What is Rite Aid Hiring Age?

What is Rite Aid Hiring Age?

Rite Aid operates as a combination of a drug store and a convenience store under the same roof. It works as one of the largest employers throughout the East and West Coast. If you want to become a part of the Rite Aid team, you must fulfill the minimum hiring age and other job requirements. 

Rite Aid offers job opportunities in five categories. It includes the corporate, store, pharmacist, pharmacy support, and distribution jobs. If you are interested in getting an entry-level job at Rite Aid, you should fulfill the minimum hiring age of 18 years. It consists of both part-time and full-time positions with additional job benefits. Although some Rite Aid stores employ 16 year old, they can only perform restricted duties. 

If you are interested in a Rite Aid Job and want to understand more about Rite Aid job positions, we have covered everything here. Read further to know about Rite Aid Hiring Age, Job Opportunities, and Employment Benefits. 

What is Rite Aid Hiring Age? 

Rite Aid work as a combination of Drug and Convenience Store. To get a job at Rite Aid, you need the fulfill the minimum hiring age criteria of 18 years. Most entry-level positions at Rite Aid require individuals to handle and sell tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol. 

Rite Aid offers entry-level jobs on a part-time and full-time basis. Some of the common positions at Rite Aid include Cashier, Pharmacist, Pharmacy in-training, Stock Associate, etc. 

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Employment Opportunities at Rite Aid  

With more than 2,464 locations, Rite Aid operates as the third-largest drugstore throughout the United States. It offers employment opportunities to newbie and experienced individuals. Job Seekers can find opportunities in categories such as the store, corporate, distribution, pharmacist, and pharmacy support. 

Most of the positions at Rite Aid require minimum age criteria, essential experience, and educational qualifications. The candidates who want to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals but don’t fit the job requirements can apply for a pharmacy internship. The talented candidates will advance in their careers with experience and dedicated work. 

For crucial job positions, candidates need to fulfill the minimum hiring age criteria of 18 years. It is mandatory for selling cigarettes and tobaccos at the drug store. During the hiring process, employers give preference to candidates with retail or customer service experience. The recruiters look for individuals who give importance to accountability, integrity, and team spirit. 

What are the Job Positions offered at Rite Aid? 

Rite Aid continuously recruits employees at entry-level and career-level positions. The company, with the combination of drug and convenience stores, offers job opportunities in five categories. It includes the store, corporate, pharmacist, pharmacy stores, and distribution centers.

Rite Aid provides entry-level jobs on a part-time and full-time basis. Some of the popular jobs include: 


Cashier act as one of the crucial part of the Rite Aid Store team. They ensure complete customer satisfaction to people buying at the company’s store. 

Essential Duties of Cashier at Rite Aid include: 

  • They assist the customer as per their needs 
  • They help customers by listening to their issues and resolving their problems 
  • They maintain customer transitions and coordinate with them in a friendly way 
  • They collect merchandise and stock them at assigned shelves 
  • They maintain cleanliness and organization of store 
  • They perform complete identification checking before selling tobacco, alcohol, or cigarette 
  • They help with pricing and merchandise changes on the shelves 
  • They help with building merchandise displays and planograms 
  • They manage inventory and order new stock whenever required 
  • They help store leadership by ensuring all the merchandise remain updated 
  • They put up advertisement signs during sales for merchandise identification and take them down when sales get over 
  • They assist with a one-hour photo booth whenever required 

Requirements for Rite Aid Cashier position:

If you want to join Rite Aid as Cashier, you need to fulfill some basic requirements. You require physical stamina and strength to work for long hours in a limited space. Possessing flexibility will help you to manage schedules and work even on weekends. 

Stock Associate 

If you are interested in a part-time position at Rite Aid, you can apply for a Stock Associate job. The Stock Associate role is physically demanding and requires candidates to handle various responsibilities. 

Essential Duties of Stock Associate at Rite Aid:

  • They maintain a positive atmosphere by greeting the customers 
  • They ensure the overall cleanliness of the stores 
  • They help customers by answering their queries 
  • They help with increasing sales by providing recommendations related to products 
  • They restock merchandise whenever necessary 

Requirements for Rite Aid Stock Associate position: 

If you want to get into the Rite Aid Stock Associate position, you should fulfill some essential requirements. 

  • You require physical stamina to work for long hours standing, squatting, bending, lifting heavyweights. 
  • Possessing flexibility and time management skills will ensure work management on the weekend, early morning, and night shifts. 
  • You must maintain strong communication skills, a personal attitude, attention to detail, and the ability to follow instructions. 


Rite Aid hires Pharmacists to assist customers regarding their Healthcare needs. 

Essential Duties of Pharmacist at Rite Aid include: 

  • They assist the customer with medical-related queries and issues 
  • They monitor the accuracy and appropriateness of prescriptions 
  • They oversee the working of the support staff
  • They help with healthcare-related counseling 
  • They coordinate with physicians and find reference material to know about the medication and customers history 
  • They manage the duty of training, counseling, and monitoring the pharmacist associates 

Requirements of Rite Aid Pharmacist Position: 

Pharmacists perform a responsible and dedicated job. If you are capable of pharmacy work and want to join this profession, you must acquire the essential education and experience. 

  • You should acquire Bachelors’s Degree in Pharmacy and an Immunization Certification to practice a career in pharmacy. 
  • You must obtain an active pharmacist certificate to work as a pharmacist. 
  • Possessing skills like customer service and communication skills help to retain customers and increase sales. 

Pharmacy Technician 

Pharmacy Technician maintains the pharmacy department by assisting Pharmacists and Pharmacy Manager. They aim to serve the customers with knowledgeable and timely pharmacy assistance. 

Essential Duties of Pharmacy Technician at Rite Aid: 

  • They need to feed the prescription information such as drug selection, prescriber searches, prescription interpretation, patient searches, essential documentation, etc
  • They take prescription and customer information necessary to fill in the computer systems
  • They maintain the cleanliness and organization of the pharmacy department
  • They manage the inventory 
  • They monitor all the paperwork, like inputting prescriptions and customer data on the computer. 
  • They refill the medication in the assigned containers 
  • They put labels as per prescription containers 
  • They restock the medication from the inventory whenever required 

Requirements for Rite Aid Pharmacy Technician position: 

  • If you want to join Rite Aid as Pharmacy Technician, you need to acquire General Education Degree (GED) or H.S. Diploma. You must get Pharmacy Technician National or State Certification. 
  • Managing time helps you to work on the weekend, night, and early morning shifts. 
  • Possessing flexibility, team-oriented and friendly attitude help with maintaining a positive work environment 

Store Manager 

Rite Aid hires the Store Manager to lead the store to success through coaching, training and optimizing the process.

Essential Duties of Rite Aid Store Manager: 

  • They need to maintain a customer-centric atmosphere in the store 
  • They ensure complete customer satisfaction 
  • They perform the duty of hiring, interviewing, and training associates to increase sales by serving customers. 
  • They supervise the day to day activities of the store 
  • They must follow all the set policies, regulations, safety, compliance legislation, complete store appearance standards
  • They supervise cash and maintain bank depository procedures
  • They must work according to merchandise and inventory standards stated under profit planner, POMP manual, and planogram.
  • They need to provide regular feedback to ensure associates growth 
  • They monitor all the P&L reports 

Requirements for Store Manager at Rite Aid: 

  • If you want to join Rite Aid as a Store Manager, you need to acquire General Education Degree (GED) or H.S. Diploma. 
  • You need to gather at least a year of experience in retail or customer service-related business. 
  • Acquiring an Associate’s degree or equivalent degree and experience can help in advancing in the career. 

What is the Hourly Pay or Salary of Rite Aid Employees? 

Rite Aid pays its employees with hourly wages or fixed salaries. It varies according to the job position, location, education, and experience. 

Let’s look at the Hourly Pay/Salary of Rite Aid Employees as per glassdoor.com:- 

Cashier: Rite Aid pays Cashier an average salary of $10 per hour. The hourly pay lies between $6 – $86. 

Stock Associate: Stock Associate at Rite Aid gets around $10 per hour. 

Pharmacist: Rite Aid pays its Pharmacists an average salary of $64 per hour. The hourly rate lies between $41 – $84. 

Pharmacy Technician: Pharmacy Technician gets an hourly pay of $13. The average salary range between $6 – $23 per hour. 

Store Manager: Rite Aid pays the Store Manager an average salary of $51,959 per year in the United States. 

What are the Perks or Benefits of Working at Rite Aid? 

Rite Aid value customer as well as its team member. The combination of Drug and Convenience Stores provides numerous benefits to employees. Some of them include: 

  • Competitive Dental, Vision, Medical, and Pharmacy Plans 
  • Short-term and Long-term Disability 
  • Paid Time off 
  • Paid Holidays 
  • 401(K) Retirement Plans 
  • Leaves of Absence 
  • Health FSA
  • Various Perks and Discounts at Rite Aid Stores
  • Employment Assistant Program
  • Auto and Home Insurance Discounts 
  • Cellular Discounts 
  • Pet Insurance 
  • Life and AD&D Plans 
  • Tuition Reimbursement 

How to Apply for a Job Position at Rite Aid? 

Rite Aid continuously recruits individuals for entry-level and senior-level positions. If you want to apply for a Job Position, you can submit your application online. 

  1. Go to the Rite Aid Websites Career Section and choose from the categories: Store, Corporate, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Support, and Distribution. 
  2. Select from the given categories, and you will see the list of current openings. 
  3. Choose from the available jobs and apply for your favorite position. 
  4. Before applying for any position, the website will ask to sign up to create an applicant profile. 
  5. Fill in the necessary information and submit your job application. 
  6. Now, wait until you get a confirmation mail. 


Rite Aid operates as the third-largest drug store throughout the United States. With a combination of both a drug and convenience store, Rite Aid recruits individuals at numerous positions. 

If you are looking for a career in pharmacy and want to take practical experience, you can apply for entry-level job positions offered at Rite Aid. You only need to meet Rite Aid hiring age of 18 years. While for other roles, you must acquire the necessary experience and advanced education.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum hiring age to work at Rite Aid? 

Rite Aid recruits individuals fulfilling the minimum hiring age criteria of 18 years. It includes entry-level positions offered for part-time and full-time jobs. 

Q:  Can a 16-year-old work at Rite Aid? 

No, Rite Aid hires candidates with a minimum age of 18 years. They need to handle and sell tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol. The school-going students can apply for pharmacy internships offered by Rite Aid. 

What is Rite Aid Hiring Age?

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