Funny Interview Questions-Know More

Interviews conjure up images of tension, boredom, and the expectation of some commonly asked questions. However, posing humorous questions will put the candidate at ease and promote a better, more open dialogue. In this article, we’ll look at many hilarious questions kinds and how to use them wisely to gain an upper edge over other participants. Let us know more about that the Funny Interview Questions-Know More.

Funny Interview Questions-Know More

Funny interview questions

As the name implies, these are interview questions that are amusing enough to make you smile, make the interview environment relaxed, and in addition help, the interviewer gets to know you better. Not all interviewers will question you in conventional ways about your background and credentials, some potential employers may quiz you with entertaining questions or brainteasers to find out more about you. Such questions provide a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your personality and analytical abilities.

Importance of amusing interview questions

 -They foster an environment that encourages truthful and sincere responses.

-They are topics for discussion. They relax the tension of the candidate.

-They persuade the hiring manager that you are qualified for the job and that you will easily fit in with the workplace culture.

Let’s look at some amusing queries and how to professionally respond to them

1. What hue is currency?

Typically, this kind of inquiry aims to gauge your level of global knowledge. Such inquiries are typical while applying for a position on a flight crew. Your reaction is an opportunity to show that you are a smart candidate who has a general awareness.

You can answer such a question in this way- “Well, different countries have different currencies’ hues.  For instance, for a citizen of the United States, the color of currency is green, while for a Canadian citizen, money color can be purple or blue.”

2. Which animal do you feel you are similar to and why?

This inquiry helps assess a candidate’s capacity for creativity, resourcefulness, and quick reactions. You have a great opportunity to showcase your talents and desirable characteristics at this time.

An ideal response, for instance, maybe, “I would be a horse. Horses are highly robust animals that can work successfully both alone and in groups. Additionally, they frequently pick things quite quickly.”

3. What music would you choose if you could only listen to one song every day?

This query enables the interviewer to learn more about your character and self-perception. Picking music that most people are familiar with could help the interviewer relate to your response more. If the song isn’t well-known or the interviewer hasn’t heard of it, describe the music’s style and give some context with the lyrics. 

 If I had to pick one, I guess it would be Monty Python’s song from the album life of the brain, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”.  Although positive, it doesn’t ignore the fact that obstacles might arise in life. But how we are responding to them counts. I believe that is a strong message, and it is pertinent because I consider it whenever I face a struggle. I feel optimistic when I hear this song.

4. Why are manholes round in shape?

It initially seems like another silly question meant to relax the applicant but in actuality, its answer can give a positive indication of your intelligence. The ideal candidate will give considerable thought to the question and provide a courteous response like this one, a round manhole cover cannot fall through the circular manhole entrance. While there are chances that if a square cover is fitted diagonally, it can slide through the opening. Furthermore, a circular cover can be put on and taken off without much precision or spinning. The query reveals a lot about your decision-making process. This answer demonstrates that the applicant can identify the situations in which certain solutions are required and, ideally, apply those same problem-solving skills to her employment.

5. What goes through your mind while you drive alone?

To test your level of consideration and whether you make plans for your private or professional life, this question might be asked during an interview. Try to be truthful when asked what you think about most often. It’s good if you can think of one from a recent car ride, or you may answer in the following manner.

In general, if it’s in the morning, I think about how I can be my best that day, and if it’s in the evening, I think about the good I did that day. I also try to remain grateful and present while I’m driving, which helps to reduce distractions.

6. Do you think of yourself as fortunate? 

This is a tricky question. If, someone thinks of themselves as fortunate can indicate that they are optimistic. In such a question, one should avoid sounding pessimistic.

You can answer it like this -I generally think of myself as fortunate, though not in the conventional sense. I make a lot of effort to work hard and look out for opportunities. Thanks to my transparency and readiness to take calculated chances, I’ve been in a position for progress and development, which has resulted in scenarios that some others could consider lucky.

7. The day you get the offer letter from the company, you discover a lottery ticket that has won $20 million. What will you do?

This question will give you chance to reveal how genuinely you are motivated for the position and have a good impression on the interviewer. They do not want to hire someone who is only concerned with money, they are interested in hiring those who will like the job. Since organizations with engaged staff surpass those without, they must hire a fully committed individual. You should state, “I will consider that day as my luckiest day as not only I am winning a handsome amount of money but my dream of working in this company has come true. I would use the $20 million to sustain my household, go on holidays, and make charitable contributions. My desire to work for your company remains. Since I’ve always enjoyed working in sales, I think the industry places a high value on ingenuity and creativity to support brands’ message delivery. So even though I would love to win $20 million, it wouldn’t change my job goals. In the end, regardless of your financial status, you should demonstrate a genuine passion for employment.

 8. Someone presents you with an elephant that you cannot sell or donate. How will you employ it?

This question might be posed to you by a prospective employer so they can learn more about your ability to prioritize, think critically, and solve problems. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but you should consider how you might react in similar situations. Give the interviewer a positive response that demonstrates how you made use of the circumstance.

Your answer should be I will sell my car and come to the office riding on an elephant thus saving fuel and money.

9. If God is going to grant you one superpower, which would you prefer to have and why?

Your response to this query provides a clear indication of your leadership qualities to your interviewer. The ability to fly might be preferred by leaders over other skills. You can also think about having telepathy or strength since these abilities could be useful in a professional context. When answering this question, avoid selecting invisibility as your superpower. Expressing a wish for invisibility may come seen as deceitful, crafty, or dishonest, even if you don’t mean it that way. 

Example: “In part, because I detest traffic and have never seen anything from a bird’s eye perspective outside of peering out an airplane window if I could have any ability, I’d choose flight. and more I like to go to too many areas quickly.”

10. If a plane catastrophe happened and you were the only survivor, what are you going to do?

This interview query may be used to gauge your level of emotional sensibility and maturity. Try to have a positive attitude and state your hopes for the experience. Your reply will demonstrate how self-reliant and accountable you are.

For instance, “I would have been happy to have flown alone that day, and I would have put in extra flight training hours before I took to the skies again.”

11. Do you enjoy hunting or gathering?

This query aids interviewers in identifying your advantages and disadvantages for the position you’re after. Choose your type and justify. Gatherers are skilled in multitasking and data collection, whereas hunters tend to be more outspoken in leadership positions.

You can reply “I enjoy hunting. I like pursuing my goals and closing situations that appear to be unattainable. I genuinely enjoy doing research and learning new techniques.”

 12. Do you like lawn gnomes?

You might respond in many different ways, but your behavior is what matters most. Try to answer the question confidently and demonstrate that you are amenable to office humor.

Example: “I’m pleased that someone has finally inquired about my viewpoint on garden gnomes; I never imagined that this would be an interview question”.

The perfect balance of charming, adorable, and smart may be found in these decorations.

 13. Suppose you are living on Mars, how would you solve problems?

It establishes your capacity for unconventional thinking. When they ask such questions, they want to know how you are going to find solutions in unusual circumstances. Your response will tell you whether you can enter a new work environment and evaluate it honestly before offering suggestions.

For example, a strong candidate would say, “They would likely experience different problems from people on Earth. If I were on Mars, I’d do the investigation to determine cause and effect, then I’d provide potential solutions. “By such an answer, you demonstrate a capacity to make meaningful, analytical decisions with this response.

14. If you were abandoned on a remote island, but all of your basic needs were met, what two things would you want to carry with you?

Such inquiries are made by businesses to urge their employees to be innovative and imaginative. Additionally, it helps you set priorities. For instance, a candidate with the statement “a kindle with endless books, and my laptop” exhibits different values than one with the statement “music and a boat.” There is no one answer, but you should prioritize and think through difficult problems. Your candidate might say, for example, “I want to carry a wind generator to charge the batteries, a lighter, and a laptop with Wi-Fi. To do my work and communicate with my friends, I can use my laptop. At night, I can use the lighter to start a fire to be warm.”

15. If you had the chance, what kind of celebration would you organize through your workplace?

If you’re applying for a remote position, think about including your aim to use the occasion to improve ties with your co-workers and clients. Example: “An office celebration seems incredible given that my previous positions required me to work from home! All of my co-workers and clients would be welcome to visit my flat with their families and this will provide us with time to understand each other and would be fun at the same time.

 16. How could hot chocolate be marketed in America?

The question may be asked during interviews for any career needing business skills, but it is usually posed during marketing job interviews. Recognize the challenge and discuss the methods you’d use to tackle it. Even if you can respond professionally, consider adding humor to demonstrate that you are aware of the interviewer’s intentions.

Example: “Even when America is hot, many people would love to have hot chocolates. Even while focusing on customers during the cold season would be the most straightforward strategy to boost sales, there are numerous more possibilities. For instance, I might create hot chocolate packs that Americans can buy and can send to friends in colder regions.”

 17. How much will you earn, if you will clean every window in New York?

Even though it may seem a strange query, it will help in assessing how well you can handle problems. Your answer can be like, to assume that each of New York’s 20,000 city blocks has 1,000 windows. This implies that there will be 20 million windows. It means   I could make $100 million if I am charging $5 to clean each window This will demonstrate your capacity for conceptual problems and help you keep your cool in the face of challenging or unanticipated topics.

Finally, using the advice provided above, you ought to be able to answer challenging hilarious interview questions with ease. You will be prepared to excel in your subsequent job interview regardless of what the hiring manager asks you to do.

Other amusing interview questions that a prospective employer might ask you include the following

-Would you use a time machine to go into the future or the past?

-What cartoon character resonates with you the most, and why?

-Who will you choose as your boyfriend—a supervillain or a hero?

-If you get Harry potter’s invisible cloak for a day, what would you do?

 -how will you explain an alien about your workplace?

 -What type of company would you launch if I provided you with $60,000 to do so?

-tell one children’s movie that scares you?

-If you had to work but didn’t require the money, what would you do?

– Which aspect of the human face do you find the most appealing?

-If you delivered pizzas, how would you utilize scissors while at work?

-If you don’t have enough time to read all of the emails, what will be your top priority?

-How would you get in touch with me if you lived on Mars?

-Which sports team do you support, and why?

-tell me some strange things which occur in your lifetime.

-What is one opinion that your former bosses made about you that you consider wrong?

-What do you keep in your luggage when you go on a trip?

-Dogs or cats, which do you prefer as a pet?

-What have you kept in the refrigerator right now?

-In a biopic about your life, whom actor would play you?

-If somebody writes your biography what title you will suggest?

-What is your desire to eat when you are about to die?

-Guess the number of smartphones in the United States?

-Tell a way to come out of a blender of an eraser size, in case you get trapped in it

-Why do you think a small minority of workers earn more than $100,000 annually?

-What would you accomplish on your first day of work here?

 -How might you employ a time machine?

-What component of a bicycle would you be?

-which superhero is your favorite?

-What games do you play on video?

-tell one funny joke.

-How would you rank my interviewing skills on a 0- 10 scale?

-can you suggest some way to carry Mount Everest?

-Which is your favorite musician?

-Which animal do you resemble and how?

-Guess the number of computers in this building.

-What is your favorite sinful pastime?

-Which one of the group members would you choose to murder, and why?

-Who would you choose from the group if you could only take one person with you to a remote island?

-Cite five unusual applications for books.

-If you are restricted to eating one food item all your life, which one will you choose?

-If you are throwing a dinner party, who are the three famous figures you would love to invite?

-How will you explain the pink color to a blind person?

-How will you describe this job to a little kid?

-Give a tagline for your company?

-Which animal would you prefer to be for a day if you could?

-Put yourself in the position of obtaining a sum of money that would be sufficient to meet all of your needs for the rest of your life, but you would only be able to keep it if you kept working at any job. What sort of job would you have in that circumstance?

-How many traffic lights are there in New Jersey?

-How weird do you believe you are, on a scale of one to ten, and why?

-What one food you can take your whole life?

-Tell three songs that best describe your work ethic?

-Which sort of vehicle, if you needed a trip and the cost of hiring a limo or a taxi was the same, would you choose? Why?

-What will you pick -a limo or taxi, if their rent is the same?

-Your desk, room, or car—which would you clean first, and why?

-Which kind of automobile would you choose if you required one in New York City?

-If you had to evaluate your life, what score would you assign yourself?

Which would you rather have: the best performance on your team, whom everyone would despise; or the average performer, whom everyone would love?

-Share with me your most unique skill or party trick

-You discover that you are the company’s CEO when you awaken one morning. How would you respond?

-If you went to the cafeteria and discovered a live duck in the freezer, what would you do?

Things to keep in mind before responding to humorous queries

First of all, understand that every question matter how strange be taken seriously. It’s acceptable to chuckle a little bit with the recruiting manager. However, you need to swiftly shift gears from humor to a serious reaction.

By doing some investigation, find out more about the company’s criteria. After reading the position description, go to the corporate website. Even if an applicant possesses the required skills, hiring managers won’t extend an offer if it’s clear that they lack industry expertise. 

Second, use a customized approach. You can modify your response to make it more persuasive for particular hiring managers by using the Personalized Technique. It all boils down to adjusting your reaction to the firm’s particular needs.

In the end, interviewers base their decision on how well a candidate’s personality reflects the company’s core values. It is essential to accurately respond to lighthearted questionnaire items because of this. It would also be ideal if you could provide more crucial data.


 Managing your interview nervousness and making the best impression to boost your chances of landing a job can be difficult when answering questions correctly and keeping the appropriate body language. Relaxing and preparing in advance, however, can help you master every interview you go to, even if the interviewer asks an unexpected question or funny question.

Funny Interview Questions-Know More

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