Intuit Interview Questions and answers

Intuit Interview Questions


Congrats to all those who have been selected for this amazing company. This company has always been consistent in its long-term growth and success, and working for such a great company will undoubtedly benefit your career. Obviously, the competition is very high, so your performance in the interview largely decides your chances of selection. Before going to the interview, you should definitely prepare for some of the important questions that the interviewer may ask. Let us discuss some of the most important Intuit interview questions.

Intuit Interview questions

  1. Do you think you are underqualified or overqualified for this job?

We all know that this is something the interviewer already knows. Don’t sound arrogant or underconfident. Convince the interviewer that you are right for this role.

Sample answer– I feel that I am pretty perfect for this role because I possess certain skills and professional knowledge related to this job profile. The job responsibilities are very much related to my previous job role and I have executed similar tasks in my previous company with amazing results.

Your answer should sound like this: you are neither overqualified nor underqualified for this role.

  1. What are your strengths?

Never give generic or casual answers. The interviewer wants to see your power of introspection. Never give answers like “I am hardworking” or “I am a fast learner”.

Sample answer– I am good at handling errors in computer code. Like in my college, I gave many national and international Olympiads. And I was always in the top three at the national level and in the top ten at the international level. The average time that I took to solve the coding paper for one of the toughest exams was half an hour, whereas the allotted time was 1 hour.

Other than this, I am good at remembering the facts and figures of coding. For example, if my code is 100 pages, I remember that on page number 63 I called the function 3 times, and on page number 78 I used class and objects.

Your answer should be based on real-life examples. So support your answers with suitable examples.

  1. What are the weaknesses in your life?

Never say I have no weakness. Such answers will make you sound like a fake perfectionist. Even the person who is taking your interview also has some weaknesses. And sounding arrogant will only increase the chances of your rejection from the company.

Sample answer– I am not good at maintaining a balance between my professional and personal life. Sometimes your personal life affects your professional life. So to improve this, I am making certain improvements like I am engaging less on social media. I wake up early and sleep a little late.

Other than this, I sometimes miss important tasks to be performed. So I have maintained a diary in which I note down all the important events. Also, I have made a timetable for my everyday tasks. So that my life gets structured and hassle-free.

  1. Do you think teamwork is good or bad?

In the company, we all work in teams. We never work individually. So obviously you have to say something in their favor.

Sample answer- I feel teamwork is amazing for growth and learning. We share our skills and get the chance to learn a lot from each other. Together we can cross many obstacles, and our problem-solving attitude increases with teamwork. The power of any organization is its work culture that is nurtured by its team.

The interviewer is looking for someone who is willing to work in coordination. So they are also looking for your relationship and interactive skills rather than your professional knowledge only.

  1. Is there anything you suggested to your previous organization that helped them?

Answer with candor. If something like this has really happened in the past, then only say yes. Also, you may give generic answers also. But never speak the lies.

Sample answer– I found the operational inefficiency in their coding scheme. The efficiency of our software increased exponentially when the software team and technical lead worked on that problem.

If you don’t have any suggestions, then you can say that I worked on lots of bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the company, like operational problems, quality management, talent management, etc. There were a lot of informational and communication mismatches in our company. Through my recommendations and analysis, we eliminated those inefficiencies.

Your answer does not need to be related to your profession only. You can even talk about generic things too.

  1. Would you prefer to work from home or in office work?

The interviewer is looking for a dynamic personality. They want someone who can do both. Working from home is necessary for today’s time, but at the same time, field interactions cannot be ignored.

Sample answers– It depends on the situation. Working from home will be the preference if the work is related to reporting, or just analysis of software. But when there is a meeting with the client or devising a strategy with the management team, then face-to-face interaction is necessary. So I am OK with both WFH and in-office work.

Answer honestly and with modesty. Remember, you have to serve your organization in the best possible way. The most important thing in any company is hitting deadlines.

  1. What is unique inside you so that we should select you over other candidates?

Give this answer in a way that describes your personality and professional knowledge as a perfect fit for this job role.

Sample answer- I am passionate about this job role and my coding skills and problem-solving ability make me a perfect fit for this role. My performance is always consistent and my results hardly fluctuate. I want to serve my best at your company.

You should know how to market yourself. Align your previous work and knowledge with the skill set required for this job profile. So you can only answer this question if you have studied the job description properly.

  1. Do you have any top-notch non technical skills that make you a perfect candidate for this company?

You have to answer this question in a way that shows that you are also a business guy along with being a technical geek.

Sample answer- I understand the business KPI (Key Performance Indicator). I understand some financial statements that show the health of an organization. I can do the analysis of sales figures to predict the trends and sales forecasting.

It is recommended to have at least one powerful non-technical skill. Your answer should project yourself as someone who can work with different departments with maximum understanding and minimum friction.

  1. Can you tell me about any emergency situation that you handled tactfully?

The interviewer wants to know how your mind is affected during the hours of stress and turmoil.

Sample answer- We had a meeting with one HNI (High Net Worth) client when suddenly our senior manager got sick. We had only 24 hours to make a new strategy. I took all the presentations and prepared them overnight. The next day, the client was very happy with our work.

Remember to not lie at all. Speak truthfully. If you have not encountered such an emergency situation, then you can highlight any other stressful situation. You don’t have to show yourself as a leader or hero. Just prove to them that you can handle stressful scenarios.

  1. Rate me as an interviewer

So, this question is again tricky. The interviewer sees if you are a genuine person or not.

Sample answer- I would rate you 4.5 out of 5. Really, you acted very coolly about my answers. In spite of being tangled up with lots of other tasks, you sounded well. You appeared like an expert and I am sure you have already taken a lot of interviews before. I am very happy that I met you and I have got the chance to learn a lot from you.

If you find something negative about the interviewer, then don’t criticize them. Just say that you find it very tough to encounter that thing and you will definitely improve in the future.


The interview process is generally virtual, so on the day of the interview, get yourself the quietest space possible, which is devoid of any kind of distractions. Tell your family members to make the minimum amount of noise during the interview session. Keep all your important electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers, etc. charged. Stay well hydrated with a water bottle on the table.

They conduct live coding exercises also. So, keep your video conferencing technology updated and tested at least an hour before the interview. Your entire interview will last 3- 4 hours. After that, the interviewer will provide you with the feedback and next steps to be performed within a day or two.


  1. How many rounds of interviews does Intuit conduct?

Generally, there are 3-5 interview rounds depending upon the position you are applying for.

  1. How long does it take Intuit to declare the result and return it?

They take a minimum of 3 weeks or a maximum of one month to reply back.

  1. Why should we join Intuit?

It is a product-based company. The best thing is that you will get different projects related to different products and you will not get bored easily with a single repetitive task.

Intuit Interview Questions and answers

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