How To Get A Job At Chipotle?- Know More


Chipotle is a popular American fast-food chain, famous for the smoked and dried jalapeno chili pepper, Chipotle. Chipotle Mexican Grill or simply called Chipotle, with a robust global standing, offers a wide range of employment opportunities in the USA, UK, Canada, and other such places. If you are thinking of applying at Chipotle you should be well-versed with their hiring process and all the necessary details. In this article, we are going to see about How To Get A Job At Chipotle?

So to simplify your task we have put all the necessary information on one page so that you can get the best guide on how to get employed at Chipotle. 

 Chipotle opens several job vacancies every year. The first requirement is that you should be at least sixteen years old. The entry-level position at Chipotle is that of a crew member. The best part about crew member jobs is that they will not ask for any educational qualifications or prior experience because they provide you with training. 

But if you are applying for a senior post like a manager, you will need good qualifications and experience. 

How To Get A Job At Chipotle?

Requirements for working at Chipotle: 

  1. You should be at least sixteen years old 
  2. Ability to stand for longer hours and physical fitness to withstand long shifts 
  3. Teamwork for proper coordination with other crew members 
  4. Effective communication skills to deal with customers. 
  5. Interest in cooking (though you don’t need to be very good at cooking) 
  6. Highly motivated personality and positivity. 

What are the different kinds of jobs that Chipotle offers? 

  1. Crew member: An entry-level job that does not require much experience but a strong physique to withstand the pressure.

Pay scale:  You can earn around ten USD per hour which can increase upto 18 USD per hour. 

  1. Kitchen manager: To manage the kitchen activities 

Pay scale: The pay is usually between 9 to 19 Usd. Adding all the bonuses, a kitchen manager can earn around 13 USD on an average. 

  1. Cashier: To keep track of cash and deal with customers 

Pay scale: Earnings are usually between 11-13 USD per hour. 

  1. Dishwasher: For washing the dirty utensils and basic cleaning work 

Earnings: around 9 to 20 USD per hour. 

  1. Cook and grill operator: Since it is a food chain, they will require professional cooks to provide quality food. 

Pay scale: The annual salary of a cook and grill operator is usually around 22340 USD. 

  1. Restaurant manager: The highest position in a food chain is that of a restaurant manager because he is in charge of all the activities and workers’ conduct in that branch. Any kind of issue will be reported to him and he has to take practical solutions. Also, he will ensure that customers are satisfied and the day-to-day tasks are performed properly. 

Pay scale: A restaurant manager at Chipotle earns around 53679 USD in a year. The starting salary is usually 43336 USD which can raise upto 63519 USD per year. 

  1. Other part-time or seasonal jobs for maintenance and construction work.

Pay: Different seasonal jobs have different work requirements and their pay is usually between 11-18 USD depending on the work.  

What are the major benefits of working at Chipotle?

Chipotle offers several benefits to its employees. 

No requirement for prior job experience

The first thing about working at Chipotle is that you don’t require a lot of qualifications and prior experience for a crew member and basic jobs. 

If you apply to other companies, they will check your experience and give weightage to that. But at chipotle, you would be assessed based on your personality, ability to bring a change, interest in the food industry and hospitability, and your alignment with the vision and mission of the company.  

You will get excellent pay: The expected pay of a Chipotle employee is 15 USD per hour and if you get promoted to a top job like kitchen manager or restaurant manager, your pay would be increased tremendously. 

Additional health and retirement benefits: Besides basic pay, the company also offers its employees several health benefits like health insurance, dental insurance, retirement benefits, pension schemes, etc. 

  1. Friendly employees and work environment: The Company has a huge reputation for its friendly work environment and quality staff. Since the motto of the company is empowerment, every employee gets an opportunity to put forth his point and the work environment is therefore conducive for growth. 
  1. Training and skill development: Another benefit is that they will also provide you with training for polishing your skills and personality development.  Since the company itself provides training to its employees, you can be sure of becoming a better employee and skilled person. 
  1. Additional bonuses: Along with the basic pay that you are entitled to, you also receive certain other bonuses. If you refer quality employees for top positions like restaurant manager or kitchen manager, you can earn 200 to 750 USD as a bonus. 
  1. Tasty meal and discount on meal prices: The tasty meals at Chipotle are world-famous. Being an employee in the company, you can even enjoy a tasty meal while working. You also get several discounts on the dishes you purchase from Chipotle.
  1. Getting promotions is not that difficult: According to an estimate, if you are working diligently and aligning with the visions of the company, you can get promotions in a short span. If you value customer satisfaction, work with full dedication, and provide quality service, you can become even a restaurant manager, and that too in three years. 

What is the whole selection process at Chipotle?

Application at the website

The hiring process of Chipotle starts with the application. Go to and click on Careers. Understand the duties and requirements of the position you want to apply for. 

Since the application is the first round of selection, you have to make your application interesting and different from others. Show yourself as a talented and cheerful person who is ready to learn and shows diligence in work. For this, you have to write your resume in such a way that your skills are properly demonstrated. If you have some prior experience, you can use that to your benefit and highlight the same. You can also talk about your passion for food and customer satisfaction. 

Technical steps for applying on the main website: 

  1. Visit the website (
  2. If you are unsure about the job requirements you can click on the career option at the top left of the screen to know more about the job. 
  3. When you are clear about the job, you can search the job by putting the right keyword or choose from the given category of careers like restaurant crew, manager, corporate, etc. 
  4. Fill in the location where you want to work and then click on search jobs option. 
  5. If there are no job vacancies at present, you can click on related jobs to see other job opportunities. 
  1. If you get the right job, you can click on apply now. 
How To Get A Job At Chipotle?
  1. Next you can register using yourself by filling in your email id and password. 

After this, you will be asked to fill in personal details like name, address, qualifications, experience, availability, etc. You will also need to fill the questionnaire before getting registered. When all the processes are done, you will submit your application and wait for their call.

Should I register for multiple job postings on Chipotle website?

The hiring rate of Chipotle is often high. So the chances of your selection are more. Therefore you should try to target on one job at a time and wait for some time for the call.

To determine if you should apply for multiple jobs at a time, you should assess the qualifications required and your skills. If you possess 80% qualifications, you should not apply for multiple jobs at a time. But if you are unsure of the skills, you can apply at two positions. 

What to do if you don’t get any response on your application?

Once you have applied for a job, you should keep checking the status. To check the status of your application, you have to log in with the email id and password that you used earlier. Next, you have to click on the ‘view application’ option. You will usually get a response in one or two weeks after applying. 

If you don’t see any response even after several days, you can try contacting the manager of the local department. A direct visit is also advised if you want to know the chances of your selection from the manager. 

  1. Callback and interview: Based on your application, the company will see whether you are fit for the job or not. If you receive a callback, you are lucky as the company saw a deserving candidate in you. But even if you don’t get a callback, don’t be disappointed. You can try again. 

After a callback, you will be asked to come for an interview round at a local store. You have to bring your resume and answer the questions posed by the manager. The purpose of an interview round is to check your honesty and commitment. 

  1. Confirmation for the job: Based on an overall assessment of your personality, the company will see whether you fit in the company culture or not. If you are the right fit for the job, you will be selected. You can either get the confirmation of selection, the same day or you will be notified within a few days. After your job is confirmed you might be called for a drug test. 

If the interviewer has not told you your application status so far, you can always send some follow-up messages and show how committed you are, to the job. 

Below are some sample questions for you to prepare for the chipotle interview round: 

Sample questions for Chipotle interview 

The interview questions in Chipotle are usually centered on the working of the company, the food industry, customer satisfaction, your interests and personality, and sometimes situation-based questions. Some of the most frequently asked questions that can be asked in the interview are: 

Ques 1: How much do you know about Chipotle Company? 

Tip: Whenever you apply for any job, make sure that you are thorough with the job position and the company’s positive and negative points. You should also try to find out if the company was in news due to any event or product or any controversy as it can be asked in the interview. 

Sample ans: Chipotle was started in 1993 and it has branches in the US, UK, Canada, France, and many other countries. The special part about Chipotle fast-food chain is that they don’t use any preservatives. Their organic products and recycling initiatives make them popular over other traditional food chains. The main mission of Chipotle is to promote authenticity and realness. The vision is to “create a top-performing team to achieve high standards” 

Ques 2: Introduce yourself. 

Give a brief introduction: your name, qualifications, experience (if any), goals, and why you desire to work in the company. 

Sample ans: My name is ABC. I am a student and I am pursuing a diploma in hotel management from XYZ. I wish to work as a restaurant manager in the future and therefore I want to work in Chipotle. I will work with full dedication because of my interest in the food industry and my desire to learn. 

Ques 3: What according to you is the major strength that will benefit you in this job? 

Tip: Be familiar with the job description and based on that, tell your strengths. 

Sample ans: I feel that my greatest strength is my dedication. If I take up something I will put the best of my efforts into the thing or job. Also, I strive to make others happy by providing them quality work or service. 

Ques 4: What made you choose this job? 

Tip: Convey your feelings for the job and the positive points that attracted you towards this work. Don’t say that you have applied because of high pay. 

Sample ans: I decided to apply for this job because I have a keen interest in the food industry and Chipotle is one of the most famous food chains. Also, I will get an opportunity to learn while working. I have heard a lot about the work environment and the opportunity to grow. All these points made me apply to this job. 

Ques 5: What would be your suitable timings? 

Tip: Tell the genuine timings because if you tell the wrong timings and later complain it would cast a bad impression. If you are available only during certain days or times, you can mention that so that your shifts can be adjusted accordingly. If you are not sure, you can say that you don’t have any problem with timings. 

Sample ans: I don’t have any particular choice for timings. I am comfortable working at the assigned hours. If needed, I can work at weekends too. 

Ques 6: How important is customer satisfaction? 

Tip: Customer satisfaction is crucial for any business and your answer should reflect that you value customer experience a lot. You can give examples where you have tried to ensure that the customer is going with a broad smile. 

Sample ans: For me, customer satisfaction is the foundation of every business. If customers are not satisfied with your food or service, you won’t be able to create brand loyalty and won’t be able to sustain it in long run. Therefore whenever I work with any company my priority is to make sure that I am giving the best service. I always welcome the guests with a smile, address their queries, if any, stay polite, as much as possible, and if the customer is having any problem, I would try to address the same as soon as possible. 

Ques 7: What according to you is the definition of a top performer? 

Tip: You can give your interpretation but try to develop in a way that resonates with the vision of the company and match your skills. 

Sample ans: According to me, a top performer is someone who possesses both the desire and ability to work skillfully. Both desire and ability matter. Sometimes people have the desire to perform effectively but they don’t work on personality and skill development. Similarly, if the person has potential, but not the desire to perform, he can’t become a good performer. 

Ques 8: Why should we include you in our team? 

Tip: one of the most asked questions because every company will want to hear from you what makes you different from the rest. The ultimate tip is to show that you align with the company’s vision, job requirements and possess both the desire and ability to work. Your hard work and diligence are other plus points that will add to your capabilities. 

Sample ans: I feel that I am a deserving candidate because I have a keen interest in the food industry and a desire to make my personality better. I work with full diligence and dedication to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. I am also committed to the vision of the company i.e. to achieve high standards and ensure quality in my service. 

What is the procedure for becoming a manager at Chipotle? 

You can either directly apply for a manager job in Chipotle or start as a crew member and then take a promotion. If you want to go through the second route, you will require good bonding with fellow workers, hard work, flexibility, and customer service. You can meanwhile acquire higher qualifications and skills like digital marketing. With dedication and perseverance, you can achieve the post of manager in three-fourth years. 

Since the company keeps on posting for positions of manager, you can get an upper hand over other candidates since you have worked with the company. 

How can one get a job in Chipotle: Tips and tricks to keep in mind

  1. Be mindful of what you wear: We all know that the first impression is the last. Therefore if you want to make a good impression, dress wisely. Business casual attire is the most recommended clothing for an interview. Avoid funky T-shirts, goggles, or messy hair. 
  1. Preparation is the key: You should prepare for the interview round by practicing mock questions (before a mirror or your friends or family members), reading about the job description thoroughly, being familiar with the resume, and going through the website of the company to become familiar with its rules and code of conduct. Try to search if there is any new news or announcement about the company. 

Body language and confidence reflect your personality: When you go to an interview, the interviewer pays key attention to your body language. Don’t be afraid to answer. If you don’t know something, you can simply say that you will try to find out about. Stay confident and keep a smile on your face and if you want, you can take ten seconds to answer. Active listening is the key to answering in the right manner. 

Stay energetic and cheerful throughout the interview. Avoid folding your arms as it can look a bit aggressive. If the interviewer gives you a chance to ask questions, show your curiosity and interactiveness by asking well-reasoned questions. 

Be thorough with the thirteen key characteristics that the company looks for:

Getting a job at Chipotle is not that difficult if you understand their key goals. Started by a chef to bring revolution in food quality, Chipotle looks for candidates with thirteen values that can also be called its vision. 

Don’t worry these skills that they look for are not technical. Rather, they are personality traits that every individual must have to succeed in life. These are honesty, happiness, enthusiasm, motivation, ambition, smartness, curiosity, energy, presentation, respect, polite nature, happiness, and conscience. 

Other ways to get a job in Chipotle: 

Besides the traditional way of applying online, there are also other channels for getting a job at Chipotle. These are: 

  1. Linkedin: According to an interview, Chipotle not only posts about jobs on their website but also on Linkedin. So if you have a good Linkedin profile you can increase the chances of your selection by applying through LinkedIn. 
  2. Existing employees: The Company also hires employees on the recommendation of existing employees. So if one of your friends works in chipotle, you can take his help. He will also get a bonus and your chances for selection will rise. 
  3. Career fairs: the company also hosts some career fairs to recruit employees. So you should try to stay aware of the events hosted by the Company. The benefit of a career fair is that you can meet the recruiter in an informal setup. 
  4. Recruitment in college campus: The Company also hires some good candidates through campus recruitment. So if you are enrolled in a culinary course or hospitality degree, you have a greater chance of selection. 
  5. Social media like Twitter and Facebook: On Facebook and Twitter also, the company posts about different job opportunities and the skills it is looking for. So if you want a job in Chipotle, it’s recommended to have an eye on their social media accounts. 
  6. Paid internship: You can also do an internship first in Chipotle restaurants. This will increase your chances of selection as they will become familiar with your strengths and working style. The benefit of interning at Chipotle is that you will be paid for the work and you will get an opportunity to see if it is suitable for you or not. 

Rounding up 

Chipotle is a good place to work at. But you should be ready to give your hundred percent and work with full dedication. Use these tips to increase your chances of selection and be well-versed with the working and operating style of Chipotle Mexican Grill. With the right preparation, honesty, and confidence in yourself, you can crack any round. 

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions):

Ques 1: Which skills are most required for getting selected in Chipotle? 

Ans: Some of the most sought skills include joyful nature, smartness, hospitable, highly motivated personality, honesty, enthusiasm, and curiosity. 

Ques 3: How can one get a top position in Chipotle? 

Ans: Most of the people join as crew members initially. But if you work diligently, you can reach top positions like restaurant manager in just three years of joining. Just follow the vision of the company: good performance, knowledge, and empowerment. 

Ques 4: What is the approximate number of job vacancies in Chipotle? 

Ans: Chipotle usually hires a large number of employees because they keep on expanding. For instance, it is expected that they will open almost two hundred new chains for which they will hire almost twenty thousand new employees. 

Ques 5: What is the most famous thing about Chipotle? 

Ans: Chipotle is famous for its tacos, Enchiladas, burritos, and other fresh food items. 

Ques 6: What is the right time to arrive at the interview? 

Ans: You should come at least fifteen minutes early for the interview. Never be late because it reflects your careless behavior. 

How To Get A Job At Chipotle?- Know More

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