for me, as I’ve never stayed away from my parents in the past.
  • So, what lessons did you learn from it?
    • In this, you have to answer some lessons that your life gave you.
    • For example: When I moved to that city, I’ve got to know so many things like understanding new people, the value of money and the different cultures of different peoples, etc. Also, I’ve come to know about responsibilities in our life.

Questions Related to Religion:

  • So, what part of religion you and your family play?
    • In this, you have to mention the part of your religion you play in your daily life.
    • For instance: We are Christians, but we don’t go to church daily. We visit it every Friday and also on some occasions. We offer prayers daily at our home, like before eating, and always be thankful to God.

Questions Related to Work:

  • Was your family financially comfortable when you were growing up?
    • In this, you have to tell them about the financial condition of your family.
    • For example, My father is a doctor, so our financial condition was quite good, and as I’ve mentioned, I am the only son, so my father bought me the latest toys and quality products. 
  • Tell me about your first job and how did you get into it?
    • In this, you have to talk about your first job and how you ended up getting in.
    • For instance: My first job was as an intern in an IT company. After completing the second year, I’ve applied to that company during summer break, and I got the offer letter. And in that company, I got to learn so many new things.

Questions Related to Personality:

  • What would your friends say about you?
    • You have to talk about your personality.
    • For example, My friends always tell me that I am so smart and can handle any situation calmly. Also, I think that I have some great skills to help someone solve their problems.

Questions Related to Pets:

  • Do you like animals?
    • You have to talk about the animals you like.
    • For instance: I am fond of animals. As animals are some creatures that help us in our day to day lives as a cow gives us milk, sheep provides wool, and so on. So, we should take care of the animals by feeding them. 
  • What kind of animal would you like as your pet?
    • You should talk about your favorite animal that you would like to pet.
    • For example, I love so many animals, but personally, I will prefer dogs as my pet as they are loyal to their owner, and yes, it is scientifically proven that dogs are our best friends.

Questions Related to Traveling:

  • Do you like traveling?
    • You have to answer that whether you are a traveling person or not.
    • For instance: I love to discover new places since childhood. It came from my father as he is also a travel person.
  • Till now, which places are there that you have visited?
    • You have to talk about your travel history.
    • For example, I’ve visited so many places to date, like I have completed visiting almost seven wonders of the world. 
  • Are you a solo traveler or group-oriented?
    • You have to talk about the preference of your travel.
    • For instance: I prefer solo traveling more, as it will help you be yourself rather than faking around people. Also, you can get to know yourself while traveling and can develop a healthy mindset.
  • Tell me about a place that you’ve visited alone?
    • You have to talk about the place that you have visited alone.
    • For example, I’ve visited a plethora of places alone, but most of the places were mountainous regions. I like to visit these sites in winter as the whole mountain is covered with snow and that beauty can’t be described in words. Also, one can enjoy trekking and different adventure sports located at that spot. There in the cold nights, you can enjoy a barbeque dinner with bone-fire. One can literally feel peace and relaxed there. 
  • Have you ever traveled in a group?
    • You have to talk about a time when you traveled with a group of people.
    • For instance: As I’ve said earlier, I prefer solo traveling more, but yes, I have traveled with a group of friends of mine. After graduation, we planned a trip. We have gone to Thailand. There we have made a great memory. 
  • Which place do you like more, mountain or ocean? And why?
    • You have to tell, whether you like mountain more or the ocean to visit and the reason behind it.
    • For example, I prefer the ocean over mountains. I like to sit at the beach doing nothing but look at the waves that strike the land and go back, and I also like to feel a cold breeze on my body. Another thing is that I like water sports as it boosts our adrenaline. Also, seeing the sunset at the beach is a beautiful phenomenon in this world.

Questions Related to Food:

  • Are you a foodie?
    • You have to tell whether you like a different type of food or prefer a normal one.
    • For instance: Yes, I am a food-lover. I cannot survive on a single type of food. I like to try different cuisine of different countries. Also, I like to eat different dishes in my day-to-day life. 
  • Do you prefer restaurant food or street food?
    • You have to answer about the place you like to eat food with a reason.
    • For example, I like to eat street food more as it contains an original taste of that place. Moreover, street food is prepared by local ones, and it is cheap. The same food will cost you double in a restaurant, and you can’t get the same taste as that of street one. 
  • Which cuisines have you tried to date?
    • You have to talk about different cuisines that you have tried.
    • For instance: I have tried many cuisines to date as Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabian, etc. But I like Indian food more as it is made full of spices and tastes so good that no one could stop eating that food. Also, they have a wide range of dishes.

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Top 20+ Oral History Interview Questions

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