IBEW Interview Question-Let’s Know More

IBEW popularly known as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers operates with the motive of “cultivating feelings of friendship among those in our industry”. This labor union was founded in 1891 and runs majorly in various locations in the United States, Panama, Guam, and Canada. Let’s know about IBEW Interview Question.

IBEW Interview Question

Over years, many presidents of IBEW have changed and for now, Lonnie R. Stephenson is assigned the duty of presidency. With over 7,25,000 active members being a part of the union, the union is actively working in renowned locations for the benefit of its workers. 

Why should you be a part of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers?

If you are one of the employees who work as per the schedule of the company and still at the time of retirement is not left with much money. Then worry not and be a part of IBEW, it promotes unity among laborers and gives you various enjoyable benefits. 

The employees are provided with health and wellness insurance along with a fully planned retirement or pension plan. 

Apart from these popular benefits, you also get hold of the following benefits: 

  • Employee Discount on things for everyday use, even family and friends of an employee gets access of it.
  • Entertainment Employee Discount
  • Home service Employee Discount
  • Insurance and Warranty Employee Discount 
  • Travel and Vacations Plan
  • Unique Offers Employee Discount
  • Pet Offers Employee Discount

Interview Questions

Ques. 1 What makes you look for a new job?

How to answer: Always start the answer by speaking positively about your current job. You can add that since the current job does not allow you to grow much, so you decided to switch the job. 

Sample Answer: The job position in which I am working currently does not match my qualifications and skills. I think I should get a good position where I can use my skills, grow and benefit the company in various ways. 

Ques. 2 Tell us something about yourself?

How to answer: Be professional while talking about yourself. Mention all your experience and qualifications. 

Sample Answer: I am ( your name) hold a degree in the field of ( your degree or diploma). I have worked with (name of the company ) for over (number of years you have worked ). I am passionate about my career and have learned many skills while working. If I get a chance, I will surely prove myself and will work enthusiastically.

(You can even mention some experiences from your previous jobs through which the company was benefitted.) 

Ques. 3 What are going to do if given a task in which you are not good?

How to answer: This is a situation-based trick question, so just try to be honest while answering. If you think you can not do the assigned role without prior experience then,  politely and respectfully say that:

Sample Answer: I won’t be able to handle the situation efficiently because of the lack of prior experience and sufficient skills. In case, any big condition comes in front of me, I will take help from my colleagues or supervisor. But if I will have enough skills, then I will try to handle the situation effectively. Though, once I would be assigned such a job I will surely look forward to learning about the daily workings.

Ques. 4 According to you, what are the characteristic of an Electrician Apprentice?

How to answer: You should state all the characteristics that an electrician apprenticeship should possess. This question will be asked to you if you are applying for that position. So ultimately, you should be knowing all about that position: 

Sample Answer: I have worked as an Electrician Apprentice for many years. According to me, the main role of an electric apprentice is to assist the electrician in operating and repairing all electrical appliances. They help in the installation of electrical types of equipment. I have done these tasks while working with the previous company. 

Ques. 5 What makes you suitable for this job position?

How to answer: You should begin discussing your experience. Then one by one, you should mention your skills and performance that will benefit the company in many ways. You have to be confident about acquired skills and knowledge. 

You can expect more questions related to the job role. 

Sample Answer: Since I was always interested in working in this position, I applied for this job role. Even the goodwill of your organization attracted me because of which I ended up applying for this job. Also, while working as ( job role you have applied for in the previous company ) I have enjoyed and learned a lot, which I can use while working for your company. 

Ques. 6 Why do you want to be a part of a union?

How to answer: Be polite and professional. Try to highlight the achievement of the company and your’s too which will be beneficial for the company. 

Try to be short and intact.  

Sample Answer: I have heard a lot about your company and came across many positive impacts of your company on the environment and culture. I think I will get multiple opportunities to grow and develop my skills here. Instead, flexible working hours are something desirable as I can manage to give time to my family. ( You can mention other things that attracted you to be a part of this company.) 

Ques. 7 Why should we hire you?

How to answer: Explain how you can be an asset for the company and fit in their culture. 

Give more emphasis on your professional skills and qualifications that fit the criteria of selection.

Sample Answer: I have all the skills and knowledge required for the job position. Since I have already worked as ( job role you are applying for ), for a long time so I think I will be able to serve your company in a better way. Apart from it, I am working on gaining more skills and communication skills (you can mention more things you are working on) to body my career. 

Ques. 8 Where do you see yourself in the next years?

How to answer: Relate your career goals with the job you are applying for. 

Show that you are focused and determined for your future. 

Sample Answer: In the next few years, I would like to build more skills and want to gain experience. I would look to take more responsibilities by seeking all the opportunities available in the field. All these will benefit, to become good at decision-making and I will surely make the most out of time. 

Ques. 9 Highlight a group activity you have done. 

How to answer: Well, this question asks whether you can work with a team or not. So, here you need to highlight teamwork and cooperation. 

The group activity that you will mention should match the job position you are applying for. 

Sample Answer: Throughout my life, I have completed many group projects and activities, starting from school days to high school and then at the workplace. (Mention a group activity, you have done), throughout the activity, I learned many skills and enhanced my communication skills. 

Ques. 10 How did you find out about the job opportunity?

How to answer: Be honest while answering this question. 

You can state the actual source from which you received the vacancy information. 

Sample Answer: I was actively searching for a job and I came across your company with a job vacancy in the same field in which I would love to work. I thought it would a good opportunity to use my skills and gain more experience. So I applied for the job role. 

Ques. 11 Why Do You Think you can be the next electrician apprentice?

How to answer: You need to showcase that you are capable of doing the job and will brilliantly handle any situation. 

Show that you are unique among all the candidates who have applied for this position.

Sample Answer: Previously, I have worked as an electrician apprentice and have been qualified from a reputed institute. I have been a reliable member and adds value to the organization. I had learned many great skills which will give the best result. 

You should prepare well for your interview and try to answer based on your opinion. You should not sound as if you have mug up the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Ques. How many members are there in the electrical workers union?

Ans. 775,000 have and are working in IBEW.

Ques. How much are IBEW dues?

Ans. As of 2020, the monthly dues of IBEW are $57 per month. 

Ques. Is it better to be in union or non-union?

Ans. Union offers a lot of benefits and members of unions tend to earn much more than members of non-union.


IBEW or National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a popular union. To be a part of IBEW you need to clear an interview that comprises of a set of questions. As the candidates who have appeared for the interview at IBEW have remarked that the interview is not too difficult the difficulty level range from easy to moderate. Though you need to appear for a test also and further steps including a drug test, a group interview is necessary. On average, the whole interview process takes place in a day or two.

While answering be honest and try to look confident. However, the types of interview questions may differ according to the job role for which you are applying. 

IBEW Interview Question-Let’s Know More

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