Oracle dba interview questions with answers

Oracle dba interview questions

Oracle is a great company and provides database servers for users and companies. However, Oracle dba interview questions are one of the most significant parts of getting a job, and you need comprehensive knowledge to overcome them. This article provides different forms of questions and their answers that will help you dominate the interview section.

Hopefully, you don’t need to make much effort to review questions if you have practical work experience. However, it is essential to check frequent oracle dba interview questions to get the best results and start your desired job, and you can even build an excel file and list all the necessary topics. Thus, you will be able to arrange questions and their answers together, so it’s easy to review them.

Steps to pass the oracle dba interview questions

The interviewer wants to know your knowledge level, and if you have worked with Oracle DB, there is no problem with the Oracle dba interview questions. The answers for the interview section are short and comprehensive, so you don’t need to waste much time reviewing them.

More than that, it would be better to utilize your work experience to answer the questions, and the answers should be convincing, short, and thorough to prove your expertise level and skills.

Here are the most critical and frequent Oracle dba interview questions that we will provide proper answers for them in the next section:

  • What is Oracle?
  • What is an Oracle database, and where do we use it?
  • Why do we use the control file?
  • What is an Oracle index?
  • Why do we use the Oracle index?
  • Who is responsible for updating the indexes in Oracle DBA?
  • What are the different types of databases available?
  • What are the responsibilities of a DBA?
  • What is Database Writer or DBWR?
  • What is a listener process?
  • Explain the different types of backups in Oracle.
  • Why do you need to rebuild the indexes?

Many of the questions are theoretical, but some of them are based on your work experience. The famous and professional organizations consider both question forms to examine the candidate they are hiring.

What is Oracle?

Oracle is a technological company, and it also provides data servers. Oracle allows the users to store and read data from multiple environments, protected from unauthorized requests.

Oracle is one of the leading database servers that is popular for its performance and high-speed computing.

Here are some notable benefits that are likely to be asked regarding Oracle dba interview questions:

  • High performance and computing speed
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to manage database and tables
  • High-level support and services
  • Ability to use in large organizations for storing extensive data
  • High-security levels and protected layers for storing and managing data and information

What is an Oracle database, and where do we use it?

Oracle database is a type of RDBMS from Oracle corporation developed in 1977 by Lawrence Ellison. Oracle DB is one of the reliable and trusted platforms for storing and retrieving data. Due to its scalability, many organizations and enterprises worldwide are implementing it for managing databases and organizing data storage.

Why do we use the control file?

We can use the control file for finding the physical component. The control file stores the physical structure of the database, like file location.

The control file is one of the most essential and popular capabilities of the Oracle database, and it provides many benefits for handling the files and data in the database.

What is an Oracle index?

An index is an optional part associated with a table that makes it easy to retrieve the data. When using a database, there may be many problems with the data retrieval, and retrieving the data from tables may decrease the performance and speed of the action. But, Oracle offers a unique and optimal way that provides many advantages for the data handling in the tables.

An index provides easy access to rows and increases the performance of the data retrieval. Also, users can create an index for more than one column in the table.

Why do we use the Oracle index?

Indexes are easy to access the data in the tables, providing a unique way and saving process time. The Oracle DB user can quickly reach the desired data, and accordingly, there is no need for searching all of the rows in the table.

Indexes provide a great way to save time when dealing with the tables in the database, and you could easily manage or update them in rapid and easy steps.

Who is responsible for updating the indexes in Oracle DBA?

Oracle automatically maintains the indexes, and when a change is made in the tables, the database updates indexes with new and relevant data.

What are the different types of available databases?

The various databases developed for use in multiple fields, and some of the famous examples are as follows:

  • IBM db2
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB 

What are the responsibilities of a DBA?

DBA in the Oracle platform has many responsibilities. For example, DBA can create new users or change the environment. Also, DBA has the power to remove the existing users.

Some of the most significant responsibilities of a DBA are as follows:

  • Monitoring database performance
  • Making backups and recovery
  • Managing database and storage
  • Handling security and administrative options

What is Database Writer or DBWR?

In the Oracle database, we have data files that contain the database data and store all of them. DBWR is responsible for writing data from the database buffer to these data files.

What is a listener process?

The listener process is a network connectivity tool that developers and authorities could use for accessing the database.

It provides an easy and flawless method for connecting to the database, and developers can achieve a valuable tool for performing network requests.

Oracle listener is a process that works on the server computer and gets the client requests. It manages the traffic between clients and database servers, which will be an excellent tool for managing and handling the network traffic.

Explain the different types of backups in Oracle.

We have four main types of backups in the Oracle database as follows:

  • Cold or Offline backup
  • Hot or Online backup
  • Import – Export backup
  • RMAN backup

Why do you need to rebuild the indexes?

If you don’t implement the rebuilding process, the performance of tables and data retrieval may degrade. Fragmentation and problems of empty spaces cause many issues that are rebuilding the indexes to resolve them.

Here are the main reasons that we need to rebuild the indexes:

  • The need for insert and delete actions
  • Fragmentation and issues in the structure of data
  • The slow process of data process


Oracle dba interview questions couldn’t be so challenging for experienced developers. The main thing to consider is to use your work experience, and it would be better to answer comprehensively. But, if there is a need for more details, the interviewer will request you to give detailed information. Altogether, your recent projects are significant, and you could review them for delivering more reliable answers in the interview section.

Frequently Asked questions

How many questions are expected for Oracle dba interview questions?

It depends on the job position and the interviewer’s purpose. Generally, it would help if you got prepared for 10 to 20 questions about different topics and tasks of database development.

How much time is needed for passing the Oracle dba interview questions?

You don’t need much time to review questions, and only a few days are appropriate for the experienced ones. For the interview, you have 45 minutes to one hour according to the number of interview questions.

What are the main topics that are likely to be asked regarding the Oracle dba interview questions?

Many topics are likely to be asked in the interview section. To pass the interview section, you need to review the issues about storing and retrieving data, data files, managing databases, user security, and database backup approaches.

Are the Oracle dba interview questions obligatory for getting the desired job?

Yes. Most job positions have a required section for examining the knowledge level of a candidate. But, according to the job position and the company you are applying for.

What is the most important tip for doing better in the Oracle dba interview questions?

The rest of the questions and topics will be about joint projects you have done in the past. So, to dominate the process, it is a good idea to review your recent work experience. It will help if you give thorough and short answers to get the interview section done without any problem.

Are there any questions about other types of databases in the Oracle interview section?

Some general questions about other database services will likely appear. But, there is no concern because these types of questions are about ordinary and general subjects about databases.

Oracle dba interview questions with answers

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