Google Cloud Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

Google Cloud Interview Questions

Google cloud is a platform by Google that provides cloud computing services that enable users to upload, download, save, delete or edit files and helps in the storage of files for later purposes. It came out after a decade’s long experience in providing cloud computing services and also the security and reliability of Google, which is the reason for its widespread fame. Here, let’s discuss Google Cloud Interview Questions.

Cloud Computing is a trend service in this era where everything is done, edited, and stored online. The services Google Cloud provides and its components of technical knowledge make it a very essential topic to be asked in interviews, especially in the interviews that are cloud computing and web services centered. 

Google Cloud interview questions are quite tough, but with sheer practice and clearing the basics, one can sail through. Following in this article, basic concepts and definitions are discussed to provide an overview of what actually Google Cloud and Cloud Computing are, and in the last section, there is a set of frequently asked questions in Google Cloud interviews which will be explained with sample answers to back you up with knowledge and confidence so that in the interview, nothing stops you to make it through.

Cloud and Cloud Computing

A cloud is defined as a combination of network, interface, storage, and hardware that is interdependent to provide services over the internet around the globe. Cloud computing on the other end is generally all the computational abilities that persist on the cloud all the time. Generally, all the work done over the internet and using the abilities of the internet to store the data is what comes under cloud computing. Over the last decade, cloud computing is one of those fields that experienced an exponential surge in terms of services, innovation, and evolution, giving the users everything they need just a click away. Also, as the last two years of pandemics nearly crumbled the brick-and-mortar business system, Cloud Computing came up as a saving grace for every field. Be it large marketing firms to small scale businesses, the users found it easy to work with and easy to access the files uploaded on the cloud which saves time, labor, and paper. 

In cloud computing, there are primarily two stakeholders, the end-users that are using the services over the cloud. Users around the globe upload s files on it and make it accessible to a wide range of services and a secure place to store which doesn’t have any limit or workload to bear. The second stakeholder in cloud computing is the Cloud itself, which comes without any boundary or limit and provides a platform to do numerous tasks at a time that too numerous times. The interaction with the cloud is unavoidable and rather impossible to run away from. Just for an example, for the smallest of businesses in any sector, one of the prime setups to do is having its own website which in turn is a service of cloud. This shows how the involvement of the cloud is rooted deep into our lives even if we don’t know about it.

There are many cloud computing services providers but the one that has been at the apex when it comes to quality of service and also the security and privacy is Google Cloud. It is one of the most user-friendly cloud computing platforms present over the internet right now. 

Google Cloud Computing Interview Questions with Sample Answers

As of now, we have a basic understanding of what cloud and cloud computing is and also different services provided by it to the end-users. For such a vast concept there lies a vast set of questions that are being asked frequently. These questions test the basics of the applicant in the field of cloud computing and also judge the critical thinking of the applicants. Therefore, without much ado, below are the most frequently asked questions in the Google Cloud Computing interview with answers to go for. 

  1. What are the features of Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing comes with a wide range of features and the ease of access it provides is way beyond imagination. The main features of cloud computing are:

  • The ability of the web and its applications to do multitasking and handle multiple users from across the globe all at the same time.
  • Management of activities is made easier and centralized with the help of a central web service.
  • No applications or software to upgrade and install. Everything that is done online is already updated.
  1.  State the advantages of Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing and Cloud came into reality only after observing what its perks can actually do and the way it revolutionized the complete vision of the web is something that can be only done with a concept of numerous advantages. Some of the advantages of Cloud Computing are:

  • It saves a lot of time, money, and labor when it comes to working on the web instead of downloading and installing apps with the cumbersome process of files and papers which also increases the use of paper. Whereas, on the cloud, nothing is to be installed and can be worked out on the cloud itself.
  • Apart from the services related to work and applications, it also helps in the field of development of applications. Be it a highly complicated application to a daily use application, it made it all easier and the tools of the cloud reduced the overall time given in this whole process by far.
  •  There is minimal maintenance and installation of the cloud and is very efficient and time-saving.
  1.  What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is the platform developed by Google to provide its users with web services all over the globe. It offers services like Networking, Migration, Database, and Storage. Also, it is one of the most reliable and secure cloud computing platforms in the market as of now.

  1.  What are the main components of the Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform comes with various components that help the users to do a variety of tasks over the internet. The main components of Google Cloud Platform are:

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud dataflow
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud App Engine
  • Google Cloud Job Discovery
  • Google Big Query Service
  • Google Cloud Endpoints
  • Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine
  1. State the advantages of using Google Cloud Platform?

The popularity of Google Cloud Platform amongst various other cloud service providers is clear evidence of the presence of certain advantages that plays the important role in its fame. The key advantages of the Google Cloud Platform are:

  • Google Cloud Platform or GCP has increased performance and providing better services when hosting cloud service is concerned.
  • GCP made it more accessible to the people of all works of life by introducing itself with better deals in pricing when compared with other providers in the market.
  • The security of Google is one of the prime reasons for its popularity where it is introduced with several different levels of security measures which make it more reliable and secure.
  • GCP allows the user to work from anywhere and provides easy access to all the information uploaded and stored on the web even if several devices are present.
  • The efficiency of service and continuous up-gradation of the web makes it up to date and also easier to use with greater outputs.
  1. What are the libraries and tools used for storage on Google Cloud Platform?

The languages used on the core level of GCP are XL PAPI, and JSONAPI nut apart from them the libraries and tools provided by Google in GCP are:

  • Cloud Storage Client Libraries give the users the support required in terms of programming of various languages like Python, Java, and Ruby.
  • The operations of buckets and objects are taken care of by Google Cloud Platform Console.
  • Command-line interface is provided by Gustil Command-line Tool.

Apart from these, various other third-party tools make GCP way more efficient than ever.

  1. What do you mean by service accounts? How to create one?

The accounts that are associated with the projects are called Service Accounts. This helps in the authorization of the Google Compute Engine and ensures that any authorized user didn’t get any sensitive details and information.

Out of numerous service accounts offered by Google, the main two types of services accounts are as follows:

  • Google Cloud Platform Console accounts
  • Google Compute Engine service accounts

The service account is not created manually, rather, it is automatically created every time the new instance is created.

  1.  If an instance is deleted by mistake, is it possible to retrieve it back? If yes then how?

No, it is not possible to retrieve the instance back if once deleted. If by chance it is stopped, then it can be possible to run it again but if once deleted then it is impossible to retrieve it back.

  1.  What are the methods of authentication on Google Compute Engine API?

The different methods of authentication on Google Compute Engine API are as follows:

  • Using OAuth 2.0
  • Using access token
  • Client Library
  1. What are the advantages of Google Cloud Hosting?

The advantages of Google Cloud Hosting are:

  • High-end performance and execution
  • High security and a strong control on the cloud platform
  • Pricing plans are better.
  • Time to time backups ensures no loss of data anytime
  • Efficiency and maximum time on a private network

These were the concepts and questions to understand before appearing for such an important interview. Hard work always pays off but the results are more ensured if done with proper planning and better execution. All the best!

Google Cloud Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

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